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Annual Spring Meeting Minutes

Date: July 3, 2016
Location: Jamboree Hall
Present: Brad Collett, Keith Vinthers, Joyce Harland, Trevor Winters, Nelda Didychuk, Andy Urbanowicz, Patrick Gordon, Lionel Crowther, John George, Joanne Lambaert.
Regrets: Gloria Belliveau, Joan James, Paul Barnabe

President Brad Collett called the meeting to order at 10:10 a.m.
Changes to the Agenda:
July 5, 2015 minutes have been sent out to membership via email. Brad asked if there were any changes to those minutes and the following points were noted: (Q means question, A means answer, the response).
Q. Val Bird 37 – 4th St. South. – Anything captured in the annual meeting, i.e. speed bumps, sidewalks etc., will they automatically be addressed?
A. No, but if you have a question relating to Parks Canada or The Board, please ask away. Val’s question re speed bumps was who is responsible for posting speed limits in old campgrounds? She hasn’t seen any signs posted and notices a lot of people are still driving quickly around the corners. Also mentioned the pathways, lifting from trees, unsafe walking conditions.
The Park representatives addressed some of those issues later in the meeting.
Q. Nelda Didychuk – 35 – 2nd St. North – Please bring up the issue of the canoes being removed from the lake periodically.
Q. Brent Monroe – 75 – 2nd St. South – Reiterated all the dangerous walkways and unsafe pavement patches would be a good start for repair.
A. Brad commented the new Park Representatives would be addressing these issues soon.
Moved by: John George( 4 – 4th St. South)
Seconded by: Mary Orr (18 – 3rd St. North)
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the minutes of the July 2015 meeting be approved as circulated.
Motion Carried
Parks Canada Presentation and Membership Questions:
Brad introduced the Parks Canada staff members:
Kevin Bachewich – Townsite Manager
Koreen Miko – Development Officer
Chris Hanson – Asset Manager
Bob Reside – Clear Lake Project Manager

Chris Hanson has been the Acting Townsite Manager since the end of January, start of February. The Townsite Manager and Asset Manager have been combined since 2013 which was previously two positions. Parks Canada has made the decision to return to two positions, with Chris Hansen as Asset Manager and Kevin Bachewich as Townsite Manager effective Tuesday (July 4th, 2016)

Chris Hanson:
Highway 10 – Kilometer (KM) 12 – 32 was completed last year with plans to complete from KM 0 12 this year. Contract is being tendered. The entire highway should all be completed by 2019 or 2020 when funding runs out.
Work Plan – A lot of the cookshacks have been reroofed. Some washroom shingles are scheduled to be replaced as well with some cookstoves having been replaced and more will be as necessary. Last year the shower buildings got new taps. The workplan continues the delivery of wood to the cookshacks and any items as they come up will be taken care of.
Development and Construction: Lots going on. Guideline package put together by Parks Canada and the CLCA Board in 2015. If you are planning any development, please review the guidelines and get a permit from Koreen Miko, who will be the Building Inspector until 2020. Chris welcomed and introduced Kevin Bachewich, who has been in the Parkland area for 22 years and has a good grasp of Parks Canada.

Kevin Bachewich:
Infrastructure Projects: Parks Canada will receive $64 million to invest in Riding Mountain National Park (RMNP) over the next 4 years.
Campground: Paving is underway in the campground with electrification of 130 new sites as well as washroom updates.
Former Agassiz Ski Resort Site: Decommissioning – most infrastructure removed, remediation of site – day use for this area at this time.
Wasagaming Storm Water Management System: Objective is to reroute water away from Clear Lake. Intent is to pave parking lots within the town site this year and next.
Parks Canada Operation Centre Compound: Sewage facilities upgrades, conservation of heritage buildings (roof and interior repair), along with some other work.
Renewal of visitor’s centre: New exhibits, outside of building, making accessible for rental in coming years. Kitchen, janitorial and new updates in this area as well.
Trails, playgrounds, picnic areas: Enhancing our visitor experiences. Fire suppression, garbage collection, – extending all usable assets in our community.
Kevin looks forward to a wonderful working relationship with all and advised the Administration Building is open if you need to see him. As a reminder – if you have any new items in the campgrounds, please follow all building rules and see Koreen Miko at any time.
Q. Trevor Winters -23 – 2nd St. North. Raised the issue of the boat cove and golf course road, emergency exits, and pathways.
A . All these things will be addressed throughout the projects and they have a team to work on these items. They will be addressed and the Park will provide an update in the fall.
Q. Brent Monroe – 75 – 2nd St. South – Emergency exits are a fire safety concern. Where are the snap out posts in our area? If we have a fire we are going to have dead people.
A. This is a mitigation to look into. As Kevin is also a Captain of the Onanole Fire Department he will be looking into it.
Q. Marlene Monroe – 75 – 2nd St. South – Wondered about painting a dividing “S” shape line on south entrance road to help avoid collisions.
A. That will be done by Parks Canada.
Q. Ron McPhail 7 – 2nd St. South asked about recycling in the Old Campground.
A. Chris suggested the Board and CLCA members develop a plan and the Park is willing to work with all. Brad Collett advised the discussions among the Board will continue in this regard.

