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It has come to The Board’s attention that The Park has had to investigate and intercede with illegal and very
unsafe electrical installations of ON DEMAND ELECTRICAL WATER HEATERS.

One or more cabin owners are getting unqualified people to install 2
x40 amp breakers in 70 or higher amp service. Luckily the Park found
out and intervened in what would have surely been a serious Fire and
Safety threat for the occupants and our area.

According to experts any electrical on demand service over 7 kw( those for small sink only units) requires 2 or 3 electrical feeds. Our cabin area is only serviced to accept single feed service. Since cabins require the much bigger 45 kv on demand electrical water heaters they are not approved for our cabin area.

Cabin owners should only consider gas operates On Demand Water Heaters.

Manitoba Hydro will allow hot water tanks to be housed in a structure attached to a cabin as follows:

Structure attached to cabin must have a shingled roof and be constructed (in the case of new cabins) of the same material as cabin. Basically, the structure needs to be weather proof.

Structure must have a door large enough to remove hot water tank

Hot water tanks cannot be placed directly on the ground

They must be wired in accordance to Manitoba Electrical Code

Location will also need to be approved by Parks Canada

No electrical panels will be allowed in outside bathrooms. You will need to run a circuit from the main panel in cabin.

Below is the contact information for Wilf Steinhilber, Electrical Inspector for Manitoba Hydro:

Wilf Steinhilber
Electrical Inspector
Manitoba Hydro

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  1. I think it’s about time the Park upgrades its electrical service now that everyone is going to be drawing way more power onto the system. That is their cost – not ours.
    Many cabins already have “2 electrical” feeds – 200A service. An upgrade to an individual cabin is at the cost of the cabin owner’s. But the upgrade to a 200A can easily be done. Who are these “experts” you refer to?? Now, without an upgrade, most of the tankless systems won’t work. And gas tankless heaters?? well, I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t recall anyone in my area having gas.

    These tankless systems ARE approved by both MB Hydro and CSA, with the proper electrical feed.

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