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JUNE 20TH, 2015
PRESENT: Trevor Winters, Brad Collett, Gloria Belliveau, Joyce Harland, Nelda Didychuk, Joan James, JoAnn Lombaert, Brian McVicar, Keith Vinthers, Paul Barnabe, Andrew Urbanowicz.
ABSENT: Kevin Alguire
Meeting called to order at 9:15 a.m.
Past President Brian McVicar took over the floor. He stated that there have been two recent incidents when Parks staff have been criticized or attacked by a member of this Board and that these incidents have negatively impacted our working relationship with the Park. He stated that the first incident occurred last fall when someone approached the RMNP Superintendent while she was at a meeting in Winnipeg and made comments critical of two Parks employees who work closely with the Board. The second incident occurred in the TR McCoys restaurant in Wasagaming in May when the President was overheard making remarks critical to a Parks employee. The Past President then stated that in his opinion the current President was responsible for both these incidents, as his sources indicated this to be the case. The President indicated that he has not spoken to the Superintendent in over 3 years and that he has not been in TR McCoys restaurant this year, and has not made any negative statements about Parks employees. The Past President agreed to meet privately with the President at the end of the meeting to detail what he had heard and who he had heard it from. The meeting then went back to the Agenda.
Approval of Agenda – additions- Preparations for Fall Annual General Meeting Elections.

Procedures for July 5 General Meeting at Jamboree Hall – Need tables, chairs and volunteers.


The Board was reviewing guidelines for the sake of clarity and to recommend to the park any items which we felt required the park to clarify.

John said that he felt that Waskeseu went overboard on their guidelines, making them too exacting which resulted in the effect of row housing.

Joan explained that Waskesiu have a very complicated set of Guidelines. Our Guidelines review committee are not asking for that kind of Guidelines, but a few simple clarifications.

Andrew raised the issue of the pot lights installed on some of the newer buildings.

Joyce suggested this is mentioned in the Rac Report (Dark Sky).

Joan suggested that as mentioned in the Rac Report, some cabins could be 20 feet at front, and some have reduced street elevations to help avoid the cookie Cutter look.

Trevor said that Dale and Dwight do not issue “exceptions”, they give easements and variances.

Brad brought definitions of Decks, etc. for the Board’s information. They are as follows:

BALCONY means a raised structure that is attached to a main building and has a walking surface greater than one storey above the established grade at the ground level of that face of the building and the structure does not have a permanent roof.

DECK means a raised structure that is constructed at or slightly above the established grade, that may or may not be attached to the main building, and does not have a permanent roof.

PATIO means an exterior structure that is constructed at or slightly above the established grade, that may or may not be attached to the main building and does not have a permanent roof.

VERANDAH means a raised structure that is attached, but incidental to the main building, that is attached to or integrated with another structure such as the entry stair, porch or deck, and that may or may not have a permanent roof or overhang.

Brian suggested we leave balcony footprints out of the whole cabin footprints to encourage smaller footprints. He suggested we allow them on 16 x 24 cabin size only and only on the back.


John suggested that Park Models should be modified to hook up to electrical supply the same as all cabins. The Park have said that it is not possible.

MOTION made by Brian and seconded by Brad that we grandfather existing Park Models and any current confirmed orders for them as of June 20th, 2015 and allow no further Park Models. Voted for – Nelda,John, Joyce, Brad, JoAnn, Gloria. Voted against – Trevor, Paul, Andy, Joan ,Keith. CARRIED

Paul remarked that they may be acceptable to the Park and to some owners.

Brian said he had done a cost comparison and they are not comparable to building in costs.

Paul said that he agreed they are not comparable in cost, but serve a purpose for those who cannot afford to build, but feels that they do not have a place in the Park.

Joan talked to an owner of a Park Model who said it was a solution for her because she could not build.

Brad reminded the Board that we have to consider the future of the area.

Nelda said she feels Park Models do not fit in our area as we are a “cabin area”.

Joyce was concerned that they might not hold their value.

John said there are two sides to this story, however we are a “cabin area”.

