CLCA Board Meeting – January 14, 2012

CLCA Board of Directors Meeting

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Portage la Prairie, Manitoba


Present:  Trevor Winters, Gary Cavanagh, Gloria Belliveau. Joyce Harland, Brian McVicar, Joanne Lambert, Joan James, Scott Jordan, John George, Roy White, Nelda Didychuck, Kevin Alguire.

Absent with cause:  Bruce Hembroff.

Call to Order:   9:22 a.m.     Trevor welcomed Nelda and Joanne to the Board.

Review of Agenda:  John requested an amendment to review the travel allowance.  Recommended this belongs in new business.  Motion:  The agenda be accepted.  Moved by Roy White, seconded by John George. Carried.

Approval of July 2nd, 2011 Minutes:  Moved by Brian McVicar, seconded by Joan James. Carried.

Approval of September 3rd, 2011 Minutes:  Motion:  Before New Business, add new heading Campground Survey:  After discussion, the CLCA expresses its support of the Park survey.  Moved by Brian McVicar and seconded by Roy White. Carried.  Motion: That we accept the September 3rd, 2011 minutes as amended.  Moved by John George, seconded by Nelda Didychuck.  Carried.

Business Arising Out of Minutes:

The website has been purchased by Ken Jarvin for $40.00 and he will sell it to us.  It is already linked to the .org website.  Motion:  That we pay Ken Jarvin $40.00 for the .com website.  Moved by Joyce Harland, seconded by  Brian McVicar.  Carried.

Joan reported on the information she had received from Twilite Hi Pro Mfg. Ltd. For construction of separate washroom buildings for individual cabins.  This Company says they can build this structure to meet Park specifications for $5,596.64.  This would include a wall heater, light, plug in, all fixtures (shower, sink and toilet) and delivery.

As it has been previously decided to acknowledge the 40th anniversary of the Eyepatch Band, Joan is to investigate purchasing sweatshirts with Logos and have them available to be presented at the July general meeting.

There was discussion about deferring posting the line about camping fees in the September 4th, 2011 Minutes until further clarification by Park staff Dale Wallis.  Motion:  We remove the estimate of lease line in the September 4th, 2011 minutes before posting on line.  Moved by Roy White, seconded by Gary Cavanagh.  Carried.

Treasurer’s Report:  As of December  31st, 2011.

Revenue as of December 31st, 2011                                                                                                 $7,195.55

Income from Memberships                                                                                                              $     80.00

Total   Revenue to December 31st,2011                                                                                          $7,275.55

Expenses to December 31, 2011

Printing for AGM, Sept. 4, 2011                                                       $   63.70

Onanole Drop in Centre, Board meeting Sept. 3, 2011                   40.00

Buns for Board Meeting Sept. 3, 2011                                                  20.00

President’s travel for Board business – June 30 to

Sept. 7, 2011 (119 km @.30 per km.)                                                    35.70

Stamps                                                                                                           12.39

Theatre rental for AGM, Sept. 4, 2011                                               100.00

WTA Fees for 2011                                                                              1,000.00

Tru Draw Drafting – Outside washroom floor plan                      105.00

Total Expenses to December 31st,2011                                                                                           $1,376.79

Total Assets to December 31st.2011                                                                                                $5,898.76

Westoba Bank Balance as of Dec. 31, 2011                              $    885.76

Add Term Deposit                                                                              5,000.00

Add Westoba Share                                                                                    5.00

Add Westoba Equity                                                                                   8.00

Bank Reconciliation                                                                                                                            $5,898.76

Total Memberships paid 2010 to 2011 – 435 (83% of 525 cabin owners)

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Harland, Treasurer of CLCA.

Motion:  I move to accept the Treasurer’s report as circulated.  Moved by Scott Jordan, seconded by Nelda Didychuck. Carried.  Motion:  The expenses for the WTA meeting (meals) be covered by the CLCA.  Moved by Gary Cavanagh, seconded by John George.  Carried.

Committee Reports:

Townsite Security:  Gloria reported that there have been no meetings of the committee.  Joyce and Gloria held a meeting for owners, at which only four came and were not interested in patrolling at night, but made a short list of  things all cabin owners should watch  for.  These were posted on the washrooms.  Gloria will continue on the committee and Joanne will replace Joyce on the committee.

Vegetation Committee:  Scott reported that a few trees were replaced.  The trees that were planted are doing very well.  Trevor expressed a concern about Burr Oak trees.  Scott replied that they are aware of the issues with Burr Oaks.  Scott will remain on the committee.

Marine Committee:  John reported that the Park delayed programs that were scheduled for last summer.  John will remain on the committee.

Web Site:  Joyce reported that the site was giving a warning of a virus, and she did not open the site but shut down her computer to avoid the virus.  Scott checked the site and found the same virus.  Cam Heming had been alerted to the problem.  Joyce is to keep in touch with Cam to get the problem resolved.

