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Board Members Present: Trevor Winters, Brad Collett, Gloria Belliveau, Joyce Harland, Nelda Didychuk, JoAnn Lombaert, Brian McVicar, John George, Andy Urbanowicz, Keith Vinthers.
Board Members Absent: Joan James, Kevin Alguire, Paul Barnabe.

The President called the meeting to order at 10:02 a.m
The President introduced the Board Members present and the Park reps, Dale Wallis and Dwight McMillan.

APPROVAL OF THE 2014 GENERAL MEETING MINUTES: Moved by John George, 4 – 4th St. S and seconded by Lyle Parnell, 6 – 4th St. S that the Minutes of the 2014 General Meeting be accepted as recorded on the website. CARRIED

BUSINESS ARISING FROM THE 2014 ANNUAL MEETING MINUTES: The issue of speed bumps is still under review. There is now signage on the north side streets explaining that there is no exit. The repairs on the boat cove road are now completed.


REVENUE: As of May 16, 2015 $8,929.70

Venue for Board Meeting & Lunch – May 16, 2015 $275.72
Buns for Board Meeting – May 16, 2015 18.95
Toner for printer – June 9, 2015 90.39
Stamps for newsletter – June 14, 2015 8.93
Venue for Board Meeting – June 20, 2015 50.00

TOTAL ASSETS TO JULY 5, 2015 $8,485.71

Westoba balance as of May 31, 2015 $8,916.70
Subtract outstanding cheques 443.99
Add Westoba Equity and Share 13.00



Respectfully submitted by Joyce Harland, Treasurer, CLCA

Dale reported that only one invoice (sewer, water, garbage and debt repayment) was mailed out. The second invoice is on hold due to issues of GST.
The shower heads in the shower building have been replaced and the taps in the washrooms have been replaced.
The Community Plan has now been signed. The items which have been completed under the Comprehensive Review are the implementation of the leases, installation of water and sewer and the building guidelines. Other issues under review are parking of vehicles, and the Fire Chief’s concern about accessibility of emergency vehicles.
Dale explained that the park is preparing a booklet explaining the building guidelines which he expects to be completed shortly. It still requires a few tweaks for clarification, as well as a few changes such as the storage sheds which can now be attached to the cabin, the restriction of decks being made of non-combustible materials has been removed, any new cabins with a front wall over 8 feet must have architectural façade and all living space must be included in the square footage.
The boat cove now has an inspection station for water vehicles to keep the lake free of zebra mussels, etc. The cove area has been expanded to give more space for parking. There will be a 4th dock going in. New docks are on order for the boat cove and canoe launch. The ladders on the swimming docks have been removed due to the low water levels and the possibility of injury to swimmers using the ladders.
The park has received new funding which will allow them to repair and replace some roads, trails and work on the outflow of water.
Seven to eight km. of Highway 10 through the park will be repaired this fall, more trails will be developed, more washrooms and electrified sites will be added to the campground, a first nations interpreter has been hired and more events will be planned at the sharing lodge, a new stage was purchased and used for the Canada Day celebrations and hopefully will be used for more events.
Improvements are being made to the trail program. New trails and lookouts have been made. The wishing well has been reopened. The Trans Canada Trail will be connected to the park.

NEW BUSINESS: Lyle Parnell, 6 – 4th St.S asked whose responsibility it is to cut the grass along the access roads. Dale replied that it is the park’s responsibility.
Jeff Sim, 12 – 4th St. N, said that there is weed growth by the lakeshore road that needs to be cut. Dale replied that the lakeshore group had told him not to touch the natural growth along the lakeshore road, but he will approach them regarding this.
Nelda Didychuk, 35 – 2nd St. N, reported that there is confusion regarding the bus stop and asked of there could be signage placed by the bus stop bench. Dale will take this under advisement.
Joanne Little, 31 – 5th St. N, asked if the caragana bushes along the downtown trail could be removed. They are not in good shape and are not indigenous to the area. She said it is easier to walk on the road. Dale said that he is trying to get funding for sidewalk repairs. Scott Ash, 51 – 5th St. S, asked about speed bumps as he said cars are driving too fast on the south side. Dale said they tried speed bumps in the cottage area, but because of the noise and fast acceleration of vehicles once they cleared the speed bumps, they were not well liked.
Mr. Robertson, 4 – 4th St. S, expressed a concern about speeding and asked if enforcement could be increased as he felt if speeding tickets were given out, the speeding would decrease. Dale replied that only the RCMP could issue tickets and the board would have to request increased enforcement from them.
Bob Lee, 51 – 3rd St. S, asked if top soil was still available. Dale said that there is some compost at the maintenance compound. He suggested the lawn should be higher than the pavement.
Eric Dutton, 15 – 4th St. S, asked who is responsible for the boat parking lot. Dale said this would have to be directed to the boat people. There has been discussion about expanding the area. Trevor explained that some things are not Dale and Dwight’s responsibility. John asked that complaints be put in writing.
Val Buchanon, 14 – 5th St. N, asked who is responsible for filling the holes and ruts left by Manitoba Hydro. Dwight said the park will not fill them in. Val asked if she could plant trees, etc. on the park land. Dwight replied that she can plant as long as it does not affect her neighbours.
John George, 4 – 4th St. S, is concerned that the boat inspectors for zebra mussel control are not picking up the 2 stoke motors. John has seen 2 stroke motors on the lake lately.
Brent Munro, 75 – 2nd St. S, raised the concern about emergency exits from our area. There is ongoing discussion regarding this issue
Eric Dutton, 15 – 4th St. S, asked about the entrance gate, and if the second lane could be left open for those who have valid passes. Dale agreed with this.
Joanne Little, 59 – 5th St.S, said that other parks have a lane open for only those with park passes. Dale said he would pass this on to the Visitor Experience Department.
Maureen Munro, 75 – 2nd St. S, feels that when workers are working on the boat cove road, they should have signage and painted lines.
Jill Lee, 51 – 3rd St. S, said that the cabin association has done a good job, but wondered about future expenses. Dale explained that the Wasagaming Tenants Association has representatives of the cottages, cabins, etc. who speak as a voice for the community. If a benefit is used by the public as a whole, the expense comes out of the park budget, but if the benefit is used by leaseholders, it is paid by the leaseholders. Trevor explained that the cabin area is represented at that level by the past president, president and vice president.
Del Mackie, 13 – 3rd St. N, expressed the concern that boats were being launched at Spruces, but there are no inspectors there. Dale said there has been discussion about closing other launches, but these discussions are on hold. Dale emphasized that zebra muscles are a large issue and should be taken seriously.
Mr. Mutter, 22 – 5th St. S, asked if motions would mean more regarding these issues. Dale replied absolutely.
John George, 4 – 4th St. S, said that the inspectors have not put stickers on all the boats and this does not help other boaters report if all boats are not issued with stickers.
Brent Munro, 75 – 2nd St. S, raised the issue about poor lighting and the need for exit routes. Dwight said that 2 roads need snap off posts. Dale is looking after fire exits.
Trevor Winters said the cabin association appreciates the work of Dale and Dwight in saving the owners a lot of money by handling the sewer and water installation themselves., and small tweaks have been suggested for clarification. Once Dale’s booklet is finalized, it will be on the website.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Trevor reported that the board reviewed that building guidelines on June 20th, and small tweaks have been recommended for clarification. Once Dale’s booklet is finalized, the president recommends it be put on the website.

