CLCA Spring 2013 Newsletter May 1 st, 2013

With over two feet of snow left in the Park and temperatures hovering around freezing and more snow forecasted for this week, one will have to consult the calendar to see if it’s really spring time! Mother Nature is being a bad girl again this year.

Possible Services Delays

According to an update from the Park, start up of water and washrooms service in our Cabin area will later this year due to the very late spring. They are hoping that water and washrooms will be open sometime around May 11th with fingers crossed for the May long weekend. They hope that with the new water and sewer project, changes will be made to isolate 3rd Street from the rest of the system so they can have the shower building and a few washrooms open early and stay open later.
Although services to our Cabin area will be delayed we can only hope that flooding will not be too serious for southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba again this spring. The very cool spring delay will surely make for a very quick melt and that does not bode well for our flat prairie landscape however it was comforting to see that at least the Red River level was starting to fall in the USA already.


As we all know, our cabin area had remained relatively unchanged over the past number of decades. As such, it was inevitable that change would occur sometime, and it did. Great efforts were made by the Board and the Park to correct misinformation and provide cabin owners with factual information yet it was understandable that there was organized resistance to change. We are encouraged however to hear that the vast majority of cabin owners are now moving on with the changes to Leases and with the introduction of Water and Sewer. The Park advised that they have spoken to 491 or more cabin owners as of April 14, 2013 and the response was overwhelmingly positive to the changes.

Water & Sewer Update

Hindsight is 20/20 and there is not doubt that had the decision been made years earlier, the cost to cabin owners today would be substantially less. Had we followed Waskisiw’s lead, there was a good likelihood that the Park may have picked up the water and sewer costs however, that was then and now is now. We cannot change history.
Today the Park is clearly working under new financial austerity measures and constraints. Although the Park was not successful in securing funding for us to install water and sewer in our Cabin area, the Park did do what it could to mitigate the costs of the project as much as possible.
I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank and recognize the Park, especially Mr. Dale Wallis, Mr. Dwight McMillan and our new RMNP Superintendent, Mr. Robert Sheldon for their hard work, understanding and support and for finding a way to “front” the costs of the new Water and Sewer Installations on behalf of CLCA. The Park further agreed to help reduce installation/construction costs by using their in-house specialists to update project design details and tender documents. The Park also agreed to act as the General Contractor for the project thus saving CLCA members approximately 20 plus % of cost on the project. This is an estimated savings of about $500,000 in overall costs. As promised, the Park reviewed the W & S design plans with CLCA representatives before the plans went out to tender. The Park will keep CLCA apprised of the tender replies and review same with us once replies are received.
The Park recommended that the specific water and sewer locations to cabins be left to later in order to keep costs of project in line. As noted by the Park, their needs to be some flexibility to allow for contractor variance on locations due to existing services and trees. For example, if we say the line will be on one side of the cabin and it goes in on the other we will simply create unnecessary headaches and costs for the project and owners..
After the contract is awarded the Park will work with the successful bidder to develop technical package on the building connections to the system including what side of the cabin the lines will run. This package will be posted to our CLCA website in time for cabin owners to make arrangements for system connection in 2014.
To our knowledge the project timeline and budget is still on track with construction expected to begin in late fall/winter with completion in the spring of 2014.
It should also be noted that the plan includes the refinishing of affected streets after the project is completed however due to settling of the disturbed ground, the repairs to streets would likely not occur until the following year.
As many of you have just recently found out, thanks to the upfront funding support by the Park this saved us from having to secure private funding. This resulted in delaying the $5000.00 per cabin repayment costs to next year. More information on debt repayment will be provided on this once more details are known.
Good news for all and once again, sincere thanks to the Park for their outstanding support on this project.