Trevor said he does not want anyone to feel that they are second class citizens.

Brian feels that we need clear recommendations. We need to be clear that we are a “cabin area”.

Joyce wished the park would have consulted the Board before Park Models were permitted.

MOTION made by Brian and seconded by Andy that all old existing trailers be given three years to be removed. Voted for – Paul, Nelda, Brian, Joyce, Brad, JoAnn. Voted against – Trevor, Andy, Keith, John, Joan, Gloria. DEFEATED

Trevor does not want to appear to be forcing people.

Brad feels the timing is right as the water and sewer infrastructure bills are just going out.

Andy said his concern is that some are not being maintained.


Keith would like the Park to give more clarification on setbacks.


More clarification is needed.


Definitions earlier clarified. Are balconies with one foot extension considered to be part of the cabin footprint?

MOTION by Brian and seconded by Paul that in order to encourage a smaller footprint we allow a second floor balcony of eight feet by eight feet on the rear of 16 x 24 two story cabins as additional square footage (over 768 square feet). Voted for Paul, Brian, JoAnn. Voted against – Trevor, Andy, Nelda, Keith, John, Joyce, Brad, Joan, Gloria. DEFEATED

Keith asked how many cabins are 16 x 24.


Brad indicated that this is covered in the MOU.

Joan suggested that in order to avoid cookie cutter cabins, cabins should only be twenty feet at the back, and lower at the front.

John suggested that cabin peaks only should be twenty feet, and we should not allow any more twenty foot walls.

Gloria remarked that cabin owners do not have to build to twenty feet but can build a lower peak.

MOVED by Brad and seconded by John that two sheds will be allowed behind cabin if one is a bathroom shed. Bathroom sheds are to be included in the 768 square footage. A storage shed of 48 square feet will be permitted if it is within the lot lines. A storage shed is not included in the 768 square footage. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY


For clarification, the maximum cabin footprint is 16 x 32, however with an attached shed (outside entry only) the footprint may be 16 x 35, with the extra three feet not counted in the 768 square footage. The maximum size of the storage shed shall be 48 square feet, shall be within the lot line, must have exterior door only and is not counted in the 768 square footage. The bathroom shed will be six feet by eight feet and shall be included in the 768 square footage

MOTION by Keith and seconded by Brad that any cabin wall greater than eight feet in height and facing the street must contain archetectural relief such as a false roof line, PLUS one or more of the following – variation in siding, feature window, gable, or variation in plane of wall.


Ground level air conditioners should be placed on the front or back of your cabin or on the side of your cabin that has your own patio and not on the side of your neighbour’s patio.


Recommend we ask the Park if they are following the recommendations in the Rac Report.


Nelda suggested that instead of reviewing the Building Guidelines every time we meet, could we consider other things like portable garages, vegetation, garbage, etc .

Gloria raised the issue of all the trees that are being removed, but no one is planting any replacements,

Joyce reminded the Board that the computer warranty runs out in August and asked if the Board wanted to purchase an extension for 2 years extra for $280. Discussion followed.

MOTION by Joyce and seconded by Brian that we purchase the warranty extension.


To be arranged by President.

Meeting adjourned at 1:10 p.m.