WEBSITE REPORT: The board is trying to use the website to save expenses. Registration of email addresses is very good, only being short 14 addresses. This saves a great deal of money on printing and mailing expenses.
Brent Munro, 75 – 2nd St. S, asked about the WIFI program and Trevor explained that the cost is prohibitive due to all the trees. He also asked about erosion of the lakeshore and was told the shore road has been protected from the boat cove to the main beach.

NEW BUSINESS: MOTION made by Tom Mutter, 22 – 2nd St. S, and seconded by Scott Ash, 51 – 5th St. S, that the association write a letter to the RCMP requesting more enforcement of the speed in the cabin area. CARRIED

Brad Collett has indicated he will run for president.
Vice President is open.
Joyce Harland is in her 3rd term as treasurer by special motion. Position open.
Gloria Belliveau is in her 4th and final year as secretary. Position open.
Board member openings. Not known at this time.

Next meeting – the Annual General Meeting on September 6th, 2015, probably at Park Theatre.
Meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.




JUNE 20TH, 2015
PRESENT: Trevor Winters, Brad Collett, Gloria Belliveau, Joyce Harland, Nelda Didychuk, Joan James, JoAnn Lombaert, Brian McVicar, Keith Vinthers, Paul Barnabe, Andrew Urbanowicz.
ABSENT: Kevin Alguire
Meeting called to order at 9:15 a.m.
Past President Brian McVicar took over the floor. He stated that there have been two recent incidents when Parks staff have been criticized or attacked by a member of this Board and that these incidents have negatively impacted our working relationship with the Park. He stated that the first incident occurred last fall when someone approached the RMNP Superintendent while she was at a meeting in Winnipeg and made comments critical of two Parks employees who work closely with the Board. The second incident occurred in the TR McCoys restaurant in Wasagaming in May when the President was overheard making remarks critical to a Parks employee. The Past President then stated that in his opinion the current President was responsible for both these incidents, as his sources indicated this to be the case. The President indicated that he has not spoken to the Superintendent in over 3 years and that he has not been in TR McCoys restaurant this year, and has not made any negative statements about Parks employees. The Past President agreed to meet privately with the President at the end of the meeting to detail what he had heard and who he had heard it from. The meeting then went back to the Agenda.
Approval of Agenda – additions- Preparations for Fall Annual General Meeting Elections.

Procedures for July 5 General Meeting at Jamboree Hall – Need tables, chairs and volunteers.


The Board was reviewing guidelines for the sake of clarity and to recommend to the park any items which we felt required the park to clarify.

John said that he felt that Waskeseu went overboard on their guidelines, making them too exacting which resulted in the effect of row housing.

Joan explained that Waskesiu have a very complicated set of Guidelines. Our Guidelines review committee are not asking for that kind of Guidelines, but a few simple clarifications.

Andrew raised the issue of the pot lights installed on some of the newer buildings.

Joyce suggested this is mentioned in the Rac Report (Dark Sky).

Joan suggested that as mentioned in the Rac Report, some cabins could be 20 feet at front, and some have reduced street elevations to help avoid the cookie Cutter look.

Trevor said that Dale and Dwight do not issue “exceptions”, they give easements and variances.

Brad brought definitions of Decks, etc. for the Board’s information. They are as follows:

BALCONY means a raised structure that is attached to a main building and has a walking surface greater than one storey above the established grade at the ground level of that face of the building and the structure does not have a permanent roof.

DECK means a raised structure that is constructed at or slightly above the established grade, that may or may not be attached to the main building, and does not have a permanent roof.

