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Membership 2018 to 2019

Membership in the Clear Lake Cabin Association is $20.00 for a 2 year period.  2018 is the first year of the two year membership. Your membership is due April 1st, 2018 for this 2 year period.

Membership gives you the right to vote and to have a voice at the General Meeting in July, the Annual Meeting in September, and any other special meetings held.  The membership fee covers the expenses as outlined in the budget (namely executive meeting expenses, WTA membership, newsletters, computer and printing costs, website generation and Automated External Defribulator upkeep).  When you become a member of our Association and give an email address you will also be on my mailing list and I send out emails periodically in order to keep you updated as to what is going on in the park.  Also if you have any questions or concerns you can email me at and it reaches me in my in box.

The Membership Committee coordinates the membership campaign, maintains an up to date membership list and supervises registration at the General Meetings. Joyce Harland is the current representative.

If you haven’t already done so, please email to make arrangements to pay your membership or mail it to:

Joyce Harland
Clear Lake Cabin Association
165 Red Moon Road
Winnipeg, MB
R3X 0C4

Please make your cheque out to Clear Lake Cabin Association and include a note with your cabin number, your home address, and your email address. Or you can send me an e-transfer using and using my last name, Harland, as your security answer.

Thank you