MAY 16th, 2015
PRESENT: Trevor Winters, Brad Collett, Gloria Belliveau, Joyce Harland, Keith Vinthers, JoAnn Lombaert, Paul Barnabe, Joan James, Andrew Urbanovicz, Dale Wallis, Dwight McMillan
ABSENT: John George, Kevin Alguire, Nelda Didychuk, Brian McVicar
Meeting called to order at 9:30 a.m.
AGENDA: Moved by Joyce and seconded by Andrew that the agenda be accepted as presented.
MINUTES: Trevor thanked Nelda for taking the minutes of the previous meeting in the absence of the secretary. After review of the minutes of October 18th, 2014, a motion to adopt the minutes was made by Paul and seconded by Brad. CARRIED
MATTERS ARISING: Both items to be covered later in the agenda.
CONTACT INFORMATION: Moved by Paul and seconded by Brad that Board members names, cabin addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addressed be put in the newsletter and posted on the washroom bulletin boards. CARRIED
The 4 board members not present at the meeting to be contacted prior to the information being published.
TREASURER’S REPORT: as of October 18th,2014
Revenue: As of October 18th, 2014 $10,759.27
Membership Deposit 40.00
Total Revenue to 2015 $10,799.27
Mileage – Portage la Prairie Meeting – October 18th, 2014 $ 415.80
Lunch – Portage ls Prairie Meeting – October 18th, 2014 168.85
Mileage – Committee Meeting – John George 160.20
Mileage – Committee Meeting – Joan James 151.20
Mileage – Banking – Dec.1/14 &Apr.9/15 – Joyce Harland 18.00
Return deposit to Kathy Howard – Jamboree Hall from J. Hall 80.00
Site lock(Oct.21/14 – Oct.21/17
Private Domain (Oct.21/14 – July 24/15) 235.53
Stamps 8.93
WTA fees 500.00
Website domain renewal (July 24/15 – July 24/16) 131.06 (US)
Private domain renewal (July 24/15 – July 14/16) 9.99 (US)
Wordpress hosting renewal (May 23/15 – July 24/16 (84.32 US) 131.06 (Can)
Total Expenses to May 16th, 2015 $1,869.57
Total Assets to May 16th, 2015 $8,929.70
Westoba Bank Balance as of April 30th, 2015 $9,066.76
Subtract outstanding cheques 149.06
Add Westoba Equity and share 13.00
Bank Reconciliation – May 16th 2015 $8,929.70
Paid up members to date – 416 This gives us 79% paid up members
Prepared by Joyce Harland. Treasurer
MOU REVIEW: The work guidelines recommended in the MOU are generally accepted. The Board is to provide opinions to Parks Canada.
Presented by Dale Wallis
RM CLCA RoadPaving $ 615,897 $——– $ 615,897 $1,110
Total Project Cost $2,443,502 $22,701 $49,576 $9,915 $2,525,694 $4,551
LOTS: Sold 530 Amount to invoice $4,553
Surveyed Lots 25
Total Lots Surveyed 555
2015-16 PARKS CANADA Cabin Area Work Plan: Was reviewed as presented. Moved by Brad and
seconded by Keith that the plan be accepted as presented. CARRIED
BOAT COVE: There will be 4 boat launches operating this summer. There will be a canoe launch at the boat cove as well as the one at the canoe cove. The 2nd Street swimming dock is being replaced with a new sturdier dock. Work is continuing on improving the roads and parking at the boat cove.
RAC REPORT: Dale explained that the Rac Report is information for long term development of the cabin area.
DIRECTION OF BOARD RE BUILDING GUIDELINES: It was decided that the building guidelines do not need to be on our website. Moved by Keith and seconded by Brad that the guidelines and all r3eference to them be removed from the website. CARRIED
It is important that the Board be involved in the building guidelines. The Board will review the building guideline suggestions in the Rac Report and develop firm recommendation. Trevor to call a board meeting for this reason in the next few weeks.
TRAFFIC FLOW ISSUES-NORTH END STREETS: It was suggested that a survey be sent out to all north end residents. It was suggested that all residents be surveyed as the south end have experience that could be useful.
Buildings and Ground –Trevor and Andy will do the walk around.
Townsite Security – Gloria and JoAnn
Vegetation – Brian, Nelda and JoAnn
Website – Joyce
Newsletter – Trevor and Joyce
Doctor`s Residence –Joan
NEW BUSINESS: The George Neilly Gas Station site has been sold, but future plans are not known at this time.
A quest ion was raised re open propane fires, and Dale replied that no open flames are allowed.
There are several Hydro street lights out or flickering and the procedure for having them fixed is to call Manitoba and give them the number that is written on the pole.
NEXT MEETING: Will be called by the president.
Brad adjourned the meeting at 2:20 p.m.