PATIO means an exterior structure that is constructed at or slightly above the established grade, that may or may not be attached to the main building and does not have a permanent roof.

VERANDAH means a raised structure that is attached, but incidental to the main building, that is attached to or integrated with another structure such as the entry stair, porch or deck, and that may or may not have a permanent roof or overhang.

Brian suggested we leave balcony footprints out of the whole cabin footprints to encourage smaller footprints. He suggested we allow them on 16 x 24 cabin size only and only on the back.


John suggested that Park Models should be modified to hook up to electrical supply the same as all cabins. The Park have said that it is not possible.

MOTION made by Brian and seconded by Brad that we grandfather existing Park Models and any current confirmed orders for them as of June 20th, 2015 and allow no further Park Models. Voted for – Nelda,John, Joyce, Brad, JoAnn, Gloria. Voted against – Trevor, Paul, Andy, Joan ,Keith. CARRIED

Paul remarked that they may be acceptable to the Park and to some owners.

Brian said he had done a cost comparison and they are not comparable to building in costs.

Paul said that he agreed they are not comparable in cost, but serve a purpose for those who cannot afford to build, but feels that they do not have a place in the Park.

Joan talked to an owner of a Park Model who said it was a solution for her because she could not build.

Brad reminded the Board that we have to consider the future of the area.

Nelda said she feels Park Models do not fit in our area as we are a “cabin area”.

Joyce was concerned that they might not hold their value.

John said there are two sides to this story, however we are a “cabin area”.

Trevor said he does not want anyone to feel that they are second class citizens.

Brian feels that we need clear recommendations. We need to be clear that we are a “cabin area”.

Joyce wished the park would have consulted the Board before Park Models were permitted.

MOTION made by Brian and seconded by Andy that all old existing trailers be given three years to be removed. Voted for – Paul, Nelda, Brian, Joyce, Brad, JoAnn. Voted against – Trevor, Andy, Keith, John, Joan, Gloria. DEFEATED

Trevor does not want to appear to be forcing people.

Brad feels the timing is right as the water and sewer infrastructure bills are just going out.

Andy said his concern is that some are not being maintained.


Keith would like the Park to give more clarification on setbacks.


More clarification is needed.


Definitions earlier clarified. Are balconies with one foot extension considered to be part of the cabin footprint?

MOTION by Brian and seconded by Paul that in order to encourage a smaller footprint we allow a second floor balcony of eight feet by eight feet on the rear of 16 x 24 two story cabins as additional square footage (over 768 square feet). Voted for Paul, Brian, JoAnn. Voted against – Trevor, Andy, Nelda, Keith, John, Joyce, Brad, Joan, Gloria. DEFEATED

Keith asked how many cabins are 16 x 24.


Brad indicated that this is covered in the MOU.

Joan suggested that in order to avoid cookie cutter cabins, cabins should only be twenty feet at the back, and lower at the front.

John suggested that cabin peaks only should be twenty feet, and we should not allow any more twenty foot walls.

Gloria remarked that cabin owners do not have to build to twenty feet but can build a lower peak.

MOVED by Brad and seconded by John that two sheds will be allowed behind cabin if one is a bathroom shed. Bathroom sheds are to be included in the 768 square footage. A storage shed of 48 square feet will be permitted if it is within the lot lines. A storage shed is not included in the 768 square footage. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


For clarification, the maximum cabin footprint is 16 x 32, however with an attached shed (outside entry only) the footprint may be 16 x 35, with the extra three feet not counted in the 768 square footage. The maximum size of the storage shed shall be 48 square feet, shall be within the lot line, must have exterior door only and is not counted in the 768 square footage. The bathroom shed will be six feet by eight feet and shall be included in the 768 square footage

MOTION by Keith and seconded by Brad that any cabin wall greater than eight feet in height and facing the street must contain archetectural relief such as a false roof line, PLUS one or more of the following – variation in siding, feature window, gable, or variation in plane of wall.


Ground level air conditioners should be placed on the front or back of your cabin or on the side of your cabin that has your own patio and not on the side of your neighbour’s patio.


Recommend we ask the Park if they are following the recommendations in the Rac Report.


Nelda suggested that instead of reviewing the Building Guidelines every time we meet, could we consider other things like portable garages, vegetation, garbage, etc .

Gloria raised the issue of all the trees that are being removed, but no one is planting any replacements,

Joyce reminded the Board that the computer warranty runs out in August and asked if the Board wanted to purchase an extension for 2 years extra for $280. Discussion followed.

MOTION by Joyce and seconded by Brian that we purchase the warranty extension.


To be arranged by President.

Meeting adjourned at 1:10 p.m.



