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The Park’s Insider Newsletter 2018

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Treasurer’s Report from AGM – September 4, 2016


Please click on pdf link below to view Treasurer’s Report from AGM September 4, 2016

Treasurer’s Report Sept. 4, 2016



Clear Lake Cabin Association Board Meeting
Date: June 12, 2016
Location: Onanole Drop-in Centre

Present: Brad Collett, Patrick Gordon, Joan James, Trevor Winters, Paul Barnabe, John George, Joyce Harland, Joanne Lambert, Keith Vinthers, Nelda Didychuk, Andy Urbanowicz.

Regrets: Gloria Belliveau, Lionel Crowther

President Brad Collett called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.

No business arising from the minutes of the Annual General Meeting in September, 2015.

Unfinished Business:

Building Guidelines and Standards:
The President will contact Parks Canada Development Officer, Koreen Miko for further clarification regarding guideline rules, as some new builds are diverted from the Building Guideline rules approved jointly between the Board and Parks Canada. The hours of building/construction during the summer months was discussed by the Board. Specifically the issue of approved hours for allowed construction was discussed for the months from May to September.
Moved by: Paul Barnabe
Seconded by: Trevor Winters

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the hours of construction be limited to the period 9:00 AM till 9:00 PM for the month of June, with the hours of construction in the other months remaining as previously agreed upon in the building guidelines.
Motion Carried.

Boat Cove Development:
Brad has spoken with Chris Hanson, Acting Townsite Manager and discussion is ongoing regarding parking and use of the lot along Boat Cove Road. The question was raised as to where day use boaters park and cabin owners park? Joan James suggested that parking in general is an issue. Because of environmental impacts and bigger cabins, what can be done for more parking? Could the recycling area and parking lot be amalgamated for paved parking spots? The CLCA would like to be involved in boat parking issues (i.e. where would sail boats be parked, are stalls rentable, does the marina have slips for rent, etc) Trevor Winters suggested he would like the parking lot enlarged. Nelda Didychuk suggested we as a group want input regarding boating issues. Keith Winters said the CLCA as per constitution request to be invited to “decisions made in consultation with stakeholders”. Trevor Winters commented that the lake users group of the Wasagaming Tenants Association (WTA) should be discussing these issues with CLCA and the Clear Lake Cottage Owners Association (CLCOA).

Canoe Area Reorganization:
There are over 120 vessels in the canoe area. Brad Collett will try to obtain a progress update from Parks Canada on this area, and refer to the Rac Report which stated organization of the area be a priority and enforced.

Wasagaming Tenants Association (WTA) Update
Diane Cooper, President of the WTA, along with the Presidents of the CLCA, CLCOA and Wasagaming Chamber of Commerce requested a meeting with Superintendent Michaela Kent after each association learned of multiple Clear Lake boat launch closures in various Manitoba newspapers. A meeting was convened in the Superintendent’s office on May 23, 2016, and also included Chris Hanson, Acting Townsite Manager. In general there is a feeling among all associations that there is a lack of consultation and communication occurring with the three large associations, and given the large infrastructure dollars being allocated from Ottawa it was critical going forward that such consultations occur. Superintendent Kent advised that she would respond to the WTA following the meeting, in approximately two weeks.
The President committed to keeping the Board informed as these meetings, discussions and communications continue.

A suggestion was made from the Board that a “thank you” note be sent from the Board to Dale Wallis for his work over the years on behalf of the CLCA. The President advised he would send such a note by email to Mr. Wallis.

There will be an annual general meeting at 9:00 AM at Jamboree Hall on July 3rd. Brad will request that members of Parks Canada attend the meeting for the membership to be updated. At that time the Board hopes to learn more about the Infrastructure Renewal Plan. The Board reaffirmed that the CLCA Infrastructure Priorities are sidewalks, paving, boat cove area, canoe storage area (to name a few). There is a list of recommended trees for planting in the Park, but the group feels we could use direction on where to plant. More discussion will take place with Parks Canada regarding vegetation, developing a tree plan and obtaining a list of acceptable tree varieties to provide to the membership.

Large Item Garbage Collection:
Nelda Didychuk introduced the idea of the Board sponsoring a one-time “large item” garbage collection drive, and advising the membership well in advance. The Board was intrigued and supportive, so she volunteered to research if the Board can hire a company to have a scheduled pick up of the CLCA cabin area to assist those unable to make a trip to the dump. The President will ask the Park if they are able to accommodate this with an “extra” garbage pick-up schedule once or twice a year. The Board agreed the area is getting cluttered with unnecessary “items” that do not have a place in the campground, and such an initiative could help to rectify this situation.