“Maple Leaf paving will be in Wasagaming from Sunday, June 28/15 to Thursday, July 2/15 In addition to a few repairs in the CLCG they will be paving a section of Tawapit east, the trail from Deep Bay to golf course and repairs to Boat Cove Rd. The Park apologizes in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.”



Parks Canada Notice – “We appreciate cabin owners goal to establish the new grass along the road and have accepted the placement of various ‘boundary’ markers to facilitate this over the spring. However, with summer just around the corner, we wish to remind cabin owners that permanent installations are not allowed on public lands outside of your legal lot lines. Please remove all stones, stakes, wood, etc, that you may have placed along the road side. Thank you. “



Spring 2015 Newsletter
After a relatively mild winter, and a very early spring, we are all ready and waiting for summer and another season at the lake (and to see and experience our area with new, smooth, paved roads). Since the 2014 annual meeting, two board meetings have been held with another meeting scheduled for early June before the July membership meeting is held in Jamboree Hall.

Here are your current Executive Members:

CELL: 204-795-8893

CELL: 204-487-0674

CELL: 204-218-2952

CELL: 204-250-7965


Here are your current Board Members:

RESIDENCE: 403-245-9623

CELL: 204-304-0378

CELL: 204-895-8267

CELL: 204-724-6136

CELL: 204-476-6161

CELL: 204-761-5582

CELL: 204-803-3931

CELL: 204-724-2170
2015 Leases and Loan Repayment:

In July, Parks Canada will be sending all cabin owners a letter with two (2) invoices in it. One invoice will be for our water / sewer / garbage fees, and the second invoice will be each cabin owners share for the installation of the water and sewer lines in 2013, and the repair and paving of our streets in 2014. It is important that everyone knows that there will be 2 invoices in the letter we receive from the Park in July.
Water/sewer/garbage invoice for season – $446.63 (up $10.00 from last year)
Invoice for Infrastructure Project
As of this report, the CLCA consist of 416 cabin owners. Thanks to Joyce Harland for her hard work in co-ordinating the membership lists

The Good News:

The original water sewer project budget was established in 2012 at $5000 per cabin. We can now happily report that the project has come in significantly under that budget (and that is a rare event in this day and age). There are a number of factors involved:

Parks Canada staff (Dale Wallis and Dwight McMillan) managed and supervised the entire project as part of their regular duties, rather than leaving the project management to Public Works Canada. This resulted in a significant financial savings for cabin owners.
Park staff also did line isolations as part of their regular duties (this is isolating water lines to washrooms and cook shacks so that they are on separate lines). Our costs also include the cost of the connection or junction boxes that we have between Cabins
Over and above our 530 leased lots, there are an additional 25 surveyed lots. The individual cost for the project for these unleased 25 lots, will be carried by Parks Canada and they will recover that money when, or if, these lots are ever released for leases.

In July, your invoice as per your share of the project will be $4,553.00, which is significantly below the original budgeted amount. This amount includes several charges:

As cabin owners, we paid the cost of salary for Michael Rac for the summer of 2013 when Michael lived in our area and spoke with cabin owners about cabin area issues. Micheal submitted a brief interim report in 2013 and a final report in the fall of 2014.
Charges for the students who worked throughout the area last summer (2014) bringing in new topsoil and planting grass seed
Cabin owners also paid for the junction or connection boxes between each cabin.

Thank you to Dale Wallis and his staff for a job well done. Specific questions related to the project will be answered at our spring members meeting.

The cabin area consists of 530 cabins/lots, 32 cook shacks and wood shelters, 10 public washrooms, and 1 shower building.

In 2012 the Board met with the Hon. Bob Sopuck, MP for our area to ask if there might be any money forthcoming from either the Federal or Provincial governments to assist cabin owners with the cost of the water/sewer project. Following a series of meetings with various government departments it was determined that there was NO money available to us at that time. However in the 2015 Federal Budget a new infrastructure program was announced and once again, the Board, on behalf of cabin owners has contacted various government agencies, especially the Infrastructure Secretariat and Mr. Sopucks office again to ask if any money might be available at this time. We have not yet received an official response but all indications are that we are not going to receive any grant money.