MAY 16th, 2015
PRESENT: Trevor Winters, Brad Collett, Gloria Belliveau, Joyce Harland, Keith Vinthers, JoAnn Lombaert, Paul Barnabe, Joan James, Andrew Urbanovicz, Dale Wallis, Dwight McMillan
ABSENT: John George, Kevin Alguire, Nelda Didychuk, Brian McVicar
Meeting called to order at 9:30 a.m.
AGENDA: Moved by Joyce and seconded by Andrew that the agenda be accepted as presented.
MINUTES: Trevor thanked Nelda for taking the minutes of the previous meeting in the absence of the secretary. After review of the minutes of October 18th, 2014, a motion to adopt the minutes was made by Paul and seconded by Brad. CARRIED
MATTERS ARISING: Both items to be covered later in the agenda.
CONTACT INFORMATION: Moved by Paul and seconded by Brad that Board members names, cabin addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addressed be put in the newsletter and posted on the washroom bulletin boards. CARRIED
The 4 board members not present at the meeting to be contacted prior to the information being published.
TREASURER’S REPORT: as of October 18th,2014
Revenue: As of October 18th, 2014 $10,759.27
Membership Deposit 40.00
Total Revenue to 2015 $10,799.27
Mileage – Portage la Prairie Meeting – October 18th, 2014 $ 415.80
Lunch – Portage ls Prairie Meeting – October 18th, 2014 168.85
Mileage – Committee Meeting – John George 160.20
Mileage – Committee Meeting – Joan James 151.20
Mileage – Banking – Dec.1/14 &Apr.9/15 – Joyce Harland 18.00
Return deposit to Kathy Howard – Jamboree Hall from J. Hall 80.00
Site lock(Oct.21/14 – Oct.21/17
Private Domain (Oct.21/14 – July 24/15) 235.53
Stamps 8.93
WTA fees 500.00
Website domain renewal (July 24/15 – July 24/16) 131.06 (US)
Private domain renewal (July 24/15 – July 14/16) 9.99 (US)
Wordpress hosting renewal (May 23/15 – July 24/16 (84.32 US) 131.06 (Can)
Total Expenses to May 16th, 2015 $1,869.57
Total Assets to May 16th, 2015 $8,929.70
Westoba Bank Balance as of April 30th, 2015 $9,066.76
Subtract outstanding cheques 149.06
Add Westoba Equity and share 13.00
Bank Reconciliation – May 16th 2015 $8,929.70
Paid up members to date – 416 This gives us 79% paid up members
Prepared by Joyce Harland. Treasurer
MOU REVIEW: The work guidelines recommended in the MOU are generally accepted. The Board is to provide opinions to Parks Canada.
Presented by Dale Wallis
RM CLCA RoadPaving $ 615,897 $——– $ 615,897 $1,110
Total Project Cost $2,443,502 $22,701 $49,576 $9,915 $2,525,694 $4,551
LOTS: Sold 530 Amount to invoice $4,553
Surveyed Lots 25
Total Lots Surveyed 555
2015-16 PARKS CANADA Cabin Area Work Plan: Was reviewed as presented. Moved by Brad and
seconded by Keith that the plan be accepted as presented. CARRIED
BOAT COVE: There will be 4 boat launches operating this summer. There will be a canoe launch at the boat cove as well as the one at the canoe cove. The 2nd Street swimming dock is being replaced with a new sturdier dock. Work is continuing on improving the roads and parking at the boat cove.
RAC REPORT: Dale explained that the Rac Report is information for long term development of the cabin area.
DIRECTION OF BOARD RE BUILDING GUIDELINES: It was decided that the building guidelines do not need to be on our website. Moved by Keith and seconded by Brad that the guidelines and all r3eference to them be removed from the website. CARRIED
It is important that the Board be involved in the building guidelines. The Board will review the building guideline suggestions in the Rac Report and develop firm recommendation. Trevor to call a board meeting for this reason in the next few weeks.
TRAFFIC FLOW ISSUES-NORTH END STREETS: It was suggested that a survey be sent out to all north end residents. It was suggested that all residents be surveyed as the south end have experience that could be useful.
Buildings and Ground –Trevor and Andy will do the walk around.
Townsite Security – Gloria and JoAnn
Vegetation – Brian, Nelda and JoAnn
Website – Joyce
Newsletter – Trevor and Joyce
Doctor`s Residence –Joan
NEW BUSINESS: The George Neilly Gas Station site has been sold, but future plans are not known at this time.
A quest ion was raised re open propane fires, and Dale replied that no open flames are allowed.
There are several Hydro street lights out or flickering and the procedure for having them fixed is to call Manitoba and give them the number that is written on the pole.
NEXT MEETING: Will be called by the president.
Brad adjourned the meeting at 2:20 p.m.



I am sorry but somehow these minutes must have gotten misplaced. I was looking for them to review at our upcoming meeting this Saturday and discovered I had never posted them on this site. I hope it’s better late than never. My apologies to our membership but here they are now.

Tornado’s Restaurant
1107 Saskatchewan Avenue
Portage la Prairie
Board Meeting
Present – Trevor Winters, Joyce Harland, Andy Urbanowicz, Brian McVicar, John George, Paul Barnabe, Joanne Lambert, Joan James, Brad Collett, Nelda Didychuk
Kevin Alquire attempted to attend our meeting and was part of the conversation for the first couple of hours via face time until the connection gave up, after that he was available via text messages
Absent – Keith Vinters, Gloria Belliveau. Meeting called to order at 9 :36.
Building Guidelines
Joan James discussed building guidelines that the sub committee of Kevin Alguire, Joan James, John George and Jeff Sim as well as Parks Canada were involved in. The mandate is to have guidelines defined with clarity and easy to follow. There is still discussion and as soon as there is a change to the guidelines we will post such rules. Members, please keep in mind that all guidlines must be pre- approved before construction or renovations take place.

Dale Wallis, Parks Canada joined us at 10 :25.
Building Guidelines : Waskesui guidelines were used as a base and issues pertanent to RMNP were addressed keeping in mind reference to the Community Plan as well. As mentioned above, there is still much discussion taking place on this topic.

Trevor thanked Dale for taking the opportunity to sit with our building guidelines committee to review any concerns and to make the current guidelines easy to understand and to identify what is allowed.

