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Annual General Meeting Minutes, September 2, 2012






President Trevor Winters introduced Roy White as our Parliamentarian and Roy gave a short biography of his qualifications and experiences.

Trevor also asked  Roy to be chairman of the elections as Past President Bruce Hembroff is not available.

Trevor asked any members of the press that were in attendance to come forward at the end of the meeting and he would give them copies of our constitution and handouts,

Trevor explained the new voting cards and procedures – colour coded cards for voting and elections.

Trevor said that Nelda Didychuk and Jo-Ann Lambaert arranged scrutineers.

Trevor reminded members that each cabin has only 1 vote.  At the Spring General Meeting a motion was moved and seconded by 2 people in the same cabin.

The meeting was called to order at 10:13 a.m.

President Trevor introduced the Board Members.

President Trevor asked if there were any additions to the agenda.

Randy Woodman, 23 – 3rd St. S. – suggested the agenda be put on line.

President Trevor said we would try to put it on line about a week before meetings,

Randy Woodman said there is nothing set out in the agenda to deal with major decisions and suggested that an amendment be made to designate who makes major decisions.  He would like a motion be made to lay out that major decisions be made by a vote.

Roy White explained that there is nothing in the constitution and suggested a motion would need to be made.

Randy Woodman, 23 – 3rd St.S. – Could there be a motion  added today.

Roy White – It can be added today.

Randy Woodman, 23 – 3rd St. S. – Would like this added to the agenda

3rd St.N. – Would like a committee to review the constitution.

Roy White – We need a motion to do that.

Randy Woodman, 23 – 3rd St. S. – is disturbed about comments made by Roy White in the Annual Spring Meeting held at the Jamboree Hall on July 2nd, 2012.  Randy asked what the mechanism is if members do not agree with decisions of the Board.  If you provide 30 days notice of a motion, it requires a 2/3 vote.  Randy suggested that there should be some mechanism to address what members can do if they disagree with the Board.

Roy White responded that they can remove elected representatives by voting them out of office,

Randy Woodman, 23 – 3rd St. S. – There is no mechanism to remove Board Members from office.

President Trevor –The process if you disagree with the Board is to give a 30 day Notice of Motion for the following meeting.

Randy Woodman, 23 – 3rd St.S. – suggests a change in the constitution  to allow changes.

President Trevor explained that when something is not clear in the constitution, you go to Bourninot’s Rules.

Greg Fleck, 25 – 3rd St. S. – Randy Woodman is asking for the constitution to be made clearer.  They want a review of the constitution to specify when the Board can make a decision.

President Trevor asked that this discussion be left for Item 10 on the agenda.

MOTION:  That we accept the agenda as amended.  Moved by Sandra Kluka, 75 – 3rd St. S., seconded by John George, 4 – 4th St. S., Carried.

MOTION:  That we accept the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of September 4th, 2011 as distributed.  Moved by Esther Mark, 30 – 1st St. N., seconded by Bob Parnell, 6 – 4th St.S., Carried.


The Community Plan remains unsigned.

Speed Limit Signs have not been placed on the wood sheds due to the costs.

The web site issues seem to be resolved as we have moved to a new server.  There has not been any more spam.

The survey has been completed and reported on.


Trevor Winters explained that the Board is a volunteer Board and are only an advisory Board to Parks Canada.  According to parliamentary procedure, we refer to Bourinot’s Rules for clarification.


As of this annual meeting, I have completed 4 years as President and Chairman of the CLCA so this, my final report to you, will be slightly different than previous reports.  Before I enter into a report on Board activities I want to offer a few comments for your consideration.

  1. The CLCA is a volunteer board with advisory authority only.  We operate under a Constitution and By-laws which are established and approved by you, the cabin owner members of the CLCA.  These are on our web site for everyone to see and review
  2. The position of President and Chairman is unique.  A Chairman runs meetings in a timely appropriate fashion and a President answers members’ questions on behalf of the Board.  Board members are always welcome to make comments, but the President will be the designated spokesman.  During the course of our meetings, it will be necessary to switch roles between Chairman and President, depending on questions or comments from members.  In the past, this change of roles has been understood and tolerated by members, but I have found that this switching of responsibilities is disconcerting and confusing especially for graduates or participants of Toastmasters.  They are correct that the 2 positions as defined by parliamentary process are separate and will often raise Points of Order to the effect that when the Chair is responding as President, the Chair should be turned over to another individual in order to maintain impartiality.  This can be accomplished by turning the chair over to the Vice-President during these periods, BUT that starts dragging our meeting through time consuming “process and procedure” which serves to eat up time.  This is an issue that the CLCA Board and membership may need to address, – we can proceed as we do now on the understanding that one individual holds two separate positions, or we can change it.  For meetings to run smoothly there needs to be recognition of the two roles, or we need to separate the functions.
  3. I want to stress is that serving on the Board is voluntary, and those of us on the Board do it because someone needs to be sure the voice of cabin owners is heard at the Parks Canada level and in the various committees and sub-committees of Park users.
  4. I would encourage everyone to read and understand our Constitution and By-laws and even Bourinot’s Rules of Parliamentary Procedure Fourth Edition in order to help meetings run smoothly and efficiently.  Neither are fun reading but for the past few years we have experienced a mis-interpretation of procedural rules to attempt to sway opinions  There are correct rules of procedure and as an Association, we have been fortunate to have one of the pre-eminent authorities on procedure to assist with correct rulings.

This past year has been an extremely busy year and obviously controversial.  The decision in January of 2012 to accept Parks Canada’s offer for a dual system for provision of water and sewer services in the cabin area, and our recommendation to proceed, is not a decision that will ever be accepted by every single cabin owner.  The Board knew that then, and we know it now.  Since that decision we have heard stories and allegations that some cabin owners will be forced to sell because of the $5000 infrastructure charge (which can be amortized for as long as 20 years if that is your wish).  On the other hand, as President I hear from cabin owners, who due to health issues, will be selling their cabins if they do not get a washroom and water into their cabins.  Is the dual system perfect?  In my opinion as President and Chairman it is as close to perfect as we can achieve.  No cabin owner is forced to sell for either financial or health reasons.  People may opt to sell because of increases caused by the rent review, but they are not forced to sell over water and sewer.  No one has to plumb in their cabin, but we will all now support and be in compliance, with the national regulation on water and sewer as is stated in our Constitution.