REVENUE: As of September 6, 2015 $ 8,652.61

Membership Deposit 4,310.00
Jamboree Hall donation and deposit 160.00
TOTAL REVENUE $13,122.61


September 12, 2015 – Return deposit for Jamboree Hall $ 80.00
Joyce Harland – Mileage to Westoba to make deposits
April 22, May 11, June 1/16 – 60 kilometers x .45 27.00
Deluxe Managed Website expires May 26, 2019 – $161.64 U.S.
.Org Domain Renewal expires July 23, 2019 – $34.41 U.S.
Private Domain Renewal expires July 23, 2019 – $25.47 U.S.
Premium SiteLock expires October 20, 2019 – $167.76 U.S.
$389.28 U.S. 521.38

TOTAL ASSETS TO JUNE 12, 2016 $12,494.23

Westoba balance as of April 30, 2016 $11,849.61
Subtract outstanding cheques 548.38
Add outstanding deposits 1,180.00
Add Westoba Equity 8.00
Add Westoba Share 5.00



Respectfully submitted by Joyce Harland, Treasurer, CLCA

Move by: Joyce Harland
Seconded by : John George
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Treasurer’s report, having been reviewed by the Board, be accepted as presented.
Motion Carried

Other Business:
The Board discussed the safety and health of the membership in relation to fire and evacuation of the CLCA area in the event of fire, tornado or other emergency situation. Parks Canada previously advised the Board they were looking at options to increase the accessibility to and from the cabin area in the event of an emergency. This included the potential to add a new access point as well as install collapsible bollards on abandoned exit roads. The President will contact the Onanole Fire Department to discuss such issues from their perspective and see if they would be prepared to provide the Board with a report or recommendations.

Moved by: Joan James
Seconded by: Keith Vinters
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the meeting be adjourned.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:50 AM



The following list of businesses have purchased their 2016 business licence to date, and are authorized to carry out work in Riding Mountain National Park. Parks Canada does not take on any liability related to services that these businesses provide.

Cabin Moving

Minty’s Moving, Onanole 848-2552

Carpenters / Renovations

Able Eavestroughing Ltd., Brandon 726-3333
All In Builders, Minnedosa 725-9668
Anything Tiled & Laminate Flooring 573-1218
Bergweg Log & Timber Homes, Erickson 636-2585
Brad Hall Construction, Onanole 848-0099
Brian Valcourt Construction Inc., 761-8475
Brandon C&R Sheetmetal Ltd., Brandon 724-6601
Cancade Custom Contracting, Brandon 729-0680
Clear Lake Construction, Onanole 848-2923/848-0644
Collyer Construction Ltd., Onanole 848-2085
Contractor’s Corner, Brandon 727-3799
Coyote Ridge Contracting Ltd., Riding Mountain 967-2500
Fleming Construction, Onanole 848-4582
Garry Roloff Construction, Dauphin 638-9830
Griffiths Contracting Ltd., Onanole 848-0877
Holmes Construction, Onanole 848-0274
J & G Homes Ltd., Brandon 728-2235
Kitchen Gallery on 9th, Brandon 571-6888
Kuhl Concrete & Construction, Kelwood 967-2350/212-0492
Lorne’s Contracting, Dauphin 638-6584
Merrick Construction Ltd., Sandy Lake 636-2275
Mountain Construction Inc., Winnipeg 899-0962
Mountain Glass & Carpentry Services, Onanole 848-0646
Northern Edge Logworks, Dauphin 648-6253
Total Property Care, Onanole 848-2305/573-4167
Trademark Construction, Onanole 573-5479
Trig Martens Construction, Brandon 573-2126
Wayne Horn Construction, Onanole 848-0090
Westman Premier Homes, Brandon 573-9775


Ken Beatty Construction Ltd., Onanole 848-2477
Kuhl Concrete & Construction, Kelwood 967-2350 / 212-0492
Prairie Redi-Mix, Foxwarren 847-2265
True Grit Sand & Gravel, Onanole 848-2319 / 848-0171


