Wasagaming Community Arts

Wasagaming Community Arts formally invites you to the second exhibition of our 2019 season, featuring artwork by Ardith Hamilton, Stefanie Bretecher, Kathleen Jenson, & Dmitry Kirshner. The exhibition official opening will take place on Friday, June 14th, 2019, from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Opening remarks will take place at 7:45pm.

Stefanie Bretecher
German native, Stefanie Bretecher, is a self-taught artist working mostly with acrylics and pencil. From a young age she displayed artistic talent and was drawn to the wilderness and its creatures. Bretecher’s paintings capture the simplicity and fierceness, the unforgiving yet graceful, the calm yet dramatic scenes you will find in the wild. The artist hopes to bring some of that rugged beauty into people’s homes.

Ardith Hamilton
Ardith Hamilton creates paintings that capture recognizable locations, and reinforce viewers’ memories of the prairies. Hamilton’s work elicits a feeling of wonder for the beauty of our prairie landscapes – the big skies, the vast open spaces, the tiny flowers and the farmer’s colorful fields.

Kathleen Jenson
Kathleen Jenson carves into the skulls of animals with a dremel, creating intricate designs directly onto the bones of the deceased. Jenson’s skulls are unique, one of kind pieces of art, not just in the work but in the skulls level of decay or the age of the animal at time of death.

Dmitry Kirshner
Dmitry Kirshner’s photographs are not limited to a documentary of life around us but are an artistic interpretation of each scene, object, colour or a movement the artist desires to share with others. Every image that is a part of the “Stillness” collection is about the slow and even passage of time. It is about capturing the “stillness” of nature and our surroundings. It is a snapshot of a moment where past, present and future merge together.

Exhibitions run until July 3rd. The gallery is open 11:00 AM-7:00PM, Sunday to Wednesday, and 11:00am-8:00pm, Thursday to Saturday.


Wasagaming Community Arts
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