CLCA Board Meeting – May 11, 2013

MAY 11th, 2013

Present: Brian McVicar, Trevor Winters, Scott Jordan, Gloria Belliveau, Joyce Harland, Brad Collett, Nelda Didychuk, John George, Joan James, JoAnn Lombaert, Keith Vinthers and Kevin Alguire by Skype.

Absent with cause: Paul Barnabe.

The President called the meeting to order at 9:35 a.m.

Keith Vinthers reported that he had met with Manitoba Hydro and was told that On Demand Water Heaters would be approved as long as they met up-to-date Canadian electrical codes, however as yet, none had met these codes.
He reported that he was told that as it will need more than one (likely 2) heaters it will become quite expensive. It could also become costly as Manitoba Hydro reported that the present infrastructure would not be sufficient, and we would need more poles on the back lanes. Underground wiring is not possible unless we are willing to pay for this service.
It was suggested that it would be wise to have Manitoba Hydro inspect your site prior to building to avoid issues, for example, lines affecting other cabin owners. The issue of the spider web lines from the poles was discussed.
The question was asked if we would be allowed to add a shed type addition on the back of the cabin to house the hot water tank as some cabins just do not have room for the tank. Keith Vinters will follow this up with Dwight.
The newsletter has been sent to all paid up members who have registered their email addresses with us. Newsletters were mailed to all paid up members without email addresses.

Brad Colett reported that he had seen the water and sewer infrastructure plans and feels that it is a well done plan. The Board would like information on the life expectancy of the washrooms and the repayment of the sewer and water debt. Tabled to the Park conversation.

Brian welcomed Dale Wallis, Dwight McMillan and Michael Roc
Dale introduced Michael as a Sr. Urban Planning student who will be with us for the summer. He will have office hours in the building at the corner of 1st and Centre Street, commonly known as the “Cleaners Cabin”. Michael encourages all cabin owners to talk with him, as he wants as many ideas as he can accumulate to help him compile information for the ”comprehensive review”.
Dale gave us information on the new lots that are being opened, where they are located and concerns re their impacts, etc. He showed board Members a map of the empty lots, and gave each member a small map of the 5 lots up for auction this year. The deadline for bids for the 5 cabin lots this year is May 31st, and the minimum bid is $75,000. Over the next few years the following lots will be released: 15 cottage lots, 9 commercial lots and 30 cabin lots.
There is a new Master Fee Plan. It is now tied to the Consumer Price Index, and is expected to be reviewed every 2 years.
The Jamboree Hall is under renovation, and the park hopes to have it ready for July.
When asked, Dale confirmed that the Shower Building will remain until it literally falls down.
All lots are at least 100 square feet. If you are by a vacant lot, you still have to follow the Building Guidelines.
When asked about the location of the water hookups to cabins, Dale replied that the Site Manager and the Contractor will make that decision on the scene due to local conditions such as poles and trees, etc.
The Park is pushing to get the R. M. of Park hooked up to our sewer and water system as when the R. M. uses more, everyone’s costs will go down.
Garbage costs will be cost recovery by next year. This year will be approximately $290.00, and next year approximately $500.00.
Two commercial Properties, Clear Lake Lodge and Mooswa, are going year round.
The President thanked the Park for their work in having Parks Canada front the sewer and water project. It is planned to have the pay back invoices issued July 1st, 2014. Interest will be added for late payments. There will be no installment plans. The $5000 could cover the cost of repairing the roads (chip seal or asphalt).
Dale reported that they are hoping the Wishing Well Road will be completed this fall.
Keith reported that he had spoken with Manitoba Hydro about On Demand Water Heaters and was told that they would be allowed if they meet the Canadian Electrical Code, however so far none have been found. 100 gallon propane tanks will be allowed, but they must be approved and at the rear of the building and not the side setbacks. Hot water tanks can be in a shed attachment at the back of the cabin, but must meet the electrical code. External wall mounted On Demand Hot Water propane tanks are O.K., but are expensive. Keith will continue to explore these issues
The CLCA budget review indicated that less money was spent on the lake walk, and more on tree removal.
John George recommended a box liner material which could be used on the inside of the garbage containers.
John reported that the lake committee may, down the road, recommend limiting the number of boats allowed on the lake due to overuse, but John does not feel there is a need for limits.
There has been discussion of a crosswalk on the Highway near the entrance to the Elkhorn.
The entrance to the Golf Course is being discussed. The Club House and Restaurant are open.
After discussion regarding the viability of supporting the doctor, Joan James will study this issue and report back to the board.
The Development Review Board has been disbanded.
Dwight reported that there were no issues with the gates remaining open during the winter.
Joyce asked about the recycling program and Dale will be reviewing this.
John George asked that Michael review the location of garbage bins, try to find 2 parking spaces per cabin, and to review the roads.
A motion was made by Trevor Winters and seconded by Keith Vinters that mileage be set at $0.45 cents per km, to be reviewed annually.
Dwight was asked to clarify if an Engineer’s Stamp is appropriate for the cabin drawings.
Joan reported that the cost of the outdoor washroom buildings has gone up.

Clear Lake Cabin Association Treasurer’s Report as of May 1, 2013
Revenue: As of September 21, 2012 $9,326.83
Mileage to Portage Sept.22/12 Board Meeting $ 578.30
Canad Inn, room and lunch, Sept.22/12 344.08
True Draw Drafting – Cabin Plans 1,417.50
WTA fees 1,000.00

Total Expenses to May 1, 2013 $3,339.88
Total Assets to May 1, 2013 $5,986.95
Westona Bank Balance as of March 31, 2013 $5,973.95
Add Westona Share 5.00
Add Westona Equity 8,00
Bank Reconciliation $5,986.95
417 (79%) paid up members to date
Respectfully submitted by Joyce Harland, Treasurer, CLCA
Joyce said that she would like to send a notice to all cabin owners that have not paid their fees, but that due to privacy reasons, the Park can no longer give us this information. Moved by Keith Vinthers and seconded by Trevor Winters that Nelda Didychuk draft a letter to all new cabin owners to be given to all owners by the Park.
Cheque signers will be Vice President Scott Jordan, Treasurer Joyce Harland and Board Member John George.
The unauthorized survey that was placed on our website has been removed.
Trevor volunteered to print voting cards for the General Meeting.
The General Meeting will be held June 30th, 2013.
Next Board Meeting will be at 9:30 a.m. in the Park Board Room on June 29th, 2013.
Meeting adjourned at 3:20 p.m.

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