Brian McVicar – our committee is a communication tool to clarify items that the members are asking for. Again, for any building or renovation clarification, please contact Parks Canada prior to obtaining your building permit. All rules are issued to keep safety first in mind. When people come to the board, the best advise we can offer is to take the issue seriously – and refer them to the Park.

Paul Barnaby – We don’t want the guidelines to go to 45 pages as that will cost us money for an interpreter as the Park will not be able to discuss with all cabin owners this much data. Our guidelines will be the standard guidelines that should be adhered to.

Dale Wallis – There has been a lot of campground accomplishments. We continue to maintain the level of trust and respect with each board that there is involvment with. We hope to continue this level of trust and respect for the future.
Brian McVicar – The board relationship with Dale and Dwight has been an absolute pleasure to work with. The change that has been brought to the campground is very positive combined with the historicness of the past years. Any clarifications offered by a member of the board – is only for ease of understanding for the benefit of our membership. Again, guidelines are for guidelines and discussion only – please be reasonable in thinking that word of mouth is the rule and not the actual rules. Rules as we have them will be posted to the website.

Trevor Winters – Will propose a draft to be posted as it is available for members with comments prior to June 15, 2015.

Dale Wallis – North End Streets – As there have been a number of significant changes over the past three seasons, let’s let the dust settle (figuratively and physically) for a couple years – there are many comprehensive review issues to consider such as traffic, North and South sections joined, green space – so it is a process that will not be decided at this table. The shore road is outside of the legal boundary of the campground survey and is not a simple decision to be made. Outside the surveyed land involves environmental assessments. There have been asthetic updates to the wishing well. Parks Canada is in the process of developing a co-Management agreement with Keeseekoowenin First Nations.
Andy – Is the pavement at the bottom of North Entrance part of our paving? Dale – No.
Andy – Is drainage considered for future? Dale – yes.
The burm around the north shore is meant to act as an erosion barrier.
Recycling – The Park has put forth efforts for recycling to continue within the Park and surrounding areas. A truck is moving product to Erickson where it is packaged and sent to Brandon. Cardboard and paper are not recyclable at our Park. « Recyled » logos will be added to the truck used to transport recycled collection so as not to confuse items being taken to the landfill. The Park continues to collect and compost wood chips, grass etc.
Water/Sewer – Paving has been completed. Landscaping crew are working now – adding fill and grass seed to the sides of the new pavement – all washroom entrances have been paved, The Park will take a look at the entrance to the showers as well. The cost will be as close to budget as predicted. If there is additional budget funds available, there would be a number of projects left to do such as cookshack updates, building canoe racks, paving sidewalks and trails. We will keep members posted if there are options to consider.

Nelda – a suggestion would be for the canoe area to have the canoes removed at the end of the next season with any remaining « vessels » to be disposed of from the area.

Brad moved minutes as approved from August 16th after no errors or admissions. Seconded by John George. Carried.
Matters arriving from minutes : North end Streets – nothing further to this time review assessments necessary and the matter from the August 16th meeting to add a handrail to the second street walkway will be addressed at that time. Trevor will send note to Dale.

Computer and printer – Joyce has purchased and is dutifully and tirelessly posting to the web site, copies can be made and this expense has and will be well worth the effect.

Treasurers Report – Joyce

Treasurer’s Report as of October 18, 2014

REVENUE: As of August 14, 2014 $11,802.93

Membership deposit $1,020.00

Sold 13 keys $65.00

TOTAL REVENUE AS OF OCTOBER 18, 2014 $12,887.93


MacBook Air $1,171.81

Laser Brother all-in-one Printer $211.94

Breakfast Board Meeting,Aug.16/14 $168.71

Joan James – mileage to Board meeting Aug.16/14 $76.50

Joyce Harland – mileage to bank & post office,
Aug 22, Aug 30, and Sept.2/14 $18.90

Joyce Harland – mileage to apple store for set up and
tutorial, Sept 8 & Sept 25/14, bank with deposit Oct 16/14 $42.75

Greg Fleck – return deposit from Jamboree Hall $80.00

Printer Paper $18.05

Theatre Rental for AGM – Aug.31/14 $100.00

Katie Lee – return deposit and donation for Jamboree Hall
(rained out and had to use an alternate venue) $160.00

Peter Logan – return deposit for Jamboree Hall $80.00


TOTAL ASSETS AS OF OCTOBER 18, 2014 $10,759.27

Westoba balance as of Sept 3-/14 $10,469.02

Add outstanding deposits $320.00

Subtract outstanding cheques $42.75

Add Westoba Equity and shares $13.00

There are 414 paid up members out of 527 lots with cabins on them, making a total of 79% paid members in our campground. Joyce moved the report respectfully submitted, and Brian seconded the treasures report. All in favor.

Joyce reported on the website that the items posted were read in a very favorable way. Joyce brought up the possibility of the website being hacked. A solution is available with a plan costing up to $95.88 a year. Nelda made a motion that we buy the $95.88 per year security protection package. Seconded by Brad. John made a motion to also buy the under $10.00 a year Domain protection which covers all identify theft. Brian Seconded. Joanne made a motion that Joyce is able to purchase a case for the new computer. Seconded by John.

Committee membership :
Joan has been named as an alternate to the WTA if Brian, Brad or Trevor were unable to attend. Three members from Cottage area, Cabin area and downtown business area attend the WTA meetings.

Boating and Marine Committee– John George is our representative. The Clear lake Users Group attend this board group meeting as well. The concrete barriers at the boat dock are being replaced and as of this date, one has been replaced. Trees have been tagged for additional boat cove renovations. Many positive reports have been made and a thank you is sent out for the installation of the canoe launch on second street.