I speak for the Board when I say that given the clearly stated Park Regulations regarding water and sewer, that we see that Parks Canada has, by all accounts, done us a favour be providing a dual system.  I recognize that not all cabin owners will agree with this, and as a board we have provided all information that we possibly could.  Clearly as a cabin area we had reached a point where either we moved forward, or that recommendation was in all likelihood, going to be taken out of our hands.   We will come into compliance with National Regulations, we will not be forced into installing plumbing in our cabins.  This is a fair and reasonable solution, at a fair and reasonable cost.


Future Boards will continue to have challenges to deal with and as cabin owners we will have decisions to make.  One of the primary responsibilities of a Board is to look into the future and bring issues (as they are identified), forward to membership for their review, understanding and recommendation.  There will be issues beyond the dual system which future boards will have to deal with and I would like to lay a few of these out for your consideration.

  1. Back lanes – we are having a few issues with back lanes that are causing significant operational problems for the Park.  Back lanes are getting overgrown with trees and we are encroaching on the back lanes as well.  If we are to continue running blading equipment, garbage and wood trucks down the back lanes, there has to be adequate room.
  2. Trees – we need to be thinking about a structured plan to cull out the older trees and start a re-planting effort.   Thinking that our current trees are all saveable is not realistic, they are not salvageable and we need to look at how we are going to deal with them.
  3. Future of the town site and Park fees.  We are a short season Park and always will be.  That presents issues for our restaurants and businesses that are unique from Banff or Jasper.  This will be discussed at length at the WTA and reported to you, but there are lots of ideas in the cabin area which we can bring forward to the WTA
  4. Cost of Park services and what we as property owners are expected to contribute as compared to the citizens of Canada.  Environmental programs are conducted for the benefit of all Canadians so how much do we as park tenents pay, and how much should we pay beyond the average Canadian.
  5. Cook Shacks – I am a very strong supporter of the cook shacks, but not everyone is, and as President I do hear about this.  In the future this will likely be a discussion topic.
  6. Rentals, as an association we likely need to think about rentals because as our site costs have increased, people may want to rent their cabin for a month or a few weeks every summer to help off-set their costs.  Do we need a set of guidelines on rentals.
  7. Lease options – as there are 3 options available to us for leases, we need to understand the implications of each option before we commit to it.
  8. Boat storage and car parking, depending on whether you own a boat or not there will be differing opinions, but our area is tight, so parking is an issue.
  9. Building guidelines and the building of ready to move cabins (RTM’s).  RTM’s are a great solution to less construction in our area, but what about our roads and trees, hydro lines are a separate independent issue
  10. Telephone and hydro lines, do we bury them.

In the past 4 years the Board has worked very hard.  We have established a functional web site, developed Board policy on important issues to our area, provided accurate and timely newsletters, actively researched and reported to cabin owners on issues in the park and our area, had a health inspector come in to inspect our facilities, started the process of tree renewal through a very proactive approach, written a set of operational by-laws, conducted a review of building guidelines, pro-actively took on a forward look at our issues by co-operating with the Park on a comprehensive survey and offered special cook shack meetings to bring discussions to smaller more comfortable groups.  I thank the board for all their work, because it has been considerable.

I want to stop at this, but before I sit down I want acknowledge and thank everyone I have worked with over the past 4 years.  In particular, I want to acknowledge the current board, for having the foresight to understand an offer from Parks Canada that everyone knew would be contentious, for having the wisdom to discuss and analyze that offer in a rational and reasonable way, for having the courage to act on the offer and the discussion we had,  and finally to have the strength of character to remain firm to the solid, sensible decision that was made and to continue to patiently explain the decision to those who are concerned.  I thank you and acknowledge you as going way beyond any expectation for a volunteer Board.  Thank You

As we have an extremely full agenda and I expect that several items will take some time as we work through them, so lets get started, especially as we want to be out of here by noon.

Trevor Winters

President, Clear Lake Cabin Association


Dale Wallis reported that they are going to  forge ahead whether the community plan is signed or not.

Dale reported that the response to the medial emergency at the Spring Members Meeting (a person had collapsed due to the heat) was slow due to the congestion in the area of the Jamboree Hall.  The Park is considering the purchase of a manual pump system which would be transportable.

The Park has been considering emergency evacuation plans for the cabin area.  Collapsible poles will be placed in the old road exits to allow quick exits in emergencies.

The Jamboree Hall is in need of repairs to the facia and shingles and they are hoping for some funding for these repairs.

Marilyn Mutter, 107 – 3rd St. S. – raised an issue re the conditions for connection to sewer and water.  Once the lease is signed,  If a cabin is sold, do the owners first have to connect to sewer and water.

Dale Wallis –   That is not the intention.  After the sale, the new owner should connect.

Marilyn Mutter, 107 – 3rd St. S. – Would like to have this clarification made.

Dale Wallis – Will make this clarification.

Randy Woodman, 23 – 3rd St. S. – Regarding the dual system, it is a fair assumption that at some point a decision will be made re the usage of washrooms.  Will it be Parks Canada that makes that decision

Dale Wallis – According to the agreement, nothing will be done for 5 years, and then the future of each building will be decided only through discussion with the Board.

Trevor Winters, 23 – 2nd St. N. – What about the shower building.

Dale Wallis – The shower building is a separate issue.  It will remain until it is no longer required.  The Board in discussion with the Park will make those decisions.

Greg Fleck, 25 – 3rd St. S. – would like to encourage the Board to provide members with detailed  information  on the impact of issues.  For example, if there is an expansion of lot sizes adding trees to a lot, there could be additional cost to members when those trees needed to be removed.  The Board should try to keep members informed

Dale Wallis – There may be some expansion of lots as the surveyors are unable to put the pegs in the ground due to the trees.  The cost of removal or care of the trees falls to the owners.  Removal of trees for development purposes is the responsibility of the cabin owners.

Pam Lucenkiw, 30 – 3rd St.N. – Asked about the status of sheds in the development of the guidelines.

Dwight McMillan – A cabin measuring 16 x 24 can have a shed, but a cabin of 16 x 32 cannot have a shed.  A shed must fall within the total square footage

Pam Lucenkiw, 30 – 3rd St.N. – Has a concern about the trees as more and more are coming down.

Dwight McMillan –This will be discussed with the new board.