Bri-Mac Electric, Erickson 848-0480
C. Burton Enterprises, Minnedosa 867-3950
Figol Electric, Brandon 727-6556
Grand Valley Mechanical Ltd., Brandon 727-2333
Kingdon Electric, Minnedosa 867-7153
Misanchuk Electric, Sandy Lake 648-3350
Murray Friesen Electric, Grandview 638-2525
Ryback’s Electric, Lake Audy 848-2291
Pinette Electrical, Minnedosa 868-5741
Turned On Electric, Dauphin 232-5031/629-2127
Wheat City Electric, Brandon 727-6699

Fireplaces, Inspections & Masonry

Prairie Mountain Masonry, Onanole 232-9797
Stiles Masonry, Brandon 729-8802
Zetterstrom Industrial Service, Brandon 729-5144

Firewood Delivery

Terrace Miko Firewood Supply, Onanole 868-7183


McReal Spray-On Systems, Minnedosa 867-7264


Alternative Landscaping Ltd., Brandon 727-7289
Dobson Yard Care, Onanole 848-0388
Dan’s Yard Care, Onanole 867-7911
Ken Beatty Construction Ltd., Onanole 848-2477
Livingstone Landscaping, Brandon 578-5291
Nordic Landscaping, Onanole 848-8479


B & D Well Doctors Ltd.,Brandon 727-2230/ 724-2921

Outfitters/Horse Tours

9 Finger Ranch, Rossburn 859-2497
Earth Rhythms Inc., Onanole 867-7152
Elkhorn Riding Adventures, Onanole 848-4583

Painting Services

Roy Painting & Decorating, Carroll 483-3979

Plumbing & Heating (Gas Fitting)

354 Plumbing & Heating, Lake Audy 848-2101 / 848-0324
Badger Creek Plumbing & Heating, Brandon 717-4880
Braschuk Plumbing and Heating, Dauphin 647-4776
Capital Mechanical Heating & Cooling (2013) Ltd., Brandon 727-2011
Gord’s Plumbing & Heating Ltd., Onanole 636-2380/ 729-5854/ 724-5815
Grand Valley Mechanical Ltd., Brandon 727-2333
Hillside Plumbing & Heating, Minnedosa 868-5358
J.Cann-Do Plumbing & Heating, Onanole 210-0404
Lockhart Plumbing & Heating Ltd., Brandon 728-1933
McKenzie Heating & Cooling, Dauphin 648-4572
Prairie Mountain HVAC/R, Minnedosa 867-7346


Century 21, Brandon 725-0555 729-3550
HomeLife Home Professional Realty Inc., 726-5340
Brandon Royal Lepage/Martin Liberty Realty, Brandon 725-8800
Remax, Brandon 729-3550


C. Burton Enterprises, Minnedosa 867-3950
Grand Valley Mechanical Ltd., Brandon 727-2333

Roofing & Eavestrough

ABLE Eavestroughing Ltd., Brandon 726-3333
Brandon Eavestroughing & Exteriors 2008, Brandon 726-5888
McReal Eavestroughing/Spray Foam, Minnedosa 867-3738/ 867-7070
Riding Mtn Roofing & Eavestrough, Onanole 848-7663

Stagecoach Tours

Glass Slipper Carriage Service, Inglis 564-2279 / 773-6226

Surveyors – Canada Land

Altus Geomatics (Manitoba) Professional
Land Surveyors, Brandon 727-0651 / 1-800-366-9755
Balchen & Kulchycki Surveyors, Dauphin 638-6336

Tree/Stump Removal (by Permit ONLY)

G’s Tree Service, Onanole 848-0424
Nordic Landscaping, Onanole 848-8479

Yard Care/Clean Up, Mowing, etc.

Dan’s Yard Care, Onanole 867-7911
Dobson Yard Care, Onanole 848-0388

Vehicle Tours / Charter Services / Shuttles

Shuttle Bug, Onanole 848-0603
Southgate Motor Hotel, Onanole 574-6824



MAY 16th, 2015

PRESENT: Trevor Winters, Brad Collett, Gloria Belliveau, Joyce Harland, Keith Vinthers, JoAnn Lombaert, Paul Barnabe, Joan James, Andrew Urbanovicz, Dale Wallis, Dwight McMillan

ABSENT: John George, Kevin Alguire, Nelda Didychuk, Brian McVicar

Meeting called to order at 9:30 a.m.

AGENDA: Moved by Joyce and seconded by Andrew that the agenda be accepted as presented.