Buildings and Grounds – Trevor and Andy will do the walk around.

Townsite Security – Gloria and Nelda

Vegetation – Brian, Nelda and Joanne.

Website – Joyce

Newsletter – Trevor

Doctors Residence Committee – Joan

Building Guidelines – Joan gave a brieft review of why the building guidelines were revisited. Any new guidelines will be posted. Trevor will summarize some of our recommendations and again – any new guidelines will be posted.

We will table the question from Kieth Vinters regarding Cabin area membership lists for all board members.

Next Meeting – March, 2015. Paul adjorned the meeting.
/ndidychuk October 18, 2014




AUGUST 31st, 2014
There are 85 members present, constituting a quorum, and 8 proxies registered..
The President opened the meeting at 10:00 a.m.
The President welcomed all members and Park Staff to the meeting. Brian also welcomed observers, and reminded everyone that only members can speak and vote, as it is a meeting for members.

REVENUE: As of June 20, 2014 $ 7,139.40
Membership Deposits 4,845.00
Jamboree Hall donations deposit 320.00
Sold 8 keys 40.00
TOTAL REVENUE AS OF AUGUST 14, 2014 $12,344.40
EXPENSES: Printing for General Meeting $ 63.45
June 22/14 Board Breakfast Meeting 152.12
April 26/14 Trevor Winter &Gloria Belliveau –
Mileage to Board Meeting in Portage la Prairie 199.35
Return deposit to Cindy Rose for Jamboree Hall 80.00
June 20, 24, 27, August 7, 14/14 – Joyce Harland
Mileage to bank, post office & printing 37.80
Receipt books and pencil sharpeners 8,75
TOTAL EXPENSES TO AUGUST 14, 2014 $541.47 $ 541.47
TOTAL ASSETS TO AUGUST 14,20114 $11,802.93
Westoba Balance as of July 31, 2014 $10,118.28
Add outstanding deposits $1,720.00
Subtract outstanding cheques 48.35
Add Westoba Equity and Share 13.00
Respectfully submitted by Joyce Harland, Treasurer

Update on the water and sewer project:
Ross Birnie, 14 – 5th St. S. – What is the final Bill Dale replied that the final bill is still under $5,000.00. Maple Leaf Construction plan to start work on the roads next week. They estimate the gravel base will take about 4 weeks and then the asphalt about 1 week. Ross also asked about the Boat Cove Road and Dale replied that he would ask Maple Leaf if they could patch that road.
Wm. Metelski, 13 – 4th St. S. – Do we have to close up in September? Dale replied that Maple Leaf will start on 1st St. S. and workup and across. It would be better not to park on your street if they are working there. The week they are paving will be difficult to park when the access roads are being done. When asked if they would be working through the weekends, Dwight replied that they would.
Teddy Brown – 49 – 5th St. S. -In September, how will people load their vehicles for going home? Dale said that it is not possible to supply schedules due to weather, etc., but it should be easy to judge when they will reach your street.
E. De La Mare, 10 – 1st St. S. – Who is responsible for the water shutoff for the cook shack water taps? Brian replied that the Park and the CLCA take no responsibility for this. Dwight replied that the Park will investigate.
Unknown – Will the sidewalks be paved? Dale said the Park will look at this issue after the roads are completed.
Alan Montgomery – 87 – 4th St. S. – Will soil and seeds be available in the spring? Dale replied that it will still be available.
J. L. Guillas – 88 – 3rd. St. S. – When will the water be shut off. Dale replied that every year’s date will vary due to weather conditions. The water will be left on as late as possible each year.
Scott Jordan – 4- 2nd St. S. – Where is the best place to access soil. Dwight said the Park will assist where possible. Dale added that it is the Park’s intention to repair the sides of the road in the spring. Soil has been available this summer.

This issue is under review by the Park. Some concerns they have to address are costing, environmental issues. all roads or just some, etc.
Alan Montgomery – 87- 4th St. S. – To make access easier from the south side to the north side, could one lane be paved through the green space? Dale replied that this is addressed in Michael Rac’s report which will be on the website shortly. Michael’s report is looking forward into the future. One of the big questions is traffic. Relatively few changes will occur for a couple of years. As per the Memorandum of Understanding, the 5 year review for the washrooms will start next year.
Lynn Smith – 49 4th St. S. – With regard to the north end loops, will the Park look at the impact on the walking trails? Dale replied that the lake road is outside the campground. Issues regarding vegetation, etc. are under the Resource Conservation Department.
Lynn Ash – 54 – 4th St. S. – Thank you for the front end loader that hauled the dirt around.
Maureen Munroe – 75 – 2nd St. S. = Our compliments to B. T.Smith, the contractors for the sewer and water project.

Just a reminder that the $5,000.00 debt repayment for the sewer and water project will be due next June/July.

In order to assist in keeping the website up to date, the Board has purchased an Apple Computer and Printer.

Michael Rac explained that his report was a Comprehensive Design Review of the Cabin Area to be used as a tool for Cabin Owners to refer to in the future.
Pam Lucenkiw – 30 – 3rd St. N. – What is the process for adoption of this report? Michael said his report does not need to be adopted as it is a planning tool. Dale said the document will not be approved by the Park or the Board. “The Rac Report” is meant to supply options for comprehensive review conversations, assisting on questions such as “Where do we go forward as a community?” Michael added that it was designed to spark discussion or views for cabin owners.
Wm. Metelski – 13 – 4th St. S. – We look forward to reading the report.
S. Taylor – 49 – 2nd St. S. – Will our Board develop a procedure for cabin owners to put forward ideas. The Rac Report will be on the website and will have provisions for comments to be posted.