Pam Lucenkiw, 30 – 3rd St. N. – Is there a plan re reforestation

Dwight McMillan –This is one of the plans that will go forward with the new board.

Dale Wallis – Explained that this had been a challenging year and expressed his thanks to all owners who talked to them about issues of concern to them.  Dale asked members to continue to phone, email or visit over the winter.

Dwight McMillan – He will send out  information on leases and sewer and water as it comes available. He also extended an invitation to members to contact him.

Barry Randell, 74 – 1st St. S. – Will the park gates be open all winter?  Will this create issues re fire insurance, etc.?  What about snow removal?  This winter will be busy.

Dwight McMillan – There are thoughts about closing construction in July and August.  The leases will allow members to occupy cabins from April 1st to October 31st and the Park will try to have the water on longer, depending on weather.  Yes, the gates will be open this winter.

Barry Randell, 74 – 1st St. S. – Will the fire hydrants be operational in the winter.

Dwight McMillan – No.

Todd Gutz, 53 – 2nd St.S.  – Asked for explanations about the 20’ height and the flow of water.

Dwight McMillan – Explained that in 2005 phase 1 of sewer and water, deep water was put in – designed for phase 2 – all information is now in place.  The height of the cabin from the ground up to the floor is up to the plumber as he needs to have access under the cabin.   The maximum cabin height from the finished floor to the peak is 20 feet.

Lisa Ross, 14 – 1st St. S. – Would like information from the Park re elevations, etc.  Will the Park provide drawings, etc. so the plumbers know what to do.

Dwight McMillan – Yes, there will be drawings the plumbers can access.  The Park hopes to start work in the fall of 2013.  The Board will be updated, and information will be put on the website.

Lisa Ross, 14 –  1st St. S. – Will the plans be ready by next spring.  Would like the information on the website as soon as possible.

Dwight McMillan – The office will try to get the information to the Board quickly.

Lisa Ross, 14 – 1st St. S. – The Board should post information on the website and hopefully have a newsletter.

Lynn Smith, 49 – 4th St. S. – Questioned that each lot is valued at $75,000.00.  She feels that lots backing on the lane are less valuable.   What is the process of deciding the value of the lot is $75,000.00.

Dale Wallis – The process for appraisals is managed through Parks Canada public works.  They hire a company to do the assessment.  The assessors said all lots are equal. The assessment can be arbitrated once your lease is signed.  The assessment to date is tentative as the final assessment will be done by the end of October.  Once this information is available, the documentation  will be sent out.

Lynn Smith, 49- 4th St. S. – What is the process to look at the big picture, the whole area re back lanes, garbage, etc.  How can members have input?

Dale Wallis – The Board determines member meetings, cookshack meetings, etc.  Members can speak to the Park personally.  The Park has data from surveys, individual members visits to the office, etc.  We need to talk about what works for members.  We want to see community continue to develop. (example – take a tree, plant a tree)

Trevor Winters – The Board tried cookshack meetings two years ago, but really had only 2 or 3 small ones.  We all need to talk about issues.

Gord Mutter, 107 – 3rd St. S. – Feels that the $75,000.00 lease value cannot be substantiated.  The Board should negotiate with Parks Canada to bring the amount down.  Parks Canada needs to negotiate with the Board.

Dale Wallis – The assessment was done without consideration with sewer and water.   No one has a leasehold there, so the evaluation was done on what the land is worth.   Parks Canada or the Board cannot argue the evaluation.  The evaluations are provided by Public Works.

Tim Basaraba, 5 – 2nd St. N. – The value of $75,000.00 is too high.  There is infrastructure there, how much still to be done. He suggests that the lines not run to the cabin fronts, but members run lines themselves in the spring of any year.

Dwight McMillan – The assessed value of all lots is $75,000.00 no matter what the value of the cabin.  Parks Canada decided to go to the property line.  50% of the infrastructure is now done, the other 50% remains to be done.  Parks Canada decided to go to the front of the cabin to avoid further disruption to the streets.

Dale Wallis – Just received an emergency message that Washroom 9 would be closed for the rest of the weekend.

Trevor Winters – Joan James has developed a single sheet describing the leases and sewer and water giving comparisons.   Staying on one year camping permits will cost $2,300 per year.   Leases and sewer and water approximately $1,525.00 to $1,550.00 per year.  There will be a one time infrastructure charge of $5,000.00.  If any member wishes, the Erickson Credit Union will loan the $5,000.00 and amortize it over 20 years with an average yearly payment of $368.00.  If you choose the lease option tied to the Consumer Price Index, the lease rate will only increase by approximately $15.00 per year.  As the Municipality of Park expand the use of the water treatment plant, our fees will go down.  The release fee will be waived.


Clear Lake Cabin Association Treasurer’s Report as of August 31, 2012

Revenue:  As of June 29, 2012                                                                            $3,994.06

                   Income from Memberships                                                                 5,880.00

Total Revenue to August 31, 2012                                                                     $9.874.06

Expenses:  Bank Cheques                                                            $  31.50

         Printing                                                                96.79

Eyepatch Sweatshirts                                   228.10

Board meeting hall rental – June 30/12                          40.00

Board meeting hall rental – August 26/12                   100.00

Coffee and Buns for meeting – August 26/12     20.79

Receipt books and voting cards                                         14.61

Total Expenses to August 31, 2012                                                                 $  531.79

Total Assets to August 31, 2012                                                                       $9,342.27

Westoba Bank Balance as of July 31, 2012                  $8,404.67

Add outstanding membership deposits               1,060.00

Subtract outstanding cheques                                              135.40

Add Westoba Equity                                                                    8.00

Add Westoba Share                                                                     5.00

Bank Reconciliation                                                                                             $9,342.27

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Harland, Treasurer of CLCA.

Members in attendance  –  173

Proxies                                    –   84

Total Cabins Represented –257

Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented by John George, seconded by Roy White. Carried.


President Trevor called on Roy White to preside over the elections.

As Roy White is not running for re-election,  he will be running the election.

Nominated for the president of the Board –Gary Cavanagh

Roy called for further nominations.  Bernie Williams, 12 – 4th St. S. – nominated Brian McVicar.  Brian accepted.  John George moved nominations close, seconded by Mary Kreutzer, 72 – 3rd St. S., carried.

Scrutineers announced 95 votes for Gary and 146 votes for Brian. Brian McVicar is the new president

Nominated for Vice President –  Scott Jordan, no further nominations, Scott declared elected.