Bob Reside
Project Manager for Restoration:  Fisheries, Habitat and Shoreline. Boat launches, expanding parking lot. Aquatic invasive species – There is a semi-permanent building in the boat cove docking area where all vessels must be inspected on a yearly basis. There is also a building at the golf course launch for inspection. Permits are only valid for 1 year at a time. The concern is Zebra Mussels. E.g. Ontario is spending $91 million as a result of zebra mussels. Please be cognisant of sharing of material, the program is working. 2,400 vessels inspected last year, 45 decontaminated. DNA work started from water samples. Try to make traffic work smoothly in boating area. Message is: Please get your vessel inspected. Each female zebra mussel can produce 1 million eggs per year. They are very aggressive and must be adhered to. Decommissioning of Spruce and Frith beach has been done to control Zebra Mussels. There will be a regular seasonal inspector hired for a six month period.
Q. John George – 4 – 4th St. South – Is there any evidence zebra mussels are being transported by water fowl?
A. Short answer is No.
Q. Pam Lucenkiw – 30 – 3rd St. North. How effective are the inspections?
A. Clear Lake has perfect temperature and chemical balance to house Zebra Mussels. Inspections are done particularly if boats are arriving from another area.
Q. Brent Monroe – 75 – 2nd St. South – Honour system is great – but could there be a presence on the water by Parks Canada, as there is such an influx of boats?
A. There is a strong Park presence on the water. Just ask the 10 boat owners that had boats confiscated recently.
Comment provided by Len Kashton – 40 – 3rd St. South who clarified they have been stopped on the water and appreciates the visibility of Parks presence on the lake.
Questions and Answers to all Parks Canada representatives:
Q. Mary Orr – 18 – 3rd St. North. Power boats coming into 2nd St. Dock – Are boats allowed to come in to the CLCA dock area? She wonders why it couldn’t be a non-accessible pick up site.
A. At this time boats are allowed to come in to pick people up but not to moor there. Comment from John George said years ago it was marked off with “no swim buoys” but now we don’t have them. We do have no wake zone markers and if you are in that zone you have to be going very slowly. Also from the Park – It is not a designated swim area that is why there aren’t swim lines or buoys.
Q. Mary Orr – 18 – 3rd St. North – Would you consider making it a swimming area?
A. The Board will discuss and possibly bring it up to management team.
Q. Arlene Taggert – 13 – 1st St. North – Can we keep our boat in the boat park area?
A. This is a work in progress. What is the best use of this area and how do we keep people from mooring there? Discussion will have to take place with the Board and membership.
Q. Andrew Urbanowicz – 23 – 1st St. South – What is the extent at this time for expanding trails the way they used to be?
A. Mid stages of developing trail plan. Eg. Lake shore walk. Funding for some trails available, and some funding coming. Next year is the 150th celebration so don’t want a lot of building during that season. Brad advised the Board will post any information from Parks Canada as it is provided to us.
Q. Val Bird – 37- 3rd St. North. – Is the $64 million for the budget period to the end of fiscal 2020?
A. Yes. This includes right from the north end to south end of the Park. Q. Does it include wages? A. Some. Recapitalize and invest in our assets. Q. Planning and approval then may not be happing for a year or so but by 2020? So there is a need for good repore of sharing info to propose some of this funding to some of our needs.
A. Brad – Currently there are committees comprised of the WTA, Chamber of Commerce, CLCA and Cottage Owners who have had multiple meetings to talk about the overall health of RMNP and the infrastructure funding and projects in particular.
Q. Donna Roberts – 74 – 3rd St. South – Brought up speed bumps. This was addressed at beginning of meeting and it will be looked into. The Park will take a list of our concerns. Brad – there was a motion made last year to have RCMP come up and give tickets but that has not been acted upon yet.
Q. Robin Carnegie – 25 – 4th St. North – The signs designating “No Exit” are too small – so people are still driving into the North Streets and having to back up.
A. Brad – At least we have signs now. Parks to review and look at all signage.
Q. Val Bird – 37 – 3rd St. North – What is protical to have items addressed? Is it to go to the board and then the board go to Parks?
A. Brad, yes that would be the preferred protocol and it can then be addressed to all members through a meeting. Q. Val – Because we have addressed these items at this meeting – how will they work? A. Brad – As per above.
Q. Jean Birnie – 36 – 2nd St. North – People have commented that the signs on the North End Roads are on the wrong side of the road!
A. Brad – Park has committed to look at signage.
Q. Curtis Kincaid – 20 – 2nd St. south – Is there free Wifi in the campground?
A. Parks – Not through the whole park but there are some areas of wifi for visitors. A. Brad – the board looked at getting free wifi for the campground but very difficult with trees etc Q. Curtis – some areas have video surveillance? What is that? A. Park – there is some with in the townsite but not here at the moment. The new posts in the boat dock area are going to be for video surveillance.
Q. Val Bird – 37 – 3rd St. North. Is business arising from minutes addressed?
A. Brad – Yes this is always addressed.
Q. Tom Mutter – 22 – 5th St. South. He brought up the RCMP issue last year and wonders why there was not anything done from this motion? What is the process?
A. Past President Trevor Winters responded: Trevor wrote a letter and called the Shoal Lake Detachment and didn’t get an answer back. That was the process that was followed. A. Parks: Bob Shaboat would be the Staff Sargent you want to contact from Shoal lake.
Q. Brent Monroe –75 – 2nd St. South – Comment – great to have development in the Campground. Likes how parks is supporting new development. 1) Questioned the long term plan for washroom availability in future. Five years from water sewer installed, washrooms will be addressed. 2) If five years come and go, the majority of the population may not want to subsidize the washrooms. 3) Mentioned cabin owners buying cabins strictly for rental purpose and alluded to the fact it was only small cabins without water that the renters used.
A. Park: If people choose not to upgrade, we cannot force them but if 95% of neighbours are converted the Park would likely not continue to keep the washroom in that area. Trevor replied that it is a review on an “as need” basis. Parks don’t have the number of cabins that have connected to the water system available but are going to try and obtain an accurate number this fall when they perform the water shut-offs.
Q. John Roberts – 10 – 5th St. North. Washroom are needed in some public areas such as the 5th St. dock so swimmers would have washroom access. (This is not a designated swim area).
Q. Raymond – 62 – 5th St. South. Takes exception to Brent Monroe suggesting that he is going to rent out his cabin because he has a smaller cabin and doesn’t have water.
Q. John George – 4 – 4th St. South – In our leases it stipulates this is for our use only – not to be renting – does this make it commercial?
A. Kevin – quoted item Article 201(a) of the Parks lease – lease can be read and interpreted.
Q. Maureen Monroe – 75 – 2nd St. south. What is being done about cabins purchased for the purpose of renting out?
A. Parks – intent of the lease is for owner only. Parks will have legal department check into this. Brad clarified that at a previous membership meeting the prior Parks staff advised that renting of cabins was allowed.
Trevor Winters – Our thanks to the Superintendent and all the Park representatives who took their time and updated all the cabin owners with information.

