Slow Spirit – Poor Michael’s Emporium

Summer Concert Series.

Art Rock Trio
Slow Spirit
Natalie Bohrn, Eric Roberts & Justin Ricock
Sunday, August 4 at 7:30pm
Poor Michael’s Patio

Three technically brilliant musicians, fronted by one of our very own baristas, Natalie Bohrn. Do yourself a favour and catch this band…

Winnipeg & Onanole based Slow Spirit fashions sensitive, folk-tinged indie rock around the soul-searching songwriting of singer-bassist Natalie Bohrn. They often experiment with expansive arrangements that borrow sound baths and noise freak-outs from post-rock, meditative pulsations and high-rising melodic arcs from jazz, all while maintaining the vulnerability of folk an roots music. Bohrn’s songs confer themes of misunderstanding, betrayal, and mythologizing in past relationships, intimate portraiture, and healing \existential introspection. Slow Spirit hopes to elevate the Poor Michael’s patio and find new meeting ground for sonic wanderers.

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