Nominated for Secretary – Gloria Belliveau , no further nominations, Gloria declared elected.

Nominated for Treasurer – Joyce Harland, no further nominations, Joyce declared elected.

Nominated for Board –  John George, Joan James, Keith Vinters and Brad Collett.

Call for nominations from the floor. Gary Toews, 36 – 1st St. S. – nominated Nathan Fleck.  Jody LaFleche nominated Paul Barnabe.  Lisa Ross nominated Larry Janzen. Nominations declared closed.  Elected to the Board for a two year term are John George, Joan James, Keith Vinters, Brad Collett and Paul Barnabe.


SPEED BUMPS have been requested on the South Road.

Dale Wallis said they have put movable speed bumps on Tawapit and found that they had to move them many times due to complaints about noise.  Speed bumps really have not been very effective.  Dale also has a concern as bikers have been injured.  Perhaps need to try stop signs, etc.

Trevor Winters – Discussion is required on this issue.

Brian McVicar – Please take down license numbers, make of cars, etc., and bring it to the attention of the Board and/or the Park.

Randy Woodman, 23 – 3rd  St. N. – Near a school in Winnipeg, they have four speed bumps in a row.

Trevor Winters – Take down the information.  No further action needed.

BUILDING GUIDELINES REVIEW – The Board will meet with Dwight McMillan respecting the height of cabins.

CONSTITUTION – Trevor Winters asked Brian McVicar to take over the chair.

Wayne Clayton, 109 – 3rd St. S. – We need to look at the constitution and tighten things up to make it clearer.  Motion that a special committee be struck on the constitution to report back to the Spring Members Meeting in July, 2013.

Gary Toews, 36 – 1st St. S. – Would be reported back with recommendations.

Wayne Clayton, 109 – 3rd St. S. – Bring back recommendations on the constitution.  It is time for a review.

Trevor Winters, 23 – 2nd St. N. – It is stated very clearly in our constitution.  Rules of Procedure in Bourinot if not covered in our constitution.  A motion requires 30 days motion with a 2/3 majority.

Wayne Clayton, 109 – 3rd St. S. – We just need clarification

Unknown,     – 4th St. N. – A review is good, Major issues need a mail in vote.

Brad Collette, 70 – 4th St. S. – Would like Joelle Robinson’s name put forward for the committee.

Greg Fleck, 25 – 3rd St. S. – Members should have the constitution they want.

Brian McVicar – There is interest in reviewing the constitution.  Will call for vote

Gerald Young, 13 – 4th St. N. – The motion did not say form a committee.

Randy Woodman, 23 -3rd St. S. – The Board is an advisory board only, however, the Board is recognized as authority by the Park.  Should there be a mechanism how these decisions are made.

Greg Fleck, 25 – 3rd St. S. – Looking for way members can help the Board make the decisions and give some direction to the Board.

Wayne Clayton,  109 – 3rd St. S. – Did not take exception to Board’s action, supports Trevor’s information to members, but just wants to clarify his position.

Brent Munroe, 75 – 2nd St. S. – Make a motion with regarding major decisions, things which cause members thousands of dollars.

Brian McVicar – This is inappropriate.  Many people have left and a new Board has been elected.  Similar tactics as used in the July meeting.

Brent Munroe, 75 – 2nd St. S. – Want to prevent issues be including review.

Trevor Winters, 23 – 2nd St. N. – The Board will strike a committee to deal with major decisions.

Wayne Clayton,  109 – 3rd St. S. – Will withdraw Motion.

Brent Munroe, 75 – 2nd St.S. – Will withdraw motion.

Trevor Winters returned to chair the meeting.


MOTION:   That the CLCA Constitution be amended in Article III, entitled “Fees”, to add subsection 3, to state:  “The membership period shall be for two years commencing April 1, of every even year, and terminating March 31, of the subsequent even year,”  Moved by Gary Cavanagh, seconded by John George. Carried.

Trevor Winters thanked Gary Cavanagh for his many years of service to the Board.  He also thanked everyone in attendance.

Motion by Gary Toews that the ballots be destroyed. Seconded by Brent Munroe. Carried.

Next Meeting will be held at the Jamboree Hall on June 30th, 2013.

Meeting adjourned at 11:18 a.m.

The above minutes have been posted for information purposes only and still need to be  accepted by the membership at the AGM in September, 2013.





SUNDAY, JULY 1st, 2012


  Prior to the meeting being called to order the following items took place:

 PRESENTATION:  In acknowledgement of the 35 years of entertaining service of the Clear Lake Eye Patch Band, Gary Cavanagh and John George, on behalf of the CLCA, presented monogrammed sweatshirts to Ron Kille, Don Kille, Ron Thomas and Don Sullivan.

 PRESENTATION:  Dale Wallis, Townsite Manager, explained the policy of Parks Canada with respect to the issue of sewer and water.  He informed the meeting that our campground was NOT in compliance with the National Parks Act, and this non-compliance would not have been allowed much longer.

 PRESENTATION:  Our President, Trevor Winters, read and explained the Rules of Procedure for the meeting. He also introduced Roy White as our Parliamentary Expert.

 President Trevor Winters called the meeting to order at 11:25 a.m.

 Hugh Davis, 21 – 3rd St. S – called a Point of Order.

 President Trevor Winters ruled him Out of Order.

 Roy White asked Mr. Davis to please put away the Megaphone and use the microphone we provided. Mr. Davis replied that he did not have to as he had his own.  Mr. White again requested he put away the Megaphone as there was no place for it in this meeting.  Mr. White then clarified the Rules of the Constitution.

 Bruce Hembroff = 53 – 5th St. S. – spoke on Rules of Order, disagreeing with the President’s Rules of Order.

 Hugh Davis – 21 – 3rd St. S. – challenged the President’s ruling.

 President Trevor Winters ruled the challenge Out of Order.

  Garry Paton, 42 – 1st St. S. – Asked whether the President’s ruling stands or not.

 John Bachewich, 42 – 1st St. S. – MOTION – I move that we challenge the ruling of the chair.

 Voting Results – In Favour – 109, Opposed – 161, MotionOverturned.