July 3, 2016

REVENUE: As of June 10, 2016 $12,494.23

Membership Deposit $1,120.00
Sold 4 keys $20.00
TOTAL REVENUE: $13,634.23

June 12, 2016 Onanole Drop-in-Centre, Board Meeting  $50.00
June 12, 2016, Buns & Muffins for Board Meeting  $30.00

TOTAL ASSETS TO JULY 03, 2016: $13,554.23

Westoba balance as of May 31, 2016 $11.849.61
Subtract outstanding cheques $628.38
Add outstanding deposits $2,320.00
Add Westoba Equity $8.00
Add Westoba Share $5.00



Respectfully submitted by Joyce Harland, Treasurer, CLCA

Moved by: Joyce Harland (18 – 2nd St. South)
Seconded by: Brent Monroe (75 – 2nd St. South)
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Treasurer’s report be approved as presented.
Motion Carried.
Brad thanked Joyce for all of her tireless efforts on behalf of the CLCA.

Q. Val Bird 37 – 3rd St. N. – For Dwight McMillan – should we sent a card?
A. Brad – that has been done by the CLCA and some Board Members have stopped and visited Dwight in hospital.
We all wish Dwight a successful and speedy recovery.
Q. Lynn Ash – 54 – 4th St. South – Is Doctors residence open this summer?
A. Yes, there is a schedule and as more information becomes available will be posted.

Moved by: Doug Maley (108 – 3rd St. South)
Seconded by: Keith Vinters (18A – 2nd St. North)
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the meeting be adjourned.
Motion Carried.




Clear Lake Cabin Association Board Meeting
Date: June 12, 2016
Location: Onanole Drop-in Centre

Present: Brad Collett, Patrick Gordon, Joan James, Trevor Winters, Paul Barnabe, John George, Joyce Harland, Joanne Lambert, Keith Vinthers, Nelda Didychuk, Andy Urbanowicz.

Regrets: Gloria Belliveau, Lionel Crowther

President Brad Collett called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.

No business arising from the minutes of the Annual General Meeting in September, 2015.

Unfinished Business:

Building Guidelines and Standards:
The President will contact Parks Canada Development Officer, Koreen Miko for further clarification regarding guideline rules, as some new builds are diverted from the Building Guideline rules approved jointly between the Board and Parks Canada. The hours of building/construction during the summer months was discussed by the Board. Specifically the issue of approved hours for allowed construction was discussed for the months from May to September.
Moved by: Paul Barnabe
Seconded by: Trevor Winters

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the hours of construction be limited to the period 9:00 AM till 9:00 PM for the month of June, with the hours of construction in the other months remaining as previously agreed upon in the building guidelines.
Motion Carried.

Boat Cove Development:
Brad has spoken with Chris Hanson, Acting Townsite Manager and discussion is ongoing regarding parking and use of the lot along Boat Cove Road. The question was raised as to where day use boaters park and cabin owners park? Joan James suggested that parking in general is an issue. Because of environmental impacts and bigger cabins, what can be done for more parking? Could the recycling area and parking lot be amalgamated for paved parking spots? The CLCA would like to be involved in boat parking issues (i.e. where would sail boats be parked, are stalls rentable, does the marina have slips for rent, etc) Trevor Winters suggested he would like the parking lot enlarged. Nelda Didychuk suggested we as a group want input regarding boating issues. Keith Winters said the CLCA as per constitution request to be invited to “decisions made in consultation with stakeholders”. Trevor Winters commented that the lake users group of the Wasagaming Tenants Association (WTA) should be discussing these issues with CLCA and the Clear Lake Cottage Owners Association (CLCOA).

Canoe Area Reorganization:
There are over 120 vessels in the canoe area. Brad Collett will try to obtain a progress update from Parks Canada on this area, and refer to the Rac Report which stated organization of the area be a priority and enforced.

Wasagaming Tenants Association (WTA) Update
Diane Cooper, President of the WTA, along with the Presidents of the CLCA, CLCOA and Wasagaming Chamber of Commerce requested a meeting with Superintendent Michaela Kent after each association learned of multiple Clear Lake boat launch closures in various Manitoba newspapers. A meeting was convened in the Superintendent’s office on May 23, 2016, and also included Chris Hanson, Acting Townsite Manager. In general there is a feeling among all associations that there is a lack of consultation and communication occurring with the three large associations, and given the large infrastructure dollars being allocated from Ottawa it was critical going forward that such consultations occur. Superintendent Kent advised that she would respond to the WTA following the meeting, in approximately two weeks.
The President committed to keeping the Board informed as these meetings, discussions and communications continue.

A suggestion was made from the Board that a “thank you” note be sent from the Board to Dale Wallis for his work over the years on behalf of the CLCA. The President advised he would send such a note by email to Mr. Wallis.

There will be an annual general meeting at 9:00 AM at Jamboree Hall on July 3rd. Brad will request that members of Parks Canada attend the meeting for the membership to be updated. At that time the Board hopes to learn more about the Infrastructure Renewal Plan. The Board reaffirmed that the CLCA Infrastructure Priorities are sidewalks, paving, boat cove area, canoe storage area (to name a few). There is a list of recommended trees for planting in the Park, but the group feels we could use direction on where to plant. More discussion will take place with Parks Canada regarding vegetation, developing a tree plan and obtaining a list of acceptable tree varieties to provide to the membership.

Large Item Garbage Collection:
Nelda Didychuk introduced the idea of the Board sponsoring a one-time “large item” garbage collection drive, and advising the membership well in advance. The Board was intrigued and supportive, so she volunteered to research if the Board can hire a company to have a scheduled pick up of the CLCA cabin area to assist those unable to make a trip to the dump. The President will ask the Park if they are able to accommodate this with an “extra” garbage pick-up schedule once or twice a year. The Board agreed the area is getting cluttered with unnecessary “items” that do not have a place in the campground, and such an initiative could help to rectify this situation.


