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Annual Spring Meeting Minutes

Date: July 3, 2016
Location: Jamboree Hall
Present: Brad Collett, Keith Vinthers, Joyce Harland, Trevor Winters, Nelda Didychuk, Andy Urbanowicz, Patrick Gordon, Lionel Crowther, John George, Joanne Lambaert.
Regrets: Gloria Belliveau, Joan James, Paul Barnabe

President Brad Collett called the meeting to order at 10:10 a.m.
Changes to the Agenda:
July 5, 2015 minutes have been sent out to membership via email. Brad asked if there were any changes to those minutes and the following points were noted: (Q means question, A means answer, the response).
Q. Val Bird 37 – 4th St. South. – Anything captured in the annual meeting, i.e. speed bumps, sidewalks etc., will they automatically be addressed?
A. No, but if you have a question relating to Parks Canada or The Board, please ask away. Val’s question re speed bumps was who is responsible for posting speed limits in old campgrounds? She hasn’t seen any signs posted and notices a lot of people are still driving quickly around the corners. Also mentioned the pathways, lifting from trees, unsafe walking conditions.
The Park representatives addressed some of those issues later in the meeting.
Q. Nelda Didychuk – 35 – 2nd St. North – Please bring up the issue of the canoes being removed from the lake periodically.
Q. Brent Monroe – 75 – 2nd St. South – Reiterated all the dangerous walkways and unsafe pavement patches would be a good start for repair.
A. Brad commented the new Park Representatives would be addressing these issues soon.
Moved by: John George( 4 – 4th St. South)
Seconded by: Mary Orr (18 – 3rd St. North)
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the minutes of the July 2015 meeting be approved as circulated.
Motion Carried
Parks Canada Presentation and Membership Questions:
Brad introduced the Parks Canada staff members:
Kevin Bachewich – Townsite Manager
Koreen Miko – Development Officer
Chris Hanson – Asset Manager
Bob Reside – Clear Lake Project Manager

Chris Hanson has been the Acting Townsite Manager since the end of January, start of February. The Townsite Manager and Asset Manager have been combined since 2013 which was previously two positions. Parks Canada has made the decision to return to two positions, with Chris Hansen as Asset Manager and Kevin Bachewich as Townsite Manager effective Tuesday (July 4th, 2016)

Chris Hanson:
Highway 10 – Kilometer (KM) 12 – 32 was completed last year with plans to complete from KM 0 12 this year. Contract is being tendered. The entire highway should all be completed by 2019 or 2020 when funding runs out.
Work Plan – A lot of the cookshacks have been reroofed. Some washroom shingles are scheduled to be replaced as well with some cookstoves having been replaced and more will be as necessary. Last year the shower buildings got new taps. The workplan continues the delivery of wood to the cookshacks and any items as they come up will be taken care of.
Development and Construction: Lots going on. Guideline package put together by Parks Canada and the CLCA Board in 2015. If you are planning any development, please review the guidelines and get a permit from Koreen Miko, who will be the Building Inspector until 2020. Chris welcomed and introduced Kevin Bachewich, who has been in the Parkland area for 22 years and has a good grasp of Parks Canada.

Kevin Bachewich:
Infrastructure Projects: Parks Canada will receive $64 million to invest in Riding Mountain National Park (RMNP) over the next 4 years.
Campground: Paving is underway in the campground with electrification of 130 new sites as well as washroom updates.
Former Agassiz Ski Resort Site: Decommissioning – most infrastructure removed, remediation of site – day use for this area at this time.
Wasagaming Storm Water Management System: Objective is to reroute water away from Clear Lake. Intent is to pave parking lots within the town site this year and next.
Parks Canada Operation Centre Compound: Sewage facilities upgrades, conservation of heritage buildings (roof and interior repair), along with some other work.
Renewal of visitor’s centre: New exhibits, outside of building, making accessible for rental in coming years. Kitchen, janitorial and new updates in this area as well.
Trails, playgrounds, picnic areas: Enhancing our visitor experiences. Fire suppression, garbage collection, – extending all usable assets in our community.
Kevin looks forward to a wonderful working relationship with all and advised the Administration Building is open if you need to see him. As a reminder – if you have any new items in the campgrounds, please follow all building rules and see Koreen Miko at any time.
Q. Trevor Winters -23 – 2nd St. North. Raised the issue of the boat cove and golf course road, emergency exits, and pathways.
A . All these things will be addressed throughout the projects and they have a team to work on these items. They will be addressed and the Park will provide an update in the fall.
Q. Brent Monroe – 75 – 2nd St. South – Emergency exits are a fire safety concern. Where are the snap out posts in our area? If we have a fire we are going to have dead people.
A. This is a mitigation to look into. As Kevin is also a Captain of the Onanole Fire Department he will be looking into it.
Q. Marlene Monroe – 75 – 2nd St. South – Wondered about painting a dividing “S” shape line on south entrance road to help avoid collisions.
A. That will be done by Parks Canada.
Q. Ron McPhail 7 – 2nd St. South asked about recycling in the Old Campground.
A. Chris suggested the Board and CLCA members develop a plan and the Park is willing to work with all. Brad Collett advised the discussions among the Board will continue in this regard.