 Returning to Agenda items:


 Past President – Bruce Hembroff

President           – Trevor Winters

Vice President – Gary Cavanagh

Secretary          – Gloria Belliveau

Treasurer          – Joyce Harland

Board Members – Joan James

                                  Brian McVicar

                                  John George

                                  Roy  White

                                  Scott Jordan

                                  Kevin Alguire

                                  Nelda Didychuk

                                     Jo-Ann Lambaert


 Brent Munroe, 75 – 2nd St. S. – Requested information re the voting.  Was told it would be tallied and given to him later.  This is when the comparison between the number of votes and number of cabin owners was tallied with 270 votes cast and 332 owners registered.


 MOTION: Moved by Andy Urbanowicz, 23 – 1st St. S., and seconded by Wayne Clayton, 109 – 3rd St. S that the agenda be accepted as presented.   CARRIED.


 Moved by Brent Munroe, 75 – 2nd St. S. that we approve the minutes of the members spring meeting of July 3rd, 2011 as distributed.  Seconded by Anne Kadyschuk, 90 – 3rd St. S. CARRIED.


 Wayne Clayton, 109 – 3rd St. S. – We were told at the meeting last July that the Community Plan would be signed last August, and it is still not signed, what is being done.  President Trevor Winters replied that letters have been written to the Minister, with copies to MLA’s, Park Superintendent and Western and Northern Manager in Calgary.  The matter is still ongoing.

 Brent Munroe, 75 – 2nd St. S. – asked if there was a reason the wording in the invoice Service Fees was changed to Town Maintenance Fees.  Dwight McMillan, Parks Canada, replied that it was simply a change in wording and did not mean anything other than that.


 Clear Lake Cabin Association Treasurer’s Report as of June 28, 2012

Revenue:  As of April 30, 2012                                                           $5,147.18

                        Income from memberships                2,120.00

                        Refund from One&One Website server                  10.14

Total Revenue to June 28, 2012                                                                   $7,277.32

Expenses:  Printing, stamps, envelopes for mail-outs           1,343.73

Ink cartridge and receipt books                                                             26.22

     President’s mileage re printing – 100 km.x .40                       40.00                                                                                                              Roy White’s mileage from meeting & lunch June 9     200.00

WTA fees for 2012                                                                                  1,000.00

Trevor Winter’s lunch for WTA meeting Sept. 2011                    18.18

Hall rental for Board Meeting and buns – May 19/12               60.25

Friends of RMNP – rental for Board Meeting – June 9/12           55.00

Cam Heming – New Website Design – May 23/12                    483.00

Go Daddy – New website server (1 yr. term) May 24/12                            56.88

Total Expenses to June 28, 2012                                           $3,283.26

Total Assets to June 28, 2012                                                                         $3,994.06

Westoba Bank Balance as of May 31, 2012               $5, 037.16

Add Outstanding Membership Deposits                     1,300.00

Add Outstanding Refund                                                                  10.14

Subtract Outstanding Cheques                                              2.366.24

Add Westoba Equity & Westoba Share                                13.00

Bank Reconciliation                                                                                        $3,994.06

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Harland, Treasurer of CLCA.

Acceptance of Treasurer’s Report made by Joyce Harland, seconded by Brent Munroe. Carried.


 President Trevor Winters had previously handed out a rate comparison sheet comparing the rates paid in nearby campgrounds.  He now asked people to read them to help understand the increases that would come if we stayed on the one year camping permit.

 President Trevor Winters asked Dale Wallis, Townsite Manager, to speak on the Sewer and Water and Lease issues.  Dale felt that the major issue regarding Sewer and  Water was the up front payment of $5,000.00.  Dale explained that both the CLCA Board and the Park are looking for ways to pay the $5,000.00 instead of having to pay it up front, and they will continue to do so.

 Trevor reported that information has been sent out to all cabin owners.  He explained that the lease fees are based on the lot values which are currently $75,000.00 per lot.

                Lease fees (based on $75,000.00) $1,125.00

                Water & Sewer, Garbage, etc.       $ 425.00

                                                                           $1,550.00 in 2013

If we can get the $5,000.00 amortised over 10 years it would be $500.00 per year.

 With regard to the inquiries he has received regarding sewer and water, Trevor reported that 5 people just wanted additional information, 8 people indicated support and 10 people disliked the decision.  The vast majority of people seem to favour the dual system.  The dual system was first raised by a special committee of the CLCA Board back in 2007, but at that time Parks Canada would not agree with this concept.  In January of this year, Dale Wallis of Parks Canada said they were prepared to run a dual system for as long as it is required.  It seemed to your Board that this would satisfy the owners who wanted Sewer and Water, and also satisfy the owners who did not want Sewer and Water.  The Board felt it was an offer that was too difficult to turn down, and the motion was passed.  It was after the motion was passed that Dale informed us that we were not in compliance with the National Parks Act, and he did not know how long they would allow us to remain in non-compliance.  The Board hoped that this solution would stop the acrimony and fighting, and start the healing process for all.  Your Board are still actively working on a solution for funding for the $5,000.00 and will continue to do so.

 Bruce Hembroff – 53 – 5th St. S. –  spoke on the value of leases.  He feels that all lots are not the same, but no consideration seemed to be given.  QUESTION:  What is the process re a dispute on the price? SECOND QUESTION:  Is kitchenette maintenance included? THIRD QUESTION:  Regarding the dual system, who pays to operate both systems?

 Dale Wallis replied that land assessments are done according to rules.  The final value will be decided next April, presently is $75,000.00.  Challenges can occur after the lease is signed, may be by arbitration or in Federal Court. Maintenance of the kitchenettes will likely fall under the municipal Assistance Fund, which hopefully will show a funding increase for the cabin area.  This fund is reviewed annually by the WTA.

 With respect to the dual system, at some point in time, the washrooms will be at the end of their lifetime.  The signed agreement says they will stay as long as needed; no one will be forced to put sewer and water in their cabin.

 Regan Smith, 32 – 4th St. N. – expressed a concern about the difference between permits and leases, and asked about upgrades. She gave as an example the swimming docks as there are many in the cottage area and only 2 in ours.  She would like either more docks in our area or the current docks enlarged.

 Dale explained that two of the differences between permits and leases are that you cannot get a loan with a permit but can with a lease, and the rate for permits will go up every 5 years.  With regard to the docks, if it was felt that item was wanted, it would have to be identified so it could go on the work plan.

 Wayne Clayton, 109 – 3rd St. S –asked for further explanation about the regulations requiring hook-up to Sewer and Water.