Summer Urban Planner Student- Cabin Area

The Park has arranged for a Summer Student, Michael Rae, who is in his senior year of Urban Studies, to assist with providing information on the water and sewer project and other issues relevant to our Cabin area. This person will likely be residing in what was known as the Worker’s Maintenance Cabin. Michael will be available to meet with all cabin owners at the ‘Cleaners Cabin’ # 3 – 1 St South, Wednesday – Sunday between the hours of 10:00am – Noon and 2:00 pm to 6:00pm beginning June to the end of August. This summer Michael will be collecting information and comments from Cabin Owners on the lease and water and sewer conversion projects. In addition he will be providing information on the projects and developing recommendations for topics of consideration for the Comprehensive Review including vehicle and boat parking, wood and garbage locations, traffic patterns, green space, etc. Next summer Michael will return to present the proposals developed from these conversations and his onsite evaluation of the cabin area. This project will help the cabin owners and the Park develop concepts for future options in the area so we encourage you to take the time to meet with Michael at your convenience and provide your input into this study.

Winter Construction Activity

Given the interest in building over the winter, the Cabin area gates remained open to allow access for increased construction. The Park has reported that over the winter of 2012-13 there were 6 new cabins built, 4 cabin relocations and 4 cabins additions constructed. Allowing this to occur should greatly reduce the amount of summer construction and associated noise thus making the cabin area more enjoyable over the summer.

Cabin Drawings and 6 x 8 Washroom Shed

The Board authorized the provision of Cabin Drawings initiative as a way to help reduce costs for those thinking of building new cabins. These plans were posted to the CLCA website last fall. Please note the various cabin sizes.
The approximate cost to obtain a detailed set of construction plans from the plan supplier is $300.00. It would also cost about $350.00 for an engineering stamp. If one were to use an architect to design a cabin plan with details, the cost would be about 10% of the cabin cost. For many this could amount to $10,000 or more.
Contact information for detailed plans suitable for presentation to the Park is;
Bruce Wohlgemuth
Trudraw Drafting
Box 81 Riding Mountain, Mb.
Phone 204 967 2465 Fax 204 967 2466
Interested people can check this information on the CLCA website and or contact the cabin plan supplier directly for more information.

Cabin Washroom Shed

This information was circulated at last fall’s AGM. The Park has already approved the use of bathroom sheds. Anyone with a cabin 24’ or less can have a bathroom shed moved in or built to approved building code specifications. The 6 x 8 shed includes a bathroom complete with shower, sink, toilet, in wall heater, one window, fully insulated and can be placed behind your cabin for approximately $5000.00. The contact person is;
George Wollman
Twilite Hi Pro Mfg Ltd.
Phone. 204 476 3126 or 877 476 7557
Please check out the CLCA website for more details and contact information.

Building Guidelines Changes

This newsletter does not purport to be the authority on building guidelines and as such, cabin owners are encouraged to contact the Park for same, however to our knowledge, there are two significant changes.
– Allows one to build to 20 feet high (a change from 16.5 feet) and,
– A full second floor if one stayed with the basic 16 x 24 size. The square footage of both floors still cannot exceed 768 square feet ( both floors combined).


The Park has already sent out information on this item to all Cabin owners.

Release of New Lots.

According to the Park, the land survey for the cabin area identified 571 lots within the campground boundary. Of this total 555 lots are useable building sites or 30 lots in addition to those already leased and occupied. The Park have released 5 lots under a Request for Bids process this spring with a minimum reserve bid of $75,000 per lot. The other 25 available lots may be released in 5 – 10 lot processes over the next few years. The Park will be including all 555 lots in the calculation of costs for both the water and sewer infrastructure cost allocation and the annual calculation of utility services thereby reducing the shared cost to individual cabin owners.
If you are interested in bidding on a vacant lot, Dwight McMillan of RMNP can share with you the information for the five lots currently available and the lots that will be available in the future.

Fall 2012 AGM Minutes & Follow-up.

The minutes have been posted on the CLCA Website for all to see at .

Constitution Review

As noted in the Fall AGM minutes, a committee will be set up to review the CLCA Constitution under the chairmanship of our past President, Mr. Trevor Winters. Mr. Roy White was invited to sit on the committee and Ms. Joelle Robinson indicated interest as well. Mr. Winters will be contacting some others who expressed interest and making arrangements to meet accordingly. Recommendations from this committee will be made to the Board.