Future of Public Facilities in the Cabin Area

There has been some concern expressed about the future of the public facilities in the cabin area. To put everyone’s mind at ease, I will quote from the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding that the CLCA Board signed with Parks Canada in 2012

It is agreed that all public washrooms and the shower building will be retained until October, 2019 or 5 years after the infrastructure project is completed, whichever is greater. After this date, Parks Canada and the CLCA Board will annually review the public washroom and shower requirements. Based on the number of cabins connected to shared services, and the location of these cabins, washrooms may be closed pursuant to mutual agreement. The public shower building may be retained until such time as the parties mutually agree or the building has reached the end of its useable life.

Budget For 2015 For Cabin Area

To provide members with a better understanding of where their money is allocated, and how it is spent, we provide the following break-out of charges for the 2015-16 season.

Cleaning washrooms and shower building $85,196.00

Cleaned 5 days a week starting May 2nd and continuing to June 15, when cleaning occurs 7 days a week

Building maintenance and repairs $48,904.00

Plumbing repairs/maintenance/opening and closing $16,698.00
Chimneys maintain and repair $2,718.00
Electrical repairs maintenance $2969.00
General repair and maintenance $2963.00
Shingle one shelter $2155.00
Stove replacement (one) $5958.00
Wood Shelter roof $1955.00
Hydro washrooms and Jamboree Hall $6500.00
Hydro Shower Building $6500.00

Road and street maintenance $5,983.00

Spot patch $1056.00
Blade back lanes $951.00
Spot gravel in back lanes $1238.00
Dust control $1306.00
Sign maintenance $799.00
Sweep sidewalks in spring $158.00
Snowplow streets in spring $475.00

Maintenance / Grounds Maintenance $34,170.00

Mow grass in common area $1,621.00
Clean-up wood sheds, collect ashes and chips $4,794.00
Tree Removal (safety issues) $11,618.00 Firewood delivery $5,662.00 Firewood cutting and stockpiling $10,475.00

TOTAL $174,253.00.

Web Site:

We are registered as, and we are still negotiating for ownership to as well. The web site has been a useful tool for presenting information to cabin owners and the Board encourages members to use the web site to communicate your thoughts and ideas to everyone (it is one avenue of direct communication with the board, and other cabin owners), and also to register your e-mail addresses with our web-site co-ordinator Joyce Harland .

Changes to the Boat Cove

You will see significant changes to the boat cove when you arrive at the lake. This year the Park is implementing a mandatory Boat Inspection for all boaters who use Clear Lake. This is in an effort to prevent the spread of Zebra Mussels into the lake. The new boat inspection station has been constructed in the area just past the N Road and just as you enter the boat launch area proper. In addition there is another dock and there will also be another canoe/kayak launch as well. Parking for cars and trailers has been increased marginally, and it is a step in the right direction. We do not yet know the status of boat launches at the golf course or at Spruces on the North Shore

Shore Road on the North End – Burm construction

The Shore Road at the North end of the cabin area, adjacent to the lake is on Parks Canada property and as a result it was not paved last fall when our streets were done. Last fall the Park built a small earthen Burm or Dam on the north shoulder of the road to prevent erosion and direct drainage into the lake during heavy rains. At the time this was done, it was understood that the water collected as a result of the Burm (Dam) would be connected to a central drainage system in order to prevent water puddling on the road in front of cabins and to ensure that the Shore Road would not become so muddy as to be impassable.

This has not yet been completed, and we will continue to monitor the situation with the Park.

All North end streets in the cabin area remain blocked at the North end (at the shore road) which necessitates that all vehicular traffic when exiting North End streets, has to back completely down the street. Alternatively, vehicles turn around in people’s yards on newly seeded lawns.

Building Guidelines

The CLCA has an ADVISORY CAPACITY ONLY in the development of building guidelines for the cabin area. Parks Canada participates in discussions with the CLCA Board in the development of building guidelines, but ultimately, final authority on what the building guidelines look like, are Parks Canada authority. However, the CLCA does have influence on the building guidelines, through the Consultative process.