The President turned the Chair over to the Past President, Trevor Winter, for the elections.
Vote counters are JoAnn and Scott from the Board and Joanie and Eleanor from the membership.
For President, Trevor Winter was nominated. Call for nominations from the floor was made three times. As there were no further nominations, TREVOR WINTER was declared elected as President.
For Vice=President, Brad Collett was nominated. Call for nominations from the floor was made three times. As there were no further nominations, BRAD COLLETT, was declared elected as Vice-President.
For Treasurer, Joyce Harland was nominated. Call for nominations from the floor was made three times. As there were no further nominations from the floor, a motion was required to extend the term for a second time. Moved by Sylvia Taylor, 49 – 2nd St. S. and seconded by Greg Fleck – 25 – 3rd St. S. to accept Joyce Harland as Treasurer for another year. JOYCE HARLAND declared elected as Treasurer.
For Secretary, Gloria Belliveau was nominated. Call for nominations from the floor was made three times. As there were no further nominations, GLORIA BELLIVEAU, was declared elected as Secretary.
There are five positions open for election for Board Members. Those nominated are Joan James, John George, Keith Vinthers, Paul Barnabe, Greg Fleck, Mary Orr and Bill Lucenkiw. Call for nominations from the floor.
Bernie Kolesar – nominated Joann Bell. Joann accepted the nomination.
Andrew Urbanowicz – 23 – 1st St. S. nominated himself.
Moved by Brian McVicar and seconded by John George that nominations be closed.
Gail Simpson – 24 – 3rd St. N. – asked that all nominated stand up and identify themselves.
All nominees addressed the membership.
Scrutineers gathered votes and exited to count same.
R. & B. Kadyschuk – 116 – 1st St. S. – requested an update on the release of new lots. Dale replied that 5 were released last year. The remaining 25 will be released, but no release date has been announced.
V. Buchanan – 14 – 5th St. N. – asked whose responsibility it is to clean up the mess in the area behind her cabin that was left by Manitoba Hydro when they installed a new pole. Dale told her that it was Park property and Park responsibility.
L. & D, Valcourt – 86 – 1st St. S. – expressed a concern regarding the congestion and loss of green space. Dale responded that the community must be self-sufficient.
L. Rac – 117 – 3rd St. S. – asked for information on the ongoing work, for example, the campground and Agassiz. Dale replied that Agassiz is still under discussion, and an announcement should be made shortly. The campground has seen an extension of sewer and water to 200 sites, as needs in that area have changed. Highway 10 improvements are under discussion. There is an ongoing conservation program in the wetlands. There is a conservation Program on Clear Lake including lake health, invasive species, erosion, etc. There is a new storm water system for the downtown area.
D. & L, Pollon- 70 – 2nd St. S. – raised the issue of the boat storage area, commenting on the need for a larger area. Dale responded saying the Park continues to discuss boat cove parking.
Brian Cottom – 12 – 4th St. N. – wanted to know if there was a process for “remove a tree, plant a tree”. Dale replied that all the trees are old, which creates a problem. The Park encourages reforestation. He suggests talking to your neighbours to ensure the location for a new tree is appropriate. There is a list of acceptable trees available.
Brian McVicar – 4- 5th St. N. – asked about the possibility of Wi-fi for our area. Dale replied that it is complicated for campground accessibility of systems. The trees are also an issue.

Board members elected to a two year term are Joan James, John George, Keith Vinthers, Paul Barnabe and Andrew Urbanowicz.
It was noted that every successful candidate received over 50% of the votes.
New President Trevor Winter thanked outgoing President and Vice President, Brian McVicar and Scott Jordan, for their services.
Lynn Smith, 49 – 4th St. S. – noted her appreciation of the ability of those who run. She said it would be nice to have a list of those running earlier in the summer.
Motion by John George and seconded by Brad Collett to destroy the ballots. Carried.
Brian McVicar said that he has enjoyed his time on the board and thanked Roy White for his wise advice.
Meeting adjourned by Brad Collett at 11.55 a.m.

Since the AGM. MichaeL Rac’s report has been posted on the website.