REVENUE: As of September 6, 2015 $ 8,652.61

Membership Deposit 4,310.00
Jamboree Hall donation and deposit 160.00
TOTAL REVENUE $13,122.61


September 12, 2015 – Return deposit for Jamboree Hall $ 80.00
Joyce Harland – Mileage to Westoba to make deposits
April 22, May 11, June 1/16 – 60 kilometers x .45 27.00
Deluxe Managed Website expires May 26, 2019 – $161.64 U.S.
.Org Domain Renewal expires July 23, 2019 – $34.41 U.S.
Private Domain Renewal expires July 23, 2019 – $25.47 U.S.
Premium SiteLock expires October 20, 2019 – $167.76 U.S.
$389.28 U.S. 521.38

TOTAL ASSETS TO JUNE 12, 2016 $12,494.23

Westoba balance as of April 30, 2016 $11,849.61
Subtract outstanding cheques 548.38
Add outstanding deposits 1,180.00
Add Westoba Equity 8.00
Add Westoba Share 5.00



Respectfully submitted by Joyce Harland, Treasurer, CLCA

Move by: Joyce Harland
Seconded by : John George
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Treasurer’s report, having been reviewed by the Board, be accepted as presented.
Motion Carried

Other Business:
The Board discussed the safety and health of the membership in relation to fire and evacuation of the CLCA area in the event of fire, tornado or other emergency situation. Parks Canada previously advised the Board they were looking at options to increase the accessibility to and from the cabin area in the event of an emergency. This included the potential to add a new access point as well as install collapsible bollards on abandoned exit roads. The President will contact the Onanole Fire Department to discuss such issues from their perspective and see if they would be prepared to provide the Board with a report or recommendations.

Moved by: Joan James
Seconded by: Keith Vinters
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the meeting be adjourned.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:50 AM




BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Trevor Winters, Brian McVicar, Brad Collett, Gloria Belliveau, Joyce Harland, Joan James, Nelda Didychuk, Paul Barnabe, Keith Vinthers, JoAnn Lambaert, John George, Andy Urbanowicz.

PARK REPRESENTATIVES PRESENT: Dale Wallis, Dwight McMillan, Robert Raeside
The meeting was called to order by the President at 10:05 a.m.
The President introduced the Board Members and Park Representatives.


ITEMS ARISING: Pam Lucenkiw, 24 – 3rd St. N. – asked if the Board referred to the Rac Report when making decisions. Dale Wallis replied that the Rac Report was considered by the Board on all decisions. Dale gave, for examples, the sewer and water issue, the leases and tweaking the Building Guidelines. He said the Board then decided to take a break, and the new board will look at other issues. Motion to accept the minutes as distributed by John George and seconded by Keith Vinthers. CARRIED.


NORTH STREET LOOPS: Dale Wallis reported that he has taken this under advisement. He said that there are now signs at all 5 streets stating that there is no exit.

NORTH SHORE ROAD: Dale Wallis said that the North Shore Road falls outside the survey for our area and is under the jurisdiction of the Park.
Leanne Wrobel, 15 – 2nd St. N. – requested information about the road. Dale replied that there are delays caused by erosion and the Park is looking for solutions. At the present, it is under advisement.
Alice Birnie, 36 – 2nd St. N. thanked the Park for their quick response when the road was washed out. Dale Wallis has asked for opinions of residents of the North End for information.
Pam Lucenkiw, 24 – 3rd St. N – would like to see the Rac Report used in decision making, and Trevor Winters said it has been used by the Board in many decisions.
Trevor Winters said the Board have developed a process for owners to contact the Board. To clarify situations, owners need to write out their issue, including a signature, and email it to any board member to have the issue raised. Any issue without a signature will not be reviewed by the Board.
Brad Collett, 77 – 4th St. S., suggested that before doing this, owners should try to resolve issues themselves.
Dale Wallis said that neither the Board or the Park are arbitrators.
Dale Wallis said there will be no new lots released this fall.

REVENUE: as of July 5, 2015 $8,485.71
Membership Deposit 340.01
Sold 21 keys 105.00
Jamboree Hall donation and deposit 160.00


Print voting ballots for AGM – September 6, 2015 $ 22.83
2 year extended Apple Care Protection Plan for computer 315.27
Theatre rental for AGM – September 6th, 2015 100.00



Westoba balance as of July 31. 2015 $8,752.71
Subtract outstanding cheques 438.10
Add outstanding deposits 325.00
Add Westoba Equity 8.00
Add Westoba Share 5.00


Respectfully submitted by Joyce Harland, Treasurer, CLCA
Moved acceptance by Joyce Harland and seconded by John George. CARRIED

PRESIDENT’S REPORT: All items have been addressed.

