🚨 It’s membership renewal time! 🚨

The Clear Lake Cabin Owners’ Association (CLCA) membership contribution for 2022 is again just $10 per cabin, and it’s worth every penny! All funds collected go towards efforts aimed at advocacy for, and enjoyment of, the Cabin Area at Clear Lake.

EARLY BIRD PRIZE: Pay your $10 membership fee by July 15th and your name will be entered to win a $50 gift card from the Chocolate Fox!

There are two easy steps required to purchase or renew your membership:

STEP 1: COMPLETE THE MEMBERSHIP FORM using the link below and email it to [email protected]

You don’t actually need to use the actual form – an email or hand-written note with the information required will suffice. Be sure to include A) Name(s), B) Cabin address, C) phone and email, D) Confirmation of whether or not you’re already on the email distribution list.

STEP 2: E-TRANSFER YOUR $10 CONTRIBUTION to [email protected] Please be sure to include your name and Cabin address in the memo section so we can cross reference your payment.

If can’t or prefer not to e-transfer, you can drop off your completed membership form and $10 in cash to your Treasurer (Elvi) at her Cabin located at 100 First Street South.


The Clear Lake Cabin Association (CLCA) represents 525 cabin owners in the Clear Lake cabin area. The goal of this web site is to communicate effective and timely information to CLCA members.

CCLA – 2021-22 Board of Directors
President – Christian Robin
Vice President – Andrew Urbanowicz
Treasurer – Elvi Molsberry
Secretary – Jacqueline Chapin-Downey
Members at Large:
Webmaster – Gale Simpson
Keith Vinthers
Devin Warren
Lindsay Dingwall
Melanie Sobering
Kevin Earl
Tracy Raison
John George