 Dale Wallis – explained that the Parks Agency did not play the regulatory body.  The Water and Sewer regulations, enacted in about the year 2000 state “any building that abuts on a roadway shall connect to Sewer and Water.  For 12 years, the Parks Agency has been allowing the CLCA Board to decide when to move forward.

 Wayne  Clayton – 109 – 3rd St. S – Does whole campground need to connect, the whole campground is not a building.

 Dale Wallis – Every street has Sewer and Water.

 Wayne Clayton – 109 – 3rd St. S – The regulations state MUST connect.  Unless the Board gets in writing that the regulations will be met, it sounds that we will have to connect.

 Dale Wallis – The agreement in 2005 was to run the lines to the lot line.  The current agreement is to run the lines to the front of the cabin.  Parks Canada Agency agrees that this satisfies the regulation.

 President Trevor Winters – Parks Canada have been extremely   good regarding this regulation.

 Julian Shavers – 34 – 5th St. N. – What are the implications to the trees and shrubs?

 Dale Wallis – It is anticipated that the work will be done in the fall and spring as much as possible.  Three Quarters of the system is already in.  The lines are in the front street and there are not many shrubs or trees on the front street. The Park ensures the environment is not adversely affected.  In comparison, there is an impact on the environment of not doing the project.  In 1990, the assessment showed 1,000 violations.  The impact of emptying night pails in bushes, grey water pits under cabins, for example, has caused a spike in the fecal chloroform counts in the lake.  This causes a public safety issue – the Park is to protect the Park and the people in the Park.

 Greg Fleck – 25 – 3rd St. S. – There are three options regarding the lease, but I cannot see the reason for any other than Option 3.

 Trevor Winters – All options must be explained.

 Dale Wallis – The formulas are set in the regulations.  Some people have chosen options 1 or 2, but now all currently are in Option 3.

 Rob Gerry – 34 – 4th St. N. – Was there an engineering study re $5,000.00 infrastructure cost and is it tied to leases?

 Dale Wallis – Waskesieu did water and sewer first, then leases a few years later.  The assessment is not tied to leases, but was updated by the changes the Park made – i.e. – lines run to the front of the cabin.

 Jeff Sim –12 – 4th St. N. – Where does the line end?

 Dale Wallis – At the cabin.

 Judy Mueller – 78 – 2nd St. S. – When the public washrooms are closed, will they be closed all at once or one by one?

 Dale Wallis – After 5 years, the CLCA Board and Parks Canada will meet and review the need for each washroom.  The shower building can remain until the end of its lifetime.

 J. Frank Johnston –30 – 4th St. N. – Raised a concern about the letter which says pay the $5,000.00 or get kicked out.  He feels that under the circumstances, most things are amortized.  He is very upset by the idea that you would be kicked out if you do not pay. He also expressed a concern that the survey was not a vote.  He feels that the Board has not worked hard enough to convince the government to amortize the $5,000.00.

 Trevor Winters – Trevor explained that the committee is working very hard on this issue, and in fact, have a meeting with Robert Sopuck this week.

 Dale Wallis – He would like to see the letter threatening to kick out anyone who does not pay.  He explained that the Park has never kicked anyone out and is always willing to work with people.  With regard to the statement that the Park is broke, in clarification, the Park has used up its lending capacity with the water treatment plant, etc.; therefore, they do not qualify for any more money.  Like the CLCA Board, the Park has not given up trying and has not finished exploring opportunities.

 Tania Cobbe–19 – 3rd St. S. – Thanked all Boards, previous and present, for their hard work, all voluntary and in theirpersonal leisure time, working for nothing.  She reminded people of the way cabins had to be moved out prior to the late 1960’s and the installation of electricity, both of which are examples of the onward vision of the Boards.  We have to move forward. The CLCA Board were offered a dual system, hoping to satisfy all.

 Trevor winters – Thank you very much.

 Andrew   Urbanowicz – 23 – 1st St. S. – Andrew proposed a fund be established for those who cannot afford the $5,000.00.  Andrew and his wife offered to start the fund with a donation of $ 1,000.00. Andrew thanked the Board for their work.

 Trevor Winters – Thanked Andrew for his generous offer and said the Board will follow up.

 Mr. Mutter –107 – 3rd St. S. – Questioned the Board’s authority to bind us to Leases and Sewer and Water.  He said the Constitution sets up how to proceed, what must happen when long-term situations occur, that a vote must happen.

 Trevor Winters – Explained that had we not been able to have a dual system, but only sewer and water, there would have been a vote and the dual system would have been off the table.  The dual system seemed the best option.

 Roy White – We are an association and any association can make decisions.  We make recommendations.  We made a recommendation to the Park to continue to pursue Leases and Sewer and Water.

 Mr.  Mutter –107 – 3rd St. S.  – The Board cannot make this decision.  It must go to a vote.

 Trevor Winters – The comment is received and noted.

 Malvin Valentini – 17 – 2nd St. S – Why is the season based on 7/12ths?  Preference would be 6/12ths.

 Dale Wallis – Parks Canada leases are either 7/12ths or 12/12ths, with water turned on weather permitting.

Brent Munroe – 75 – 2nd St. S. – Asked for the numbers re the voting to be kept.

 Trevor Winters – The numbers are recorded in the minutes.

 Maureen Munroe – 75 – 2nd St. S – Cancelling leases mentioned in project.

 Dale Wallis – Parks Canada have never cancelled a lease.

 Hugh Davis – 21 – 3rd St. S. – If the Board had not agreed would the Park have gone ahead?

 Trevor Winters – We have always had a good rapore with the Park.  The Park provided us with an incentive.

 Greg Fleck – 25 – 3rd St. S. – The introduction of dual system is a game changer, The Board should have provided all owners with information and then asked for a vote, The Board removed owner’s right to have a say.

 Trevor Winters – Are you opposed in principal to the dual system, or is it the money issue, the $5,000.00 up front?

 Greg  Fleck–25 – 3rd St. S. – Why were the Board afraid to ask?

 Trevor Winters – The Board’s responsibility is to accept and give recommendations to the Park.  If this issue had gone to a vote, it would have delayed a couple of years and the costs would have gone up.

 Robert Grain – 26 – 4th St. N. – The costs of maintaining the public washrooms is not free, someone is paying.  Parks Canada said 320 for cleaning and maintenance – different formula.

 Dale Wallis – There is a process in the Parks Act.  The work plan has a fund of money which is decided by all groups as to where to spend the funds.  The CLCA Board has a say.

