Speed Watch Program

Your local Clear Lake Cabin Association (CLCA) Board has conducted a Speed Watch Program in the area; this is an awareness program offered by Manitoba Public Insurance. In the past concerns were raised at a number of member meetings relating to issues with speed in the Camp Ground Area.
Results: August 5th : Zone 3rd St. South 10:30 A.M. Vehicles Checked 35 Vehicles Over Speed Limit 4
August 5th : Zone 3rd St. North Evening Vehicles Checked: 38 Vehicles Over Speed Limit 17
August 9th : Zone 3rd St. South Evening Vehicles Checked: 21 Vehicles Over Speed Limit: 6
August 9th : Zone 3rd St. North Evening Vehicles Checked: 10 Vehicles Over Speed Limit: 5
August 11th : Zone 3rd St. South All Day Vehicles Checked: 81 Vehicles Over Speed Limit: 32
August 12th : Zone 3rd St. North All Day Vehicles Checked: 147 Vehicles Over Speed Limit: 55
August 13th : Zone 3rd St. South Morning Vehicles Checked: 32 Vehicles Over Speed Limit: 6

Total Checked: 364 Vehicles Over Speed Limit: 125
Our numbers show that over 30% of vehicles are exceeding the speed limit. Most vehicles began to slow down once they noticed the sign; the speed sign was visible from the top of both hills at the two main entrances to the cabin area. Most residents were thankful that we have taken the initiative to build awareness to the posted Speed Limit which is 20 K.M. Residents were also concerned with the speeds in both the back lanes and side streets which were not involved in the watch.
Please consider your Speed as you travel in the camp ground area there are a number of young children and adults who walk and ride bikes in our area and the safety of all residents is our primary concern.
Once again this is a Speed Awareness Program and our goal is to slow down the vehicles traveling in the camp ground area.
CLCA Board

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