It was brought to our attention recently that our CLCA website was accessed /used for an unauthorized survey. The inappropriate survey was removed and the matter has been reviewed. Thank you for bringing such concerns to our attention as we strive to keep out website as accurate as possible with posting of only Board authorized information.

Marine- Boat Launch Fees

We were advised that although the Park has confirmed authority and intent to proceed with the introduction of boat launch fees (daily and/or seasonal permits), we are advised that this will not be occurring this summer.


We have 416 out of 525 cabin owners paid up at this time. Membership ($20) in the Clear Lake Cabin Association is for a 2 year period.
We have been collecting your e-mail addresses for the purpose of providing our members with timely information and to forward paid up members with electronic newsletters rather than paper copy in an effort to save money and to be more environmentally conscious. Members without e-mail addresses will be sent a hard copy of the newsletter.
Non paid up members will not receive a Newsletter however a copy of the newsletter will be posted “later” on the CLCA website.
As a result members will be getting information in a more timely fashion.
We encourage all cabin owners to be a member of CLCA and remind all when paying your dues to include your e-mail address as well.
We will put a reminder on our website as well that people are encouraged to purchase their membership through the mail as this saves the executive a lot of canvassing time throughout the summer.

Sincerely wishing one and all, a quiet and restful summer up at the Lake.

Brian McVicar
Clear Lake Cabin Association
April 30th, 2013

Board of Directors 2012 – 2013

Brian McVicar (elected Sept.2,2012)
4 Deer Place
Brandon, Mb. R7B 3B6
Residence: (204) 727-4777
e-mail: Cabin: 4 – 5th Street North

Past President:
Trevor Winters
15 Lachine Road
Winnipeg, Mb R2J 1X8
Residence: (204) 253-5449
Cabin: 23 – 2nd Street North
Phone: 848-2769

Vice President: (elected Sept 2,2012)
Scott Jordan
211 Fleetwood Road
Winnipeg, Mb.
Residence: (204) 222-7542
Cell: (204) 223-1265
204 487 0674 ( w )

Gloria Belliveau ( elected Sept 2 2012)
3-5 Main Str.
P.O. Box 884
Stoney Mountain, Mb.
Residence: (204) 344 5940
Cabin Phone 204 848 2952
Cabin: 21 – 3rd Street North

Treasurer ( elected Sept 2,2012)
Joyce Harland
165 Red Moon Road
Winnipeg Mb. R3X 0C4
Cabin: 18 – 2nd Street South Phone: (204) 250-7965

Board Members
Kevin Alguire
1731 – 31st Avenue SW
Calgary Alberta T2T 1S6
Residence: (403) 245-9623
Fax: (403) 245-9004
Cell: (403) 803-6695

Paul Barnabe ( elected Sept 2, 2012)
Box 365
Emerson, Mb.
Res 204 873 2621
Cell 204 304 0378
Cabin 20-5th street North ( new -#543)
Email –

Brad Collette ( elected Sept 2, 2012)
221 MacLeod Ave.West
Dauphin, Mb.
R7N 0H4
Cell 204 648 4509
Cabin 70-4th Str. South

Nelda Didychuk
39 Hunterspoint Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3R 3B6
Residence: (204) 895-8267
Cell:204 471 0267
Cabin: 35 – 2nd Street North

John George (re-elected Sept 2,2012)
15 Hazelwood Cres.
Brandon, Mb. R7A 2J8
Residence: (204) 726-4096
Cell: (204) 724-6136
Work:204 727 2333 Work Cell 204 573 5948
Cabin: 4 – 4th Street South

Joan James
Box 567
Neepawa, Mb. R0J 1H0
Residence: (204) 476-2570
Cell: (204) 476-6161
Cabin: 14 – 2nd Street North

Jo Ann Lombaert
4 Marquis Crescent
Brandon, Manitoba R7B 3R8
Residence: (204) 761-5582
Cell:204 721 4582
Cabin: 9 – 5th Street South

Keith Vinthers (elected Sept 2,2012)
33 Prelude Bay
Brandon, Mb R7B 3T3
H 204 727 0797
C 204 724 2170

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