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I hadn’t been to Clear Lake in a few weeks and have been relying on other people who were up there to give me updates and i would like to thank them very much for doing that. I was able to go this past weekend and to see first hand what all has been done. When I arrived on Friday, October 4 and had a walk around it was plain to see that they are progressing in a timely fashion. To recap: First and Second Street North and First and Second Street South from N Avenue to the green belt are complete and the streets have been levelled off and are good for driving on.

Third Street North and Third Street South from N Avenue to the green belt are complete, however, the roads have not been completely levelled off yet so are a bit difficult to drive on.

On Fourth Street North the sewer and water lines are dug in from the 4th Street North bathroom to the lake. They had just started to put the boxes in to the individual cabins beginning at the lake. They will not be digging up 4th Street North from the bathroom to N Avenue for water and sewer lines because the lines are already in there due to having the bathroom on the street. They will just be digging to put the lines and boxes into the individual cabins. On Fourth Street South they have not dug in water and sewer lines between N Avenue and the 4th Street South bathroom, again for the same reason because the lines are already there. They have dug them in from the South side of this bathroom to the green belt.

They had started digging in the sewer and water lines on Fifth Street North.

I took another walk around as I was leaving this morning and saw that they were putting in the boxes on Fourth Street North continuing south from the lake. They were also digging in the sewer and water lines on Fifth Street South starting at N Avenue and working toward the green belt.

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