 Joelle Robinson – 70 – 4th St. S. – Everyone cannot negate the importance of how Parks Canada has treated us.  We are on a camping permit. We do not have guarantees that our permits will continue.  The Board has invested a lot into leases to give us security. Thanks Board for Sewer and Water. Parks Canada has a huge commitment to the environment.  Just appreciate how much your investments have increased.  Everyone look at your investments.  The Board put a lot of dedication and time into this and should be commended.

 MaryAnne Hembroff – 50 – 4th St. S. – We do appreciate the effort, but the Board was elected to represent all and the Board did not represent all.  We are concerned that all were not included.  We would like a proper vote. Follow proper procedure.

 Brent Munroe – 75 – 2nd St. S. – I move that the Board be dismissed as they have not acted for us.

 Roy White – The Board is elected for a 2 year term. The motion is Out of Order, not allowed in the constitution.

 Bruce Hembroff –  53 –  5th St. S.  – Point of Order not acted on.

 Trevor Winters – Out of Order.  Need to have motions based on constitution.

 Following procedures on order in a meeting  as defined in Bourinot’s Rules of Order, the chairman called for order and named Past President Bruce Hembroff as the individual responsible for the ongoing disruption and disorder.  When the individual would not come to order, the chairman declared that he could no longer maintain order in the meeting; the meeting was adjourned until September, 2012.




CLCA Board of Directors Meeting

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

Clear Lake, Manitoba

Present:  Trevor Winters, Gary Kavanagh, Gloria Belliveau, Joyce Harland, Brian McVicar. Jo-Ann Lambaert, Joan James, Scott Jordan, John George, Roy White, Nelda Didychuk,  Bruce Hembroff, Dale Wallis and Dwight McMillan.

 Absent with cause:  Kevin Alguire

 Call to Order:  President Trevor called the meeting to order at 9:08 a.m.

 Approval of Minutes: – Add to membership time – for a 2 year period.  Correct election term 1 year remaining – JoAnn Lambert, Nelda Didychuk, Kevin Alguire and Scott Jordan. On page 3, add be posted on all washrooms.  MOTION to approve minutes as amended  by John George, seconded by Gary Cavanagh.  Carried.

 Matters Arising from Minutes:

 Eye Patch Band:  The members of the Eye patch Band will be coming to the July Meeting.  Presentation of the Sweatshirts will be by John George and Gary Cavanagh.

 Website:  The website seemsto be working very well now with the new server.  Members should be encouraged to put their email addresses on the site to save costs of mailing newsletters, etc.

 Procedures for General Meeting:

 Sound system in place.

  • Hand outs ready and available.
  • Start with review of procedure – Constitution and Bourinot’s Rules
  • If “out of order” called 3 times – 5 minute recess – if still no order, meeting will be adjourned to September.
  • Scott Jordan to be responsible for registration tables.
  • Board Members asked to be there at 9-9:15. Registration volunteers are Joan James, JoAnn Lambert and Nelda Didychuk..
  • Vote Counting –  It was suggested perhaps closed ballots would be preferred.
  • Joyce Harland reported that she needs more voting cards,
  • Order of presentation
    • Stick to Agenda
    • Update on Leases and Sewer and Water
    • Dale Wallis will go first
    • Interviews and Contacts – by 23 cabin owners – 6 wanted information, 8 were in favour of our motion and 9  were opposed. All were responded to.
    • Letters had been written to elected officials.
    • Response from Mr. Sopuck was read.

 Presentation:  A presentation was made to the Board by Jacqueline Chapin Downey, which was well received by the Board and she was thanked for her concerns.

 Announcements:  A new letter written by an anonymous 17 year old had been posted on the washrooms.  It was decided to disregard this as it had no signature,

 New Business:

 Westoba Credit Union – have now issued our Treasurer a new card which is now a Debit Card and she would like the Board’s opinion  on this.  MOTION:  I move that we give authority to Joyce Harland, Gary Cavanagh and John George to sign the necessary paperwork at the Credit Union.  Moved by Brian McVicar, seconded by Nelda Didychuk. Carried.

 Wood Piles – Gary Cavanagh reported that he has had complaints that the wood is damp and will not burn.  There have been reports of people using accelerants in the wood stoves.

 Garbage Pick-up – Gary Cavanagh suggested the main garbage pick up should be early in the week as the garbage piles up after the weekend.

 Notice of Motion – Gary Cavanagh and Trevor Winters to prepare a Notice of Motion to be presented at the General Meeting to add to the Constitution a clearer explanation of the length of memberships to the association.


 Dale Wallis explained that the wood is contracted out and should be wood that is seasoned for 1 year, however, they  receive complaints that the wood is dirty so they default to unseasoned wood.

 There was discussion re the $5,000.00 and how to try to obtain it.

 Dale Wallis and Dwight McMillan will give the Agency perspective to the General Meeting.  There is legislation of Parks Canada which they will explain, and they will explain that  the costs will only go up with delays.



Joan James had done some research respecting the availability of grants for the infrastructure.   A committee was formed to work on this consisting of Joan James, Scott Jordan, Brian McVicar and Gloria Belliveau.

 Thank you:

 Roy White thanked Dale Wallis for his honesty and Trevor Winters for his hard work and diligence.

 Meeting adjourned at 11:20 a.m.

CLCA Board Meeting – January 14, 2012


CLCA Board of Directors Meeting

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Portage la Prairie, Manitoba


Present:  Trevor Winters, Gary Cavanagh, Gloria Belliveau. Joyce Harland, Brian McVicar, Joanne Lambert, Joan James, Scott Jordan, John George, Roy White, Nelda Didychuck, Kevin Alguire.

Absent with cause:  Bruce Hembroff.

Call to Order:   9:22 a.m.     Trevor welcomed Nelda and Joanne to the Board.

Review of Agenda:  John requested an amendment to review the travel allowance.  Recommended this belongs in new business.  Motion:  The agenda be accepted.  Moved by Roy White, seconded by John George. Carried.

Approval of July 2nd, 2011 Minutes:  Moved by Brian McVicar, seconded by Joan James. Carried.

Approval of September 3rd, 2011 Minutes:  Motion:  Before New Business, add new heading Campground Survey:  After discussion, the CLCA expresses its support of the Park survey.  Moved by Brian McVicar and seconded by Roy White. Carried.  Motion: That we accept the September 3rd, 2011 minutes as amended.  Moved by John George, seconded by Nelda Didychuck.  Carried.

