2019/20 CLCA Committees

Please contact committee members through the email address and your query will be redirected to the appropriate committee member.

 Building and Grounds Committee (includes Vegetation)  reviews and makes recommendations to RMNP – Regent Bellemare, Lyle Grobb, Andrew Urbanowicz, Marlene Willson.

Finance Committee reviews The Park’s Budget and Work Plan to ensure that applications charged against the Cabin area are correct – Jacqueline Chapin-Downey, Lyle Grobb, Andrew Urbanowicz.

Membership Committee coordinates the membership campaign, maintains an up to date membership list and supervises registration at the General Meetings – Jacqueline Chapin-Downey, Lyle Grobb.

Nominating Committee brings forth nominations for Board positions to the AGM – Lyle Grobb, Brad Collett.

Website Administrator – Ensures relevant information is posted on the Clear Lake Cabin Association website as delegated by the Clear Lake Cabin Association Board – Gale Simpson and Lyle Grobb.

Boating and Marina – Reviews proposals from the Park or other groups and initiate recommendations to improve the quality and character of the community water front in respect to infrastructure, safe operations of boats, storage of boats within the community (in particular the cabin area) and environmental impact – John George, Lyle Grobb.

Jamboree Hall Administration –Lyle Grobb

Recreation Committee – Devin Warren, Esther Mark, Lyle Grobb

Liaison Committee – Acts as a liaison between the cabin owners and RMNP – Lyle Grobb

 Shower Keys: Send an email to and we will ensure you get a key

The Wasagaming Tenants Association (WTA): functions as an advisory body to Parks Canada, with representation from the Wasagaming Chamber of Commerce, the Clear Lake Cabin Association and the Clear Lake Cottage Owners Association -Lyle Grobb and Andy Urbanowicz

Lost & Found:

Townsite Security:  deals with policing and protection issues. (Note: A security company patrols the campground and townsite during the summer season) – Keith Vinthers