Development Review Board:  Gloria reported that there had not been a meeting of the Development Review Board.  Gloria and Roy are to remain as representatives on the Development Review Board.

WTA:  Brian will represent the Board re the Doctor’s  House and Gary will represent the Board with respect to finance.

Motion: To accept the committee reports as presented.  Moved by John George, seconded by Joyce Harland.  Carried.

WTA Meeting:  Reported by Gary Cavanagh.

–        A discussion on rent reviews has occurred.  Cottages and businesses hired private evaluators and their evaluations came out lower than the Parks, however  the Park would not accept their evaluation.  There are private law suits ongoing.

–        There are commercial lots for sale.

–        The cottage area roads will be plowed this year.

–        The WTA would like the following infrastructure items to be priorized:  Outdoor arena, deep water lines for cottages, cabin area washrooms, boat launches,

–        Issues Park is facing are:  recycling, Superintendent’s  residence (available for rentals for weddings, etc.) through the golf course, consulting with Rural Municipal Advisory Board regarding the east end of the park.

–        Parks Canada

–        -want more meetings with townsite.

–        -are looking at projects re all Western Parks.

–        -update on community plan

–        -discussion re private cottage owners

–        -commercial leases

–        -Cheryl Penny said Robert Sheldon is the new Superintendent

–        -need to formalize the opening and closing date of the Dr.’s residence re Hydro and Insurance

–        -the Superintendent’s residence is to be upgraded

–        -want ideas to preserve all heritage areas of the Park

–        -want a Memorandum of Understanding with the Rural Municipal Advisory Group

–        -boat launch – mooring and access fees likely activated next year to be used for repairs, etc.

–        -kiosks at boat cove for tickets to launch

–        -kiosks at main gate for quick vehicle entry

–        -busking areas for entertainers by Friends of the Park

–        -the prescribed burn was much larger than planned

–        -recycling problems

Acceptance of the WTA report.  Moved by Scott Jordan, seconded by Brian McVicar.  Carried.

Park Representatives Dale Wallis and Dwight McMillan joined the meeting.

Dale reported that 307 out of 525 cabin  owners replied to the survey sent out by the Park.  They want input from the Board on where to go and which items to proceed to investigate on our behalf, noting that Sewer and Water as well as Leases are not mentioned in the Comprehensive Review.   John suggested we move forward on all positive results, for example lot size increases.  Dwight suggested we not lump things together, but keep them simple.  Roy said he feels the leases are a separate issue.  Nelda asked if there is a legal survey and Dwight said no, just a Park survey.  Motion:  We encourage the Park to move forward to a lease system for the campground property.  Moved by Roy White, seconded by Scott Jordan.  Carried.

Dale said that our permit fees have not been adjusted for 20 years and we can expect there will be a substantial increase.

Motion:  We recommend that the Park proceed with sewer and water in individual cabins. Moved by Joanne Lambert, seconded by Kevin Alguire.  Dale said it was possible to have both, to keep the existing washrooms and shower building and to have sewer and water for those who want it.  Joanne and Kevin agreed to withdraw their motion. Amended Motion: Based on the results of the survey and in light of the fact that Parks Canada has indicated that we will keep the washrooms and shower buildings for as long as required, we the Board recommend that the Park proceed with the installation of water and sewer to the individual cabins.  Moved by Joanne Lambert, seconded by Kevin Alguire. Carried.

Dale and Dwight offered to have a few building designs for cabins which could be purchased from the Park.  Kevin asked if the plans would include the necessary stamps and Dalr responded that they would.  Roy thanked Nelda for breaking the ground for lofts and unique designs.  Motion:  We form a committee to review building guidelines and design.  Moved by Roy White and seconded by Gary Cavanagh. Carried.  Committee to consist of John George, Scott Jordan, Joan James, Joanne Lambert and Nelda Didychuck.

Dale reported that the cost of garbage will go up.  The back lanes are inconvenient for the trucks due to their twisty nature and the trees that have overgrown the lanes.

There was a general discussion on the possibilities regarding lot sizes.

The Community Plan has been reworked and sent back to Ottawa.

New Business:

A dead rat was found on 2nd Street North.

The new Superintendent is Robert Sheldon.

There is no booking of the Jamboree Hall, it is on a first come basis.

The procedural By-Law is at the printer.

We need to have a meeting with our MP, Bob Sopack, to solicit his ideas and support.

Motion: Anyone picking up 3 or more Board members receive double the car allowance.  Moved by John George and seconded by Roy White.  After discussion, John and Roy agreed to withdraw their motion.    Amended motion:  We raise the travel allowance for $.30 to $.40 per kilometer plus $.10 per kilometer for each passenger.  Moved by John George and seconded by Roy White.  Carried.

The newsletter was deferred to the next meeting.

Next meeting:  To be announced.

Meeting adjourned at 3:10 p.m.


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