The Board, at our August 2014 meeting formed a sub-committee to review, and perhaps recommend “tweeks” to our building guidelines. Their recommendations would come back to the Board for review and decision. This committee was led by Joan James, with John George, Kevin Alguire and Jeff Sim as members. Our intent was to strike a sub-committee of cabin owners: one of whom had built a new 16×32 with a second floor, one who had done a major renovation on an existing cabin, one person who was planning on building and one person who was not on the Board but understood the building guidelines and who had built to 16×32 one level. The committee met several times throughout the fall of 2014 and brought their discussion documents forward to the Board for our October 2015 meeting.

Discussions continue and to date, no recommendations have been forwarded to the Park.

The Board welcomes your thoughts and input into these discussions. Please write and sign a letter stating your thoughts on building guidelines and give it to any Board member for Board in-put and discussion or send an email to and it will be printed and brought to the Board meeting on June 20, 2015.

Board Committees:

Boating and Marine – John George and Brian McVicar as alternate
Building and Grounds – Trevor Winters and Andy Urbanowicz
Townsite Security – Gloria Belliveau Nelda Didychuk
Vegetation Committee – Brian McVicar, Jo Ann Lombaert, Nelda Didychuk
Website – Joyce Harland
Doctor`s Residence Committee – Joan James
WTA Finance Committee – Trevor Winters
Newsletter –Trevor Winters, Joyce Harland

Date of the 2015 Spring Meeting

The spring meeting will be held on Sunday July 5, 2015 Registration: 9:00 a.m. Meeting: 10:00 am – noon at the Jamboree Hall (Annual Meeting dates to be determined).

Odds and Ends

The Board would like to remind everyone that the Park does not pick up garbage items such as : televisions, bar-b-ques, couches, fridges, carpeting, old lawn chairs, construction refuse, old picnic tables and other large or electronic items. We are expected to take this material to the land fill in Onanole or to the appropriate recycling depot.

In 2010, construction hours in the summer were extended one hour, meaning that summer construction hours will be from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm for the period from July 1 to the end of the September long weekend.

Just a reminder to be sensitive to each other regarding our area, and in use of cook shacks. There are common sense guidelines that we can follow; clean-up after you use the cook shack, don’t carve or burn initials into the cook shacks, quiet time needs to start at 11:00 pm, and the cook shacks are for everyone`s use, so we do need to be co-operative with each other.

Also, as there are many dogs in our area, this is a reminder that dogs should be on leashes at all times.

Memberships for 2014/2015

Membership ($20) in the Clear Lake Cabin Association is for a 2 year period. This year is the second year of the 2 year period. Membership gives you the right to voice your opinions and vote at the General Meeting in July, and the Annual Meeting in September and any other special meetings held. The membership fee covers association operating expenses.

We have 525 cabins in our area (530 lots). We are asking you to purchase your membership through the mail. This saves the executive a lot of canvassing time throughout the summer. Please fill out the membership information below and return with your cheque to:
Clear Lake Cabin Association
c/o Joyce Harland
Box 292
Onanole, MB R0J 1N0
Make cheques payable ($20.00) to Clear Lake Cabin Association.
Receipts will be returned to you by e- mail or hand delivered to your cabin this summer.

Name of registered permit holder(s): _______________________________________________

Home Address: ________________________________________________________________

City: _______________________ Province: ________________ Postal Code: _______________

Cabin Address: _________________________________________________________________

Email Address: _________________________________________________________________



Parks Canada will be holding a staff meeting at the Jamboree Hall on Thursday, June 18, 2015 between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon. This meeting is for Park duties only and not related to the Clear Lake Cabin Association or our area.



Board Meeting to be held on Saturday, June 20, 2015 at the Onanole Drop Inn
Centre, Onanole, MB. The meeting will begin at 9:15 a.m.

The purpose of the meeting is to review, clarify and produce consistant, easy to understand Building Guidelines.

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