The Clear Lake Cabin Association (CLCA) represents 525 cabin owners in the Clear Lake cabin area. The goal of this web site is to communicate effective and timely information to CLCA members.

CCLA – 2021-22 Board of Directors
President – Christian Robin
Vice President – Andrew Urbanowicz
Treasurer – Elvi Molsberry
Secretary – Jacqueline Chapin-Downey
Members at Large:
Webmaster – Gale Simpson
Keith Vinthers
Devin Warren
Lindsay Dingwall
Melanie Sobering
Kevin Earl
Tracy Raison
John George

***URGENT REQUEST – Membership Update Required***

  • We require current email contact information as the former Treasurer did not supply the membership list to the new CLCA Board.
  • An update form is available in both Excel and PDF formats. Please complete the attached form as soon as possible. This form will allow us to compile a membership and email list. Email the competed form to info@clearlakecabinassociation.org
  • Open the form, print, fill and sign.  Then scan, or take a picture, with your phone and email it to the address above.
  • If you are unable to complete the form, send us your name, cabin number and email address and phone number.  Your information will be kept confidential.
  • In the meantime, we ask you to check the website on a regular basis in order to receive updates.

Excel Version (click on the link below):

Clear-Lake-Cabin-Association membership-form-update-2019

PDF Version (click on the link below):

Clear-Lake-Cabin-Association membership-form-update-2019