Dale Wallis thanked Dwight McMillan for his help over the past few years, and explained that Dwight has accepted a new position with the park where he will be responsible for Park infrastructure. Doreen from their office will handle permits, etc. at the present time.
Dale Wallis has prepared a Building Guidelines Booklet which is now available at the office.
Dale suggested that owners need a landscape plan, but should not change drainage.
Dale explained that he had challenged the GST inclusion on the sewer and water infrastructure, but has received no decision on this issue. He expects the invoices will be out shortly, and will be due in 30 days from the date of the invoice. Trevor thanked Dale and Dwight for their work in supervising this project.
The Park is doing a number of infrastructure improvements and are hoping to complete more projects in the future.
Trevor asked if the Park has an Arborist or people trained in this area. Dale replied that this is the Park’s responsibility.
Dale said that the Park is looking for ideas for the celebration in 2017.
Leanne Wrobel, 15 – 2nd St. N – asked what owners should do when they have old or dangerous trees. Dale replied that he should be contacted and the Park will address the issue.
Bonnie Barkman, 36 – 3rd St. N – asked if there is any restriction on Park Models. Trevor said that the board had a concern because the Park Models need a separate pole for Hydro. Also there is an issue of congestion as Park Models need their own pole and large propane tanks.
Boyd, 62 – 5th St. S – said that owners could put in electrical furnaces, etc.
Dwight says the Park Models are a good product, meet CSA approval, the pole for Hydro is on their own property with a maximum panel of 100 amps., propane tanks are restricted in size and cannot encroach on setbacks.
Jean Birnie, 36 – 3rd St. N – asked if allowing Park Models should be a decision of the membership and not the Board.
Dwight said if there is damage to the road, the owners and movers are responsible for the repairs.
Louie Rac, 117 – 3rd St. S – Feels Park Models are a great diversity to the area, and the electrical connections are very safe.
Dwight asked for any building questions.
Louis Rac, 117 – 3rd St. S – noted that contractors are extremely willing to work with Dwight. He appreciates Dwight’s dedication to the Park and our area, and thanked the Board and membership for the Association.
Trevor extended his best wishes for Dwight in his new position.
Trevor introduced Robert Raeside, Development Manager, to speak about the boat cove development.
– the boat parking lot is to be cleared out by September 20th, 2015 in order that it can be updated, such as delineated parking stalls, etc.
– the boat inspection is to be moved to that parking lot next summer.
– that parking lot will be only for boats, not recreation vehicles, etc.
– boats not parked in proper spaces will be towed.
– boat launch pads will be replaced.
– all boat docks are to be replaced.
– parking lots have been increased in size as much as is possible.
– the trail on the North Shore will be rerouted to protect architectural artifacts and safety of pedestrians.
– water quality inspections will continue. At present there are no problems.
Joanne Little, 31 – 5th St. N – expressed a concern about the lack of parking for vehicles close to the canoe and kayak area, She also is concerned about access for persons with disabilities.
Katherine Bellemare, 85 – 3rd St. S.- asked if , now that the launch at the second street dock is in place, will that area be improved. Dale replied that the shoreline is under review, some improvements have been made, and they will be looking at more improvement that area.
Yolande Ranson, 24 – 2nd St. N.- thanked the Park for the canoe ramps.
Louis Rac, 117 – 3rd St. S,- asked if there was a plan in place to clean up the canoe area. The Park is looking at this issue.
Jean Birnie, 36 – 2nd St. N. –expressed a concern about boats that have not been given a sticker. There was an issue earlier in the summer when stickers were not available.
JoAnn Lombaert, 9 – 5th St. S,- asked if we could have more swimming docks. Dale replied that he has been promoting extending the walkway through the area which may improve docks, etc. Robert said that the boat launch docks are to be increased.
Nelda Didychuk, 35 – 2nd St. N – suggested that a way to clean up the canoe area would be a notice put in the spring newsletter that in the fall all canoes and kayaks have to be removed. Any left overs could be donated to camps or disposed of. This could be done every two to three years.
Dale indicated to Robert that people want the path extended.
Bonnie Barkman, 36 – 3rd St. N.- asked about pontoon boat parking. Dale replied that every owner is responsible for parking their own boat.
David Breen, 13 – 2nd St. N – asked if the swimming docks at 2nd and 5th are just for swimming or are boats allowed to pick people up there. Robert said that boats must use caution, but they are allowed to pick people up at the docks.
John George, 4 – 4th St. S – asked that those with canoes and kayaks make sure they are visible, by wearing bright clothing, etc. Blue kayaks are almost invisible when on the water.

President – Nominated Brad Colett – Called for nominations three times – nominations ceased.
Vice-President – nominated Patrick Gordon – Called for nominations 3 times – nominations ceased.
Treasurer – nominated Joyce Harland – Called for Nominations 3 times, -nominations ceased.
Motion by Brad Collett, seconded by Keith Vinthers that the position of treasurer be extended, CARRIED.
Secretary – nominated Gloria Belliveau – Called for nominations 3 times – nominations ceased.
Motion by John George, seconded by Andy Urbanowicz that the position of secretary be extended. CARRIED.
There are 3 vacant board positions, Kevin Alguire retired, Nelda Didychuk and JoAnn Lombaert’s positions ended. Nelda Didychuk, JoAnn Lombaert and Lionel Crowther were nominated. Called for nominations 3 times – nominations ceased.

Trevor Winters welcomed the new and returning Board Members.
The Next Meeting will be at the Jamboree Hall on July 3rd, 2016.
Meeting adjourned at 11:47 a.m.







Board Members Present: Trevor Winters, Brad Collett, Gloria Belliveau, Joyce Harland, Nelda Didychuk, JoAnn Lombaert, Brian McVicar, John George, Andy Urbanowicz, Keith Vinthers.
Board Members Absent: Joan James, Kevin Alguire, Paul Barnabe.

The President called the meeting to order at 10:02 a.m
The President introduced the Board Members present and the Park reps, Dale Wallis and Dwight McMillan.

APPROVAL OF THE 2014 GENERAL MEETING MINUTES: Moved by John George, 4 – 4th St. S and seconded by Lyle Parnell, 6 – 4th St. S that the Minutes of the 2014 General Meeting be accepted as recorded on the website. CARRIED

BUSINESS ARISING FROM THE 2014 ANNUAL MEETING MINUTES: The issue of speed bumps is still under review. There is now signage on the north side streets explaining that there is no exit. The repairs on the boat cove road are now completed.


REVENUE: As of May 16, 2015 $8,929.70

Venue for Board Meeting & Lunch – May 16, 2015 $275.72
Buns for Board Meeting – May 16, 2015 18.95
Toner for printer – June 9, 2015 90.39
Stamps for newsletter – June 14, 2015 8.93
Venue for Board Meeting – June 20, 2015 50.00

TOTAL ASSETS TO JULY 5, 2015 $8,485.71

Westoba balance as of May 31, 2015 $8,916.70
Subtract outstanding cheques 443.99
Add Westoba Equity and Share 13.00



