CLCA Board Meeting Minutes – June 29, 2013

JUNE 29th, 2013
Present: Brian McVicar, Trevor Winters, Scott Jordan, Gloria Belliveau, Joyce Harland, Joann Lombaert, Nelda Didychuk, Joan James, John George, Brad Colett and Keith Vinthers.

Absent with cause: Kevin Alguire and Paul Barnabe.

The meeting was called to order at 9:10 a.m.
Parks Canada: Dwight McMillan
Jamboree Hall Rentals: The Park has requested that our Board assume full control of rental of the newly renovated Jamboree Hall. The Jamboree Hall will be operated by the CLCA, but the Park Information Desk needs the name of our contact person. Dwight suggested that we ask for a refundable damage deposit and also ask for a donation for the use of the Hall. Dwight sees the biggest issue being the noise and parking affecting the closest neighbours. Dwight suggested we try to limit the use of the Hall to CLCA members and their families. He also suggested that we need to develop a set of Guidelines.

Shower Keys: Due to a change in ownership of the locksmith shop in Brandon, the Park has arranged for your Board to keep a supply of shower building replacement keys, which can be purchased from Joyce Harland, phone no. 204 250 7965.

Priivacy Act: Because the Park received a complaint about the names, etc., of new cabin owners being given to the CLCA, the Park can no longer give us the names of new cabin owners.

Leases: Dwight reported that leases for 300 cabin owners are totally finished, while they have not had any contact with 18 cabin owners and the rest are still in the process of being completed. Dwight has contacted the 18 owners who have not paid, including phone calls and registered mail. The Park will be pursuing the next step this week.

Lot Leases: Dwight reported that there are 46 surveyed vacant lots in our area, 30 of which are suitable for development. Of these 30, 5 were listed for lease this year with a reserved bid of $75,000.00. One of these was leased for $75,100.00, which set the price for the lowest bid for this year. The other 4 lots are still for lease. In the cottage area, there are 250 cottage lots which have been surveyed, however, none of these have been listed this year. Regarding commercial lots, the Neilly Garage site will be cleaned up this fall. There is minimal contamination. Following this, the lot will be appraised and put up for bids. In the future, there will be 9 more commercial lots available.

Doctor’s Residence: There is 1 more year on the lease for the Doctor’s residence. This issue is now under consideration.

Manitoba Hydro: There is a new step in the process of getting new or remodel cabin approvals. Before submitting your application to the Park, you must now get a Hydro Point Check done. They are now 8 weeks behind in doing these checks. You need two applications, a service point check and a pole to cabin check. Hydro need to know if you are planning to install an On Demand Water Heater. You must be up front with Hydro as this affects the service to the whole area as well as the number of poles required. On Demand Water Heaters draw more power than the rest of the household. They could cause a safety/fire hazard if their existence is not known by Manitoba Hydro. They should always be inspected by Manitoba Hydro before being used. Once the cabin owner has a service point confirmed by Manitoba Hydro, Dwight will issue a building permit. When asked about underground wiring, Hydro said no as the Park will not pay for it.

Drain: The drain between 3rd and 4th N back lane has been tapped off due to leakage. It will be repaired this week.

Sheds: Sheds must be placed 2 feet from the back of the cabins. They can be on the back of the cabin if you have a firewall.

Compliance: If you have a question or complaint about your own lot, you may discuss this with the Park, however, they will not discuss questions or complaints about your neighbours. You must then work out your own solutions.

Decks: All decks must be non-combustible. Decks can be framed with wood if the wood is covered and not visible.

Parking: Michael Rac wishes to speak to as many owners as possible as this issue, as well as others, will be included in his report at the end of the summer.
Michael Rac: Michael will be talking and meeting with cabin owners all summer. He is working on a comprehensive design review for our area. He has been working on a parking assessment and there may possibly be some back lanes moved.

Sewer and Water: Tenders were sent out June 21st with a close date of July 15th. Response has been overwhelming. Project start date is September 2nd and end date is November 29th, 2013. Dwight suggests cabin owners may want to consider closing up early this year, as heavy construction material will be moved in and construction started immediately following the long week-end. Next spring, everything will be flat (although muddy), but we will have to live with it as the ground has to settle. The connecting box will be on the property line with 2 valve shutoffs. The sewer will be beside the box. One trench will serve 2 cabins. Hard surfacing of the roads will be done next fall.

Water Taps: All outdoor water taps will be fitted with freeze off valves, which will allow the washrooms, shower building, etc. to remain turned on longer.

Moved by Brad Collett and seconded by John George that the Minutes of the May 11th, 2013 Board Meeting be approved. Carried.

Business Arising Out of Minutes: Nelda Didychuk has drafted the welcome letter to all new cabin owners and circulated it to the Board members for approval. It was suggested that the Park be asked to include it in their information package to new owners, as well as Joyce Harland including it in her “Welcome Wagon” project, and placing it on the website. Nelda to finalize the letter.

Website: General discussion occurred regarding our website.
Website Links: We received a request from the Erickson Credit Union to have permission to have a link with our website. The question arose regarding showing favouritism and should we approach both Westoba and Vanguard Credit Unions who have also shown an interest in our area. Moved by John George that we allow approval in principle for commercial businesses to have a link to our website for a nominal fee. Seconded by Keith Vinters. Carried. Members of the committee will be Joyce Harland, Trevor Winters and Scott Jordan.

General Meeting Registration: After some discussion, it was decided to have the registration done alphabetically.

Leaf Blower Complaint: Following discussion, it was decided to refer this type of complaint to the noise restrictions in the Building Guidelines.

Clear Lake Cabin Association Treasurer’s Report as of June 18th, 2013:Revenue: As of May 1st, 2013 $5,986.95
Income from Membership Deposits 760.00
Total Revenue to June 18th, 2013 $6,746.95
Envelopes, stamps, printing for Newsletter $394.73
Website Hosting (May 23/13 to May 23/14) 58.80
Website Domain renewal to June 24/14 8.03
Print cartridge 28.30
Travel to Portage for Board Meeting May 11/13 713.70
Lunch for Board Meeting May11/13 243.80
Total Expenses to June 18. 2013 $1,447.36
Total Assets to June 18, 2013 $5,299.59
Westoba Bank Balance as of June 18, 2013 $5,286.59
Add Westoba Share 5.00
Add Westoba Equity 8.00
Bank Reconciliation $5,299.59
455 (87%) Paid up members to date
Respectfully submitted by Joyce Harland, Treasurer, CLCA

Board Elections: Board Members whose terms expire the summer are Nelda Didychuk, Joann Lombaert and Kevin Alguire.

Jamboree Hall: Bookings for the use of the Jamboree Hall will now be made by Joyce Harland. The main issues of responsibility regarding operation of the Jamboree Hall are noise, parking and clean-up. Member of the Jamboree Hall Committee to develop guidelines, set rental fees and a refundable deposit fee are Joyce Harland, Joann Lombaert and Gloria Belliveau.
Moved to adjourn the meeting made by Keith Vinthers at 12:10 p.m.

These minutes are being posted for your information only and will still need to be approved at the next CLCA Board Meeting which will be held on August 31, 2013

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