MINUTES: Trevor thanked Nelda for taking the minutes of the previous meeting in the absence of the secretary. After review of the minutes of October 18th, 2014, a motion to adopt the minutes was made by Paul and seconded by Brad. CARRIED

MATTERS ARISING: Both items to be covered later in the agenda.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Moved by Paul and seconded by Brad that Board members names, cabin addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addressed be put in the newsletter and posted on the washroom bulletin boards. CARRIED
The 4 board members not present at the meeting to be contacted prior to the information being published.

TREASURER’S REPORT: as of October 18th,2014

Revenue: As of October 18th, 2014 $10,759.27
Membership Deposit 40.00
Total Revenue to 2015 $10,799.27


Mileage – Portage la Prairie Meeting – October 18th, 2014 $ 415.80
Lunch – Portage ls Prairie Meeting – October 18th, 2014 168.85
Mileage – Committee Meeting – John George 160.20
Mileage – Committee Meeting – Joan James 151.20
Mileage – Banking – Dec.1/14 &Apr.9/15 – Joyce Harland 18.00
Return deposit to Kathy Howard – Jamboree Hall from J. Hall 80.00
Site lock(Oct.21/14 – Oct.21/17
Private Domain (Oct.21/14 – July 24/15) 235.53
Stamps 8.93
WTA fees 500.00
Website domain renewal (July 24/15 – July 24/16) 131.06 (US)
Private domain renewal (July 24/15 – July 14/16) 9.99 (US)
Wordpress hosting renewal (May 23/15 – July 24/16 (84.32 US) 131.06 (Can)

Total Expenses to May 16th, 2015 $1,869.57

Total Assets to May 16th, 2015 $8,929.70

Westoba Bank Balance as of April 30th, 2015 $9,066.76
Subtract outstanding cheques 149.06
Add Westoba Equity and share 13.00
Bank Reconciliation – May 16th 2015 $8,929.70

Paid up members to date – 416 This gives us 79% paid up members

Prepared by Joyce Harland. Treasurer

MOU REVIEW: The work guidelines recommended in the MOU are generally accepted. The Board is to provide opinions to Parks Canada.

Presented by Dale Wallis
RM CLCA RoadPaving $ 615,897 $——– $ 615,897 $1,110
Total Project Cost $2,443,502 $22,701 $49,576 $9,915 $2,525,694 $4,551
LOTS: Sold 530 Amount to invoice $4,553
Surveyed Lots 25
Total Lots Surveyed 555

2015-16 PARKS CANADA Cabin Area Work Plan: Was reviewed as presented. Moved by Brad and
seconded by Keith that the plan be accepted as presented. CARRIED

BOAT COVE: There will be 4 boat launches operating this summer. There will be a canoe launch at the boat cove as well as the one at the canoe cove. The 2nd Street swimming dock is being replaced with a new sturdier dock. Work is continuing on improving the roads and parking at the boat cove.

RAC REPORT: Dale explained that the Rac Report is information for long term development of the cabin area.

DIRECTION OF BOARD RE BUILDING GUIDELINES: It was decided that the building guidelines do not need to be on our website. Moved by Keith and seconded by Brad that the guidelines and all r3eference to them be removed from the website. CARRIED
It is important that the Board be involved in the building guidelines. The Board will review the building guideline suggestions in the Rac Report and develop firm recommendation. Trevor to call a board meeting for this reason in the next few weeks.

TRAFFIC FLOW ISSUES-NORTH END STREETS: It was suggested that a survey be sent out to all north end residents. It was suggested that all residents be surveyed as the south end have experience that could be useful.


Buildings and Ground –Trevor and Andy will do the walk around.
Townsite Security – Gloria and JoAnn
Vegetation – Brian, Nelda and JoAnn
Website – Joyce
Newsletter – Trevor and Joyce
Doctor`s Residence –Joan

NEW BUSINESS: The George Neilly Gas Station site has been sold, but future plans are not known at this time.
A quest ion was raised re open propane fires, and Dale replied that no open flames are allowed.
There are several Hydro street lights out or flickering and the procedure for having them fixed is to call Manitoba and give them the number that is written on the pole.

NEXT MEETING: Will be called by the president.

Brad adjourned the meeting at 2:20 p.m.

The above minutes are intended for your perusal only and need to be approved at the next Board Meeting.

Board Meeting – Saturday, May 16, 2015


Board Meeting – Saturday, May 16, 2015
at the Smokey Hollow Motel in Onanole, MB
9:30 a.m.