Respectfully submitted by Joyce Harland, Treasurer, CLCA

Dale reported that only one invoice (sewer, water, garbage and debt repayment) was mailed out. The second invoice is on hold due to issues of GST.
The shower heads in the shower building have been replaced and the taps in the washrooms have been replaced.
The Community Plan has now been signed. The items which have been completed under the Comprehensive Review are the implementation of the leases, installation of water and sewer and the building guidelines. Other issues under review are parking of vehicles, and the Fire Chief’s concern about accessibility of emergency vehicles.
Dale explained that the park is preparing a booklet explaining the building guidelines which he expects to be completed shortly. It still requires a few tweaks for clarification, as well as a few changes such as the storage sheds which can now be attached to the cabin, the restriction of decks being made of non-combustible materials has been removed, any new cabins with a front wall over 8 feet must have architectural façade and all living space must be included in the square footage.
The boat cove now has an inspection station for water vehicles to keep the lake free of zebra mussels, etc. The cove area has been expanded to give more space for parking. There will be a 4th dock going in. New docks are on order for the boat cove and canoe launch. The ladders on the swimming docks have been removed due to the low water levels and the possibility of injury to swimmers using the ladders.
The park has received new funding which will allow them to repair and replace some roads, trails and work on the outflow of water.
Seven to eight km. of Highway 10 through the park will be repaired this fall, more trails will be developed, more washrooms and electrified sites will be added to the campground, a first nations interpreter has been hired and more events will be planned at the sharing lodge, a new stage was purchased and used for the Canada Day celebrations and hopefully will be used for more events.
Improvements are being made to the trail program. New trails and lookouts have been made. The wishing well has been reopened. The Trans Canada Trail will be connected to the park.

NEW BUSINESS: Lyle Parnell, 6 – 4th St.S asked whose responsibility it is to cut the grass along the access roads. Dale replied that it is the park’s responsibility.
Jeff Sim, 12 – 4th St. N, said that there is weed growth by the lakeshore road that needs to be cut. Dale replied that the lakeshore group had told him not to touch the natural growth along the lakeshore road, but he will approach them regarding this.
Nelda Didychuk, 35 – 2nd St. N, reported that there is confusion regarding the bus stop and asked of there could be signage placed by the bus stop bench. Dale will take this under advisement.
Joanne Little, 31 – 5th St. N, asked if the caragana bushes along the downtown trail could be removed. They are not in good shape and are not indigenous to the area. She said it is easier to walk on the road. Dale said that he is trying to get funding for sidewalk repairs. Scott Ash, 51 – 5th St. S, asked about speed bumps as he said cars are driving too fast on the south side. Dale said they tried speed bumps in the cottage area, but because of the noise and fast acceleration of vehicles once they cleared the speed bumps, they were not well liked.
Mr. Robertson, 4 – 4th St. S, expressed a concern about speeding and asked if enforcement could be increased as he felt if speeding tickets were given out, the speeding would decrease. Dale replied that only the RCMP could issue tickets and the board would have to request increased enforcement from them.
Bob Lee, 51 – 3rd St. S, asked if top soil was still available. Dale said that there is some compost at the maintenance compound. He suggested the lawn should be higher than the pavement.
Eric Dutton, 15 – 4th St. S, asked who is responsible for the boat parking lot. Dale said this would have to be directed to the boat people. There has been discussion about expanding the area. Trevor explained that some things are not Dale and Dwight’s responsibility. John asked that complaints be put in writing.
Val Buchanon, 14 – 5th St. N, asked who is responsible for filling the holes and ruts left by Manitoba Hydro. Dwight said the park will not fill them in. Val asked if she could plant trees, etc. on the park land. Dwight replied that she can plant as long as it does not affect her neighbours.
John George, 4 – 4th St. S, is concerned that the boat inspectors for zebra mussel control are not picking up the 2 stoke motors. John has seen 2 stroke motors on the lake lately.
Brent Munro, 75 – 2nd St. S, raised the concern about emergency exits from our area. There is ongoing discussion regarding this issue
Eric Dutton, 15 – 4th St. S, asked about the entrance gate, and if the second lane could be left open for those who have valid passes. Dale agreed with this.
Joanne Little, 59 – 5th St.S, said that other parks have a lane open for only those with park passes. Dale said he would pass this on to the Visitor Experience Department.
Maureen Munro, 75 – 2nd St. S, feels that when workers are working on the boat cove road, they should have signage and painted lines.
Jill Lee, 51 – 3rd St. S, said that the cabin association has done a good job, but wondered about future expenses. Dale explained that the Wasagaming Tenants Association has representatives of the cottages, cabins, etc. who speak as a voice for the community. If a benefit is used by the public as a whole, the expense comes out of the park budget, but if the benefit is used by leaseholders, it is paid by the leaseholders. Trevor explained that the cabin area is represented at that level by the past president, president and vice president.
Del Mackie, 13 – 3rd St. N, expressed the concern that boats were being launched at Spruces, but there are no inspectors there. Dale said there has been discussion about closing other launches, but these discussions are on hold. Dale emphasized that zebra muscles are a large issue and should be taken seriously.
Mr. Mutter, 22 – 5th St. S, asked if motions would mean more regarding these issues. Dale replied absolutely.
John George, 4 – 4th St. S, said that the inspectors have not put stickers on all the boats and this does not help other boaters report if all boats are not issued with stickers.
Brent Munro, 75 – 2nd St. S, raised the issue about poor lighting and the need for exit routes. Dwight said that 2 roads need snap off posts. Dale is looking after fire exits.
Trevor Winters said the cabin association appreciates the work of Dale and Dwight in saving the owners a lot of money by handling the sewer and water installation themselves., and small tweaks have been suggested for clarification. Once Dale’s booklet is finalized, it will be on the website.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Trevor reported that the board reviewed that building guidelines on June 20th, and small tweaks have been recommended for clarification. Once Dale’s booklet is finalized, the president recommends it be put on the website.

WEBSITE REPORT: The board is trying to use the website to save expenses. Registration of email addresses is very good, only being short 14 addresses. This saves a great deal of money on printing and mailing expenses.
Brent Munro, 75 – 2nd St. S, asked about the WIFI program and Trevor explained that the cost is prohibitive due to all the trees. He also asked about erosion of the lakeshore and was told the shore road has been protected from the boat cove to the main beach.

NEW BUSINESS: MOTION made by Tom Mutter, 22 – 2nd St. S, and seconded by Scott Ash, 51 – 5th St. S, that the association write a letter to the RCMP requesting more enforcement of the speed in the cabin area. CARRIED

Brad Collett has indicated he will run for president.
Vice President is open.
Joyce Harland is in her 3rd term as treasurer by special motion. Position open.
Gloria Belliveau is in her 4th and final year as secretary. Position open.
Board member openings. Not known at this time.

