Board Meeting – April 22, 2017

Clear Lake Cabin Association
Board Meeting Minutes April 22, 2017

Attendance: Brad Collett – President, Patrick Gordon – Vice President, Joyce Harland – Treasurer/Membership, Andrew Urbanowicz, Nelda Didychuk, Garry Roberts, John George, Esther Mark – Secretary

Absent: Jo-Ann Lombaert, Keith Vinthers, Gloria Belliveau, Lionel Crowthers

1. Call to order 10:00 AM
I. A Moment of silence was held to remember CLCA Past President Trevor Winters.

2. Changes to Agenda
I. No Changes or emissions to Agenda

3. Confirm Minutes & Business Arising
I. Board Members to review the September 2, 2016 Annual General Meeting Minutes and email President or Secretary with any changes or concerns, then minutes will be posted on the CLCA website.

4. Unfinished Business
I. Wasagaming Tenants Association (WTA) Update
Garry Roberts and Esther Mark (both new to this board asked for clarification as to the membership of the WTA – the WTA consists of the President, Vice President and the Past President from the Clear Lake Cabin Association, Cottage Owners Association and the Chamber of Commerce. Andy volunteered to fill in the open position left by the passing of Trevor. All in attendance agreed.
Brad has been advised that Parks Canada (PC) will no longer communicate with the individual groups. Going forward Parks Canada will only communicate on a formal basis with the WTA. It is our position that the WTA must pull together to become a united front and ensure that each organization represented get their issues dealt with. If the WTA comes across as a strong united force then it will be less likely that PC can ignore the various Associations’ needs.
Several items were discussed regarding infrastructure in the Boat Cove – paving the entry road and the roads going into the Old Campground; boat parking and the need for an on-water marina. It would be great if the park stopped planning about what to do and how to do it and actually start working on getting something done. Unfortunately, it is unknown whether anything will
be started or completed in 2017 despite all the previous planning work. It was understood that this is a cause that should be considered a key issue that would affect not only the CLCA members but the
“Overall Visitor Experience” and we will have to wait and see what PC does.

II. Old Campground Vehicle Speed
Brad has drafted a letter to the RCMP. He will send the letter and also call the Staff Sargent in person. Brad will also investigate the cost of purchasing/renting a speed flashing sign that could be used throughout the Old Campground – hopefully encouraging drivers to reduce their speed.

III. Canoe Area Reorganization
If anyone contacts board members regarding a missing canoe or kayak they should be advised to go to the park office and they will reunite them with their missing watercraft. Everyone can bring back their canoes and kayaks into the Storage area in the spring. However, they must be removed in the fall. No winter storage will be allowed. Previous discussions about Parks Canada installing racks that could be rented seem to have been put on hold.

IV. Larger Item Garbage Collection Day
Brad will suggest that PC allocate an additional couple days a year to pick up larger items. If we have specific dates that this will happen it can then be advertised with the intention that cabin owners will not discard their large garbage items in the back lanes until just prior to the large garbage pick-up dates.
If PC does not agree there is there is an option of hiring a private individual who will pick up the garbage for $70 per load to take it to the landfill site.
Moved by Andrew Urbanowicz Seconded by John George
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Board contact Parks Canada in regards to providing two additional garbage pick-ups for larger items, per season

V. Reforestation and Tree Plan
Brad will ask PC if they can provide us with a professional to assist in the management of reforestation of the campground. The list of Approved trees and shrubs will be scanned and posted on the website. If a planting permit is required we will also post the information required to obtain said permit.

5. New Business
I. Past President Board Position
Joyce asked the board about its intention to recognize and remember Trevor Winters. It was agreed that at the July Membership meeting a
Moment of Silence will be held and we will highlight Trevor’s influence and accomplishments during his time on the Board.
Moved by Patrick Gordon Seconded by Nelda Didychuk
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Board nominate Andrew Urbanowicz as a temporary replacement on the WTA Board until the next CLCA Annual General Meeting

II. Board Member Travel Reimbursement
Trevor wanted this on the agenda and requested that it be made simple. Moved by Nelda Didychuk
Seconded by John George
BE IT RESOLVED THAT Board members who utilize their personal vehicle to attend CLCA meetings held outside of the Clear Lake/ Onanole area, be reimbursed an amount per km, equivalent to the annual rates approved by the Canada Revenue Agency for Manitoba, but that Board Members be encouraged to car pool wherever possible and practical.

III. 2017 Parks Canada Old Campground Work Plan and Budget
Information provided to Board members so we can answer questions that members may have (e.g. paving in the park and also Storm water project). PC advised the recycling station is being relocated and will advise as to its new location, but it is unknown at this time. PC also advised that lease rates have increased by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which was 1.38%.

IV. 2017 Old Campground Work Plan Recommendations
Brad will bring forward to the PC that:
For safety reasons we would like to see our sidewalks resurfaced – the trees are overgrown and they are very uneven which is resulting in cyclists and pedestrians alike avoiding the sidewalks and using the streets.
We also would like to see additional street lights or even solar lights in areas that need more lightening; for example the fence openings along the green space by the showers – there is a need to delineating these
openings as there have already been a number of accidents due to riders/walkers inability to see where these openings are after dark.

V. Building/Water Permits
Brad noted that PC has advised that in the future if cabin owners are installing their own water they will require a permit. The park reports that 61% of cabins currently have their water hooked up. The Board will obtain a map indicating the specific properties that have been connected to the water system.

VI. Emergency Plan
Brad will ask PC what the status is of the emergency evacuation plan for the Old Campground, as they were previously working on a plan and had preliminary discussions with the Board in recent years. Brad will also speak to the fire department about their plan for the Old Campground area.

6. Reports

I . Treasurer

REVENUE: As of September 4, 2016 $15,640.40

Membership Deposits 355.00
Sold 17 keys 85.00
Jamboree Hall Donations (2) and Deposit 385.00

TOTAL REVENUE: $16,465.40


Theatre Rental for AGM – Sept 4, 2016 $100.00
Raffle Item for Dwight McMillan’s
Benefit social 100.00
Travel re: bank and raffle donation for
Dwight McMillan (36 Km x .45) 16.20
Data usage over my personal MTS plan
(August 16 – Sept. 7, 2016) 5.00
Dwight McMillan and Family Benefit Social 200.00
Floral Arrangement for Trevor Winter’s
Family 97.33


TOTAL ASSETS TO APRIL 22, 2017 $15,946.87

WESTOBA BALANCE AS OF MAR 31, 2017 – $15,933.87
Add Westoba Equity 8.00
Add Westoba Share 5.00


PAID UP MEMBERS TO DATE: 412 which is 78% of all cabin owners

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Harland, Treasurer, CLCA

Moved by Joyce Harland Seconded by Andrew Urbanowicz
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Treasurers report and Membership report be approved as presented.

7. Next Meeting
Date/Time – June 11, 2017 Onanole drop in Centre

8. Adjourn
Moved by Patrick Gordon Seconded by Joyce Harland
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the meeting be adjourned at 1:28 PM

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