Bob Reside
Project Manager for Restoration:  Fisheries, Habitat and Shoreline. Boat launches, expanding parking lot. Aquatic invasive species – There is a semi-permanent building in the boat cove docking area where all vessels must be inspected on a yearly basis. There is also a building at the golf course launch for inspection. Permits are only valid for 1 year at a time. The concern is Zebra Mussels. E.g. Ontario is spending $91 million as a result of zebra mussels. Please be cognisant of sharing of material, the program is working. 2,400 vessels inspected last year, 45 decontaminated. DNA work started from water samples. Try to make traffic work smoothly in boating area. Message is: Please get your vessel inspected. Each female zebra mussel can produce 1 million eggs per year. They are very aggressive and must be adhered to. Decommissioning of Spruce and Frith beach has been done to control Zebra Mussels. There will be a regular seasonal inspector hired for a six month period.
Q. John George – 4 – 4th St. South – Is there any evidence zebra mussels are being transported by water fowl?
A. Short answer is No.
Q. Pam Lucenkiw – 30 – 3rd St. North. How effective are the inspections?
A. Clear Lake has perfect temperature and chemical balance to house Zebra Mussels. Inspections are done particularly if boats are arriving from another area.
Q. Brent Monroe – 75 – 2nd St. South – Honour system is great – but could there be a presence on the water by Parks Canada, as there is such an influx of boats?
A. There is a strong Park presence on the water. Just ask the 10 boat owners that had boats confiscated recently.
Comment provided by Len Kashton – 40 – 3rd St. South who clarified they have been stopped on the water and appreciates the visibility of Parks presence on the lake.
Questions and Answers to all Parks Canada representatives:
Q. Mary Orr – 18 – 3rd St. North. Power boats coming into 2nd St. Dock – Are boats allowed to come in to the CLCA dock area? She wonders why it couldn’t be a non-accessible pick up site.
A. At this time boats are allowed to come in to pick people up but not to moor there. Comment from John George said years ago it was marked off with “no swim buoys” but now we don’t have them. We do have no wake zone markers and if you are in that zone you have to be going very slowly. Also from the Park – It is not a designated swim area that is why there aren’t swim lines or buoys.
Q. Mary Orr – 18 – 3rd St. North – Would you consider making it a swimming area?
A. The Board will discuss and possibly bring it up to management team.
Q. Arlene Taggert – 13 – 1st St. North – Can we keep our boat in the boat park area?
A. This is a work in progress. What is the best use of this area and how do we keep people from mooring there? Discussion will have to take place with the Board and membership.
Q. Andrew Urbanowicz – 23 – 1st St. South – What is the extent at this time for expanding trails the way they used to be?
A. Mid stages of developing trail plan. Eg. Lake shore walk. Funding for some trails available, and some funding coming. Next year is the 150th celebration so don’t want a lot of building during that season. Brad advised the Board will post any information from Parks Canada as it is provided to us.
Q. Val Bird – 37- 3rd St. North. – Is the $64 million for the budget period to the end of fiscal 2020?
A. Yes. This includes right from the north end to south end of the Park. Q. Does it include wages? A. Some. Recapitalize and invest in our assets. Q. Planning and approval then may not be happing for a year or so but by 2020? So there is a need for good repore of sharing info to propose some of this funding to some of our needs.
A. Brad – Currently there are committees comprised of the WTA, Chamber of Commerce, CLCA and Cottage Owners who have had multiple meetings to talk about the overall health of RMNP and the infrastructure funding and projects in particular.
Q. Donna Roberts – 74 – 3rd St. South – Brought up speed bumps. This was addressed at beginning of meeting and it will be looked into. The Park will take a list of our concerns. Brad – there was a motion made last year to have RCMP come up and give tickets but that has not been acted upon yet.
Q. Robin Carnegie – 25 – 4th St. North – The signs designating “No Exit” are too small – so people are still driving into the North Streets and having to back up.
A. Brad – At least we have signs now. Parks to review and look at all signage.
Q. Val Bird – 37 – 3rd St. North – What is protical to have items addressed? Is it to go to the board and then the board go to Parks?
A. Brad, yes that would be the preferred protocol and it can then be addressed to all members through a meeting. Q. Val – Because we have addressed these items at this meeting – how will they work? A. Brad – As per above.
Q. Jean Birnie – 36 – 2nd St. North – People have commented that the signs on the North End Roads are on the wrong side of the road!
A. Brad – Park has committed to look at signage.
Q. Curtis Kincaid – 20 – 2nd St. south – Is there free Wifi in the campground?
A. Parks – Not through the whole park but there are some areas of wifi for visitors. A. Brad – the board looked at getting free wifi for the campground but very difficult with trees etc Q. Curtis – some areas have video surveillance? What is that? A. Park – there is some with in the townsite but not here at the moment. The new posts in the boat dock area are going to be for video surveillance.
Q. Val Bird – 37 – 3rd St. North. Is business arising from minutes addressed?
A. Brad – Yes this is always addressed.
Q. Tom Mutter – 22 – 5th St. South. He brought up the RCMP issue last year and wonders why there was not anything done from this motion? What is the process?
A. Past President Trevor Winters responded: Trevor wrote a letter and called the Shoal Lake Detachment and didn’t get an answer back. That was the process that was followed. A. Parks: Bob Shaboat would be the Staff Sargent you want to contact from Shoal lake.
Q. Brent Monroe –75 – 2nd St. South – Comment – great to have development in the Campground. Likes how parks is supporting new development. 1) Questioned the long term plan for washroom availability in future. Five years from water sewer installed, washrooms will be addressed. 2) If five years come and go, the majority of the population may not want to subsidize the washrooms. 3) Mentioned cabin owners buying cabins strictly for rental purpose and alluded to the fact it was only small cabins without water that the renters used.
A. Park: If people choose not to upgrade, we cannot force them but if 95% of neighbours are converted the Park would likely not continue to keep the washroom in that area. Trevor replied that it is a review on an “as need” basis. Parks don’t have the number of cabins that have connected to the water system available but are going to try and obtain an accurate number this fall when they perform the water shut-offs.
Q. John Roberts – 10 – 5th St. North. Washroom are needed in some public areas such as the 5th St. dock so swimmers would have washroom access. (This is not a designated swim area).
Q. Raymond – 62 – 5th St. South. Takes exception to Brent Monroe suggesting that he is going to rent out his cabin because he has a smaller cabin and doesn’t have water.
Q. John George – 4 – 4th St. South – In our leases it stipulates this is for our use only – not to be renting – does this make it commercial?
A. Kevin – quoted item Article 201(a) of the Parks lease – lease can be read and interpreted.
Q. Maureen Monroe – 75 – 2nd St. south. What is being done about cabins purchased for the purpose of renting out?
A. Parks – intent of the lease is for owner only. Parks will have legal department check into this. Brad clarified that at a previous membership meeting the prior Parks staff advised that renting of cabins was allowed.
Trevor Winters – Our thanks to the Superintendent and all the Park representatives who took their time and updated all the cabin owners with information.