Next meeting – the Annual General Meeting on September 6th, 2015, probably at Park Theatre.
Meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.




JUNE 20TH, 2015
PRESENT: Trevor Winters, Brad Collett, Gloria Belliveau, Joyce Harland, Nelda Didychuk, Joan James, JoAnn Lombaert, Brian McVicar, Keith Vinthers, Paul Barnabe, Andrew Urbanowicz.
ABSENT: Kevin Alguire
Meeting called to order at 9:15 a.m.
Past President Brian McVicar took over the floor. He stated that there have been two recent incidents when Parks staff have been criticized or attacked by a member of this Board and that these incidents have negatively impacted our working relationship with the Park. He stated that the first incident occurred last fall when someone approached the RMNP Superintendent while she was at a meeting in Winnipeg and made comments critical of two Parks employees who work closely with the Board. The second incident occurred in the TR McCoys restaurant in Wasagaming in May when the President was overheard making remarks critical to a Parks employee. The Past President then stated that in his opinion the current President was responsible for both these incidents, as his sources indicated this to be the case. The President indicated that he has not spoken to the Superintendent in over 3 years and that he has not been in TR McCoys restaurant this year, and has not made any negative statements about Parks employees. The Past President agreed to meet privately with the President at the end of the meeting to detail what he had heard and who he had heard it from. The meeting then went back to the Agenda.
Approval of Agenda – additions- Preparations for Fall Annual General Meeting Elections.

Procedures for July 5 General Meeting at Jamboree Hall – Need tables, chairs and volunteers.


The Board was reviewing guidelines for the sake of clarity and to recommend to the park any items which we felt required the park to clarify.

John said that he felt that Waskeseu went overboard on their guidelines, making them too exacting which resulted in the effect of row housing.

Joan explained that Waskesiu have a very complicated set of Guidelines. Our Guidelines review committee are not asking for that kind of Guidelines, but a few simple clarifications.

Andrew raised the issue of the pot lights installed on some of the newer buildings.

Joyce suggested this is mentioned in the Rac Report (Dark Sky).

Joan suggested that as mentioned in the Rac Report, some cabins could be 20 feet at front, and some have reduced street elevations to help avoid the cookie Cutter look.

Trevor said that Dale and Dwight do not issue “exceptions”, they give easements and variances.

Brad brought definitions of Decks, etc. for the Board’s information. They are as follows:

BALCONY means a raised structure that is attached to a main building and has a walking surface greater than one storey above the established grade at the ground level of that face of the building and the structure does not have a permanent roof.

DECK means a raised structure that is constructed at or slightly above the established grade, that may or may not be attached to the main building, and does not have a permanent roof.

PATIO means an exterior structure that is constructed at or slightly above the established grade, that may or may not be attached to the main building and does not have a permanent roof.

VERANDAH means a raised structure that is attached, but incidental to the main building, that is attached to or integrated with another structure such as the entry stair, porch or deck, and that may or may not have a permanent roof or overhang.

Brian suggested we leave balcony footprints out of the whole cabin footprints to encourage smaller footprints. He suggested we allow them on 16 x 24 cabin size only and only on the back.


John suggested that Park Models should be modified to hook up to electrical supply the same as all cabins. The Park have said that it is not possible.

MOTION made by Brian and seconded by Brad that we grandfather existing Park Models and any current confirmed orders for them as of June 20th, 2015 and allow no further Park Models. Voted for – Nelda,John, Joyce, Brad, JoAnn, Gloria. Voted against – Trevor, Paul, Andy, Joan ,Keith. CARRIED

Paul remarked that they may be acceptable to the Park and to some owners.

Brian said he had done a cost comparison and they are not comparable to building in costs.

Paul said that he agreed they are not comparable in cost, but serve a purpose for those who cannot afford to build, but feels that they do not have a place in the Park.

Joan talked to an owner of a Park Model who said it was a solution for her because she could not build.

Brad reminded the Board that we have to consider the future of the area.

Nelda said she feels Park Models do not fit in our area as we are a “cabin area”.

Joyce was concerned that they might not hold their value.

John said there are two sides to this story, however we are a “cabin area”.

Trevor said he does not want anyone to feel that they are second class citizens.

Brian feels that we need clear recommendations. We need to be clear that we are a “cabin area”.

Joyce wished the park would have consulted the Board before Park Models were permitted.

MOTION made by Brian and seconded by Andy that all old existing trailers be given three years to be removed. Voted for – Paul, Nelda, Brian, Joyce, Brad, JoAnn. Voted against – Trevor, Andy, Keith, John, Joan, Gloria. DEFEATED

Trevor does not want to appear to be forcing people.

Brad feels the timing is right as the water and sewer infrastructure bills are just going out.

Andy said his concern is that some are not being maintained.


Keith would like the Park to give more clarification on setbacks.


More clarification is needed.


Definitions earlier clarified. Are balconies with one foot extension considered to be part of the cabin footprint?

MOTION by Brian and seconded by Paul that in order to encourage a smaller footprint we allow a second floor balcony of eight feet by eight feet on the rear of 16 x 24 two story cabins as additional square footage (over 768 square feet). Voted for Paul, Brian, JoAnn. Voted against – Trevor, Andy, Nelda, Keith, John, Joyce, Brad, Joan, Gloria. DEFEATED

Keith asked how many cabins are 16 x 24.


Brad indicated that this is covered in the MOU.

Joan suggested that in order to avoid cookie cutter cabins, cabins should only be twenty feet at the back, and lower at the front.

John suggested that cabin peaks only should be twenty feet, and we should not allow any more twenty foot walls.

Gloria remarked that cabin owners do not have to build to twenty feet but can build a lower peak.