AUGUST 16TH, 2014
PRESENT: Brian McVicar, Trevor Winter, Gloria Belliveau, Joyce Harland, JoAnn Lambaert, Nelda Didychuk, Joan James, Paul Barnabe, Keith Vinthers, Brad Collett.
REGRETS: John George, Scott Jordan, Kevin Alguire.
The President called the meeting to order at 9:30.
NORTH STREET ROADS – After considerable discussion, Trevor Winters moved that the CLCA recommend to Parks Canada that for the safety of pedestrians, and emergency vehicle access, that all streets in the North End be opened to the shore road and that all impediments on the shore road be removed. Seconded by Joan James. After discussion, Trevor withdrew his motion. Moved by Paul Barnabe and seconded by Nelda Didychuk that for overall safety and infrastructure reasons, the CLCA Board requests that the Park review and provide the CLCA Board with various North Street loop options with costs, with or without paving, by the 2014 Annual General Meeting. Carried with 1 opposed.
SERVICE BOXES – The CLCA Board takes no responsibility for the water and sewer service boxes.
CLCA COMPUTER – A discussion took place on the merits of purchasing an Apple or P.C. There is only about $200 difference in the price. A discussion also took place on the value of a lazer printer. Although a lazer printer is about 3 times the cost of a regular printer, there is a substantial saving in ink. Moved by Joan James and seconded by Paul Barnabe that we have Joyce purchase the computer of her choice. Joan and Paul agreed to amend their motion to read – That we have Joyce purchase the computer of her choice and a double sided lazer printer. Carried.
PARK UPDATE – Dale Wallis joined the meeting for a brief period. Brian McVicar asked Dale about the Stop signs that have been placed on Centre Street. Dale replied that they are to help slow traffic down. There are also stop signs on one of the roads in the south side. Four more signs have been ordered and will be placed when they arrive. It is felt that when the roads are paved, speed will increase and we may have to look at the need for speed bumps.
BUILDING GUIDELINES – Joan James was asked to form a committee to review and clarify the building guidelines.
MICHAEL RAC REPORT – Michael explained that he is responsible for working on the “comprehensive review”. He is working on a long term review of the cabin area (a secondary Plan) based on best practices and procedures, as an assist to the Park and Board. The Board will shortly receive a copy of his report.
Michael will make a 10 – 15 minute presentation to the AGM, explaining his responsibilities and will then be prepared to spend some time answering questions.
Brad Collett asked Michael which issues he thinks are the most controversial? Michael answered with
– Issues on the boat cover, parking and traffic, however this issue is too complex and has been removed from his report.
– Parking, trying to find a middle ground, improve lake shore, perhaps an extra dock
– Trevor reminded all that the cookshacks impede the straightening of the back lanes. Michael answered that the cookshacks provide an intricate social atmosphere, one of the last places left to interact with neighbours.

– Brian thanked Michael for attending our meeting.
Trevor said that he feels the CLCA needs to put forth a strong Board. He feels the Park wants to take a step back and for the Board to take a more leadership role. He encouraged the incoming Board to be prepared to be a very strong Board but also said that the Park needs to stop dragging their feet, as they have the final say. Multiple comment cards need to go to the administration office. A discussion occurred on the value of the Development Review Board that was disbanded, and it was decided that we need to ask for the assistance of the WTA in looking at perhaps resurrecting this board.
CLCA PROCEDURES BOOKLET – This booklet has been prepared by Roy White, and now needs to be changed from Word to a publishing format, which would be quite expensive. Moved by Brad Collett and seconded by Nelda Didychuk that we do not print the booklet, but put it in the website. Carried.
SECURITY – An incident occurred in the south end regarding a group a young people who were noisy and out of control, threatening residents and causing great concern. The police were called, but said they could not help. These people were renters, and the Board feels that if you are renting out your cabin, please be very careful who your renters are. It is important to note that the only way we can increase the amount of security we have in our area is to be sure to report every incident that happens to the proper authorities. The numbers are posted on the washrooms a well as printed in the newsletter and on the website..
REVENUE: As of June 20, 2014 $ 7,139.40
Membership deposits 4,845.00
Jamboree Hall donations deposit 320.00
Sold 8 keys 40.00
TOTAL REVENUE AS OF AUGUST 14, 2014 $12,344.40
EXPENSES: Printing for General Meeting $ 63.45
June 22/14 Board Breakfast Meeting 152.12
April 26/14 Trevor Winter & Gloria Belliveau –
Mileage to Board Meeting in Portage la Prairie 199.35
Return deposit to Cindy Rose for Jamboree Hall 80.00
June 20, 24, 27, August 7, 14/14 Joyce Harland
Mileage to bank, post office, & for printing 37.80
Receipt books and pencil sharpeners 8,75
TOTAL EXPENSES TO AUGUST 14, 2014 $ 541.47
TOTAL ASSETS TO AUGUST 14. 2014 $11,802.93
Westoba Balance as of July 3, 2014 $10,118.28
Add outstanding deposits $1,720.00
Subtract outstanding cheques 48.35
Add Westoba Equity and Share 13.00
Respectfully submitted by Joyce Harland, Treasurer, CLCA
Joyce reported that we have 365 paid up membership. She thanked Joan James and Gloria Belliveau for their help in collecting memberships.
Moved by Paul Barnabe and seconded by Brad Collett that we ask the Park for the construction of a handrail to the 2nd street swimming dock. Motion withdrawn. Moved by Nelda Didychuk and seconded by Joyce Harland that we approach the Park to have them put in an accessible pathway and handrail to the 2nd street swimming area. Carried.
NOMINATIONS – Trevor has the ballots and voting cards ready. Trevor remarked that it is an unusual year, with both the President and Vice-President resigning.
As previous past president, Jeff Sim will conduct the elections.
President – Trevor Winter
Vice-President – Brad Collett
Secretary – Gloria Belliveau
Treasurer – Joyce Harland – special motion needed
Board Members – 2nd yr. of 2 year term –
Nelda Didychuk, JoAnn Lambaert, Kevin Alguire
5 Board Member positions open – candidates are
Joan James, John George, Keith Vinthers,
Paul Barnabe, Greg Fleck and Mary Orr
Registration will be at 9 a.m. Six volunteers are needed. Brad Collett. Trevor Winter, Joan James and JoAnn Lambaert volunteered.
Following discussion, the Board decided that anyone can attend the meeting, but only members can speak and vote. Anyone wishing to speak will be asked to clearly state their name and cabin address and show their voting card. The President will include this in his opening remarks.
Moved by Brad Collett and seconded by Paul Barnabe that the meeting be adjourned at 12:50 p.m

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