July 3, 2016

REVENUE: As of June 10, 2016 $12,494.23

Membership Deposit $1,120.00
Sold 4 keys $20.00
TOTAL REVENUE: $13,634.23

June 12, 2016 Onanole Drop-in-Centre, Board Meeting  $50.00
June 12, 2016, Buns & Muffins for Board Meeting  $30.00

TOTAL ASSETS TO JULY 03, 2016: $13,554.23

Westoba balance as of May 31, 2016 $11.849.61
Subtract outstanding cheques $628.38
Add outstanding deposits $2,320.00
Add Westoba Equity $8.00
Add Westoba Share $5.00



Respectfully submitted by Joyce Harland, Treasurer, CLCA

Moved by: Joyce Harland (18 – 2nd St. South)
Seconded by: Brent Monroe (75 – 2nd St. South)
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Treasurer’s report be approved as presented.
Motion Carried.
Brad thanked Joyce for all of her tireless efforts on behalf of the CLCA.

Q. Val Bird 37 – 3rd St. N. – For Dwight McMillan – should we sent a card?
A. Brad – that has been done by the CLCA and some Board Members have stopped and visited Dwight in hospital.
We all wish Dwight a successful and speedy recovery.
Q. Lynn Ash – 54 – 4th St. South – Is Doctors residence open this summer?
A. Yes, there is a schedule and as more information becomes available will be posted.

Moved by: Doug Maley (108 – 3rd St. South)
Seconded by: Keith Vinters (18A – 2nd St. North)
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the meeting be adjourned.
Motion Carried.


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