MOVED by Brad and seconded by John that two sheds will be allowed behind cabin if one is a bathroom shed. Bathroom sheds are to be included in the 768 square footage. A storage shed of 48 square feet will be permitted if it is within the lot lines. A storage shed is not included in the 768 square footage. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


For clarification, the maximum cabin footprint is 16 x 32, however with an attached shed (outside entry only) the footprint may be 16 x 35, with the extra three feet not counted in the 768 square footage. The maximum size of the storage shed shall be 48 square feet, shall be within the lot line, must have exterior door only and is not counted in the 768 square footage. The bathroom shed will be six feet by eight feet and shall be included in the 768 square footage

MOTION by Keith and seconded by Brad that any cabin wall greater than eight feet in height and facing the street must contain archetectural relief such as a false roof line, PLUS one or more of the following – variation in siding, feature window, gable, or variation in plane of wall.


Ground level air conditioners should be placed on the front or back of your cabin or on the side of your cabin that has your own patio and not on the side of your neighbour’s patio.


Recommend we ask the Park if they are following the recommendations in the Rac Report.


Nelda suggested that instead of reviewing the Building Guidelines every time we meet, could we consider other things like portable garages, vegetation, garbage, etc .

Gloria raised the issue of all the trees that are being removed, but no one is planting any replacements,

Joyce reminded the Board that the computer warranty runs out in August and asked if the Board wanted to purchase an extension for 2 years extra for $280. Discussion followed.

MOTION by Joyce and seconded by Brian that we purchase the warranty extension.


To be arranged by President.

Meeting adjourned at 1:10 p.m.



MAY 16th, 2015
PRESENT: Trevor Winters, Brad Collett, Gloria Belliveau, Joyce Harland, Keith Vinthers, JoAnn Lombaert, Paul Barnabe, Joan James, Andrew Urbanovicz, Dale Wallis, Dwight McMillan
ABSENT: John George, Kevin Alguire, Nelda Didychuk, Brian McVicar
Meeting called to order at 9:30 a.m.
AGENDA: Moved by Joyce and seconded by Andrew that the agenda be accepted as presented.
MINUTES: Trevor thanked Nelda for taking the minutes of the previous meeting in the absence of the secretary. After review of the minutes of October 18th, 2014, a motion to adopt the minutes was made by Paul and seconded by Brad. CARRIED
MATTERS ARISING: Both items to be covered later in the agenda.
CONTACT INFORMATION: Moved by Paul and seconded by Brad that Board members names, cabin addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addressed be put in the newsletter and posted on the washroom bulletin boards. CARRIED
The 4 board members not present at the meeting to be contacted prior to the information being published.
TREASURER’S REPORT: as of October 18th,2014
Revenue: As of October 18th, 2014 $10,759.27
Membership Deposit 40.00
Total Revenue to 2015 $10,799.27
Mileage – Portage la Prairie Meeting – October 18th, 2014 $ 415.80
Lunch – Portage ls Prairie Meeting – October 18th, 2014 168.85
Mileage – Committee Meeting – John George 160.20
Mileage – Committee Meeting – Joan James 151.20
Mileage – Banking – Dec.1/14 &Apr.9/15 – Joyce Harland 18.00
Return deposit to Kathy Howard – Jamboree Hall from J. Hall 80.00
Site lock(Oct.21/14 – Oct.21/17
Private Domain (Oct.21/14 – July 24/15) 235.53
Stamps 8.93
WTA fees 500.00
Website domain renewal (July 24/15 – July 24/16) 131.06 (US)
Private domain renewal (July 24/15 – July 14/16) 9.99 (US)
Wordpress hosting renewal (May 23/15 – July 24/16 (84.32 US) 131.06 (Can)
Total Expenses to May 16th, 2015 $1,869.57
Total Assets to May 16th, 2015 $8,929.70
Westoba Bank Balance as of April 30th, 2015 $9,066.76
Subtract outstanding cheques 149.06
Add Westoba Equity and share 13.00
Bank Reconciliation – May 16th 2015 $8,929.70
Paid up members to date – 416 This gives us 79% paid up members
Prepared by Joyce Harland. Treasurer
MOU REVIEW: The work guidelines recommended in the MOU are generally accepted. The Board is to provide opinions to Parks Canada.
Presented by Dale Wallis
RM CLCA RoadPaving $ 615,897 $——– $ 615,897 $1,110
Total Project Cost $2,443,502 $22,701 $49,576 $9,915 $2,525,694 $4,551
LOTS: Sold 530 Amount to invoice $4,553
Surveyed Lots 25
Total Lots Surveyed 555
2015-16 PARKS CANADA Cabin Area Work Plan: Was reviewed as presented. Moved by Brad and
seconded by Keith that the plan be accepted as presented. CARRIED
BOAT COVE: There will be 4 boat launches operating this summer. There will be a canoe launch at the boat cove as well as the one at the canoe cove. The 2nd Street swimming dock is being replaced with a new sturdier dock. Work is continuing on improving the roads and parking at the boat cove.
RAC REPORT: Dale explained that the Rac Report is information for long term development of the cabin area.
DIRECTION OF BOARD RE BUILDING GUIDELINES: It was decided that the building guidelines do not need to be on our website. Moved by Keith and seconded by Brad that the guidelines and all r3eference to them be removed from the website. CARRIED
It is important that the Board be involved in the building guidelines. The Board will review the building guideline suggestions in the Rac Report and develop firm recommendation. Trevor to call a board meeting for this reason in the next few weeks.
TRAFFIC FLOW ISSUES-NORTH END STREETS: It was suggested that a survey be sent out to all north end residents. It was suggested that all residents be surveyed as the south end have experience that could be useful.
Buildings and Ground –Trevor and Andy will do the walk around.
Townsite Security – Gloria and JoAnn
Vegetation – Brian, Nelda and JoAnn
Website – Joyce
Newsletter – Trevor and Joyce
Doctor`s Residence –Joan
NEW BUSINESS: The George Neilly Gas Station site has been sold, but future plans are not known at this time.
A quest ion was raised re open propane fires, and Dale replied that no open flames are allowed.
There are several Hydro street lights out or flickering and the procedure for having them fixed is to call Manitoba and give them the number that is written on the pole.
NEXT MEETING: Will be called by the president.
Brad adjourned the meeting at 2:20 p.m.