Business Arising Out of Minutes:

The website has been purchased by Ken Jarvin for $40.00 and he will sell it to us.  It is already linked to the .org website.  Motion:  That we pay Ken Jarvin $40.00 for the .com website.  Moved by Joyce Harland, seconded by  Brian McVicar.  Carried.

Joan reported on the information she had received from Twilite Hi Pro Mfg. Ltd. For construction of separate washroom buildings for individual cabins.  This Company says they can build this structure to meet Park specifications for $5,596.64.  This would include a wall heater, light, plug in, all fixtures (shower, sink and toilet) and delivery.

As it has been previously decided to acknowledge the 40th anniversary of the Eyepatch Band, Joan is to investigate purchasing sweatshirts with Logos and have them available to be presented at the July general meeting.

There was discussion about deferring posting the line about camping fees in the September 4th, 2011 Minutes until further clarification by Park staff Dale Wallis.  Motion:  We remove the estimate of lease line in the September 4th, 2011 minutes before posting on line.  Moved by Roy White, seconded by Gary Cavanagh.  Carried.

Treasurer’s Report:  As of December  31st, 2011.

Revenue as of December 31st, 2011                                                                                                 $7,195.55

Income from Memberships                                                                                                              $     80.00

Total   Revenue to December 31st,2011                                                                                          $7,275.55

Expenses to December 31, 2011

Printing for AGM, Sept. 4, 2011                                                       $   63.70

Onanole Drop in Centre, Board meeting Sept. 3, 2011                   40.00

Buns for Board Meeting Sept. 3, 2011                                                  20.00

President’s travel for Board business – June 30 to

Sept. 7, 2011 (119 km @.30 per km.)                                                    35.70

Stamps                                                                                                           12.39

Theatre rental for AGM, Sept. 4, 2011                                               100.00

WTA Fees for 2011                                                                              1,000.00

Tru Draw Drafting – Outside washroom floor plan                      105.00

Total Expenses to December 31st,2011                                                                                           $1,376.79

Total Assets to December 31st.2011                                                                                                $5,898.76

Westoba Bank Balance as of Dec. 31, 2011                              $    885.76

Add Term Deposit                                                                              5,000.00

Add Westoba Share                                                                                    5.00

Add Westoba Equity                                                                                   8.00

Bank Reconciliation                                                                                                                            $5,898.76

Total Memberships paid 2010 to 2011 – 435 (83% of 525 cabin owners)

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Harland, Treasurer of CLCA.

Motion:  I move to accept the Treasurer’s report as circulated.  Moved by Scott Jordan, seconded by Nelda Didychuck. Carried.  Motion:  The expenses for the WTA meeting (meals) be covered by the CLCA.  Moved by Gary Cavanagh, seconded by John George.  Carried.

Committee Reports:

Townsite Security:  Gloria reported that there have been no meetings of the committee.  Joyce and Gloria held a meeting for owners, at which only four came and were not interested in patrolling at night, but made a short list of  things all cabin owners should watch  for.  These were posted on the washrooms.  Gloria will continue on the committee and Joanne will replace Joyce on the committee.

Vegetation Committee:  Scott reported that a few trees were replaced.  The trees that were planted are doing very well.  Trevor expressed a concern about Burr Oak trees.  Scott replied that they are aware of the issues with Burr Oaks.  Scott will remain on the committee.

Marine Committee:  John reported that the Park delayed programs that were scheduled for last summer.  John will remain on the committee.

Web Site:  Joyce reported that the site was giving a warning of a virus, and she did not open the site but shut down her computer to avoid the virus.  Scott checked the site and found the same virus.  Cam Heming had been alerted to the problem.  Joyce is to keep in touch with Cam to get the problem resolved.

Development Review Board:  Gloria reported that there had not been a meeting of the Development Review Board.  Gloria and Roy are to remain as representatives on the Development Review Board.

WTA:  Brian will represent the Board re the Doctor’s  House and Gary will represent the Board with respect to finance.

Motion: To accept the committee reports as presented.  Moved by John George, seconded by Joyce Harland.  Carried.

WTA Meeting:  Reported by Gary Cavanagh.

–        A discussion on rent reviews has occurred.  Cottages and businesses hired private evaluators and their evaluations came out lower than the Parks, however  the Park would not accept their evaluation.  There are private law suits ongoing.

–        There are commercial lots for sale.

–        The cottage area roads will be plowed this year.

–        The WTA would like the following infrastructure items to be priorized:  Outdoor arena, deep water lines for cottages, cabin area washrooms, boat launches,

–        Issues Park is facing are:  recycling, Superintendent’s  residence (available for rentals for weddings, etc.) through the golf course, consulting with Rural Municipal Advisory Board regarding the east end of the park.

–        Parks Canada

–        -want more meetings with townsite.

–        -are looking at projects re all Western Parks.

–        -update on community plan

–        -discussion re private cottage owners

–        -commercial leases

–        -Cheryl Penny said Robert Sheldon is the new Superintendent

–        -need to formalize the opening and closing date of the Dr.’s residence re Hydro and Insurance

–        -the Superintendent’s residence is to be upgraded

–        -want ideas to preserve all heritage areas of the Park

–        -want a Memorandum of Understanding with the Rural Municipal Advisory Group

–        -boat launch – mooring and access fees likely activated next year to be used for repairs, etc.

–        -kiosks at boat cove for tickets to launch

–        -kiosks at main gate for quick vehicle entry

–        -busking areas for entertainers by Friends of the Park

–        -the prescribed burn was much larger than planned

–        -recycling problems

Acceptance of the WTA report.  Moved by Scott Jordan, seconded by Brian McVicar.  Carried.

Park Representatives Dale Wallis and Dwight McMillan joined the meeting.

Dale reported that 307 out of 525 cabin  owners replied to the survey sent out by the Park.  They want input from the Board on where to go and which items to proceed to investigate on our behalf, noting that Sewer and Water as well as Leases are not mentioned in the Comprehensive Review.   John suggested we move forward on all positive results, for example lot size increases.  Dwight suggested we not lump things together, but keep them simple.  Roy said he feels the leases are a separate issue.  Nelda asked if there is a legal survey and Dwight said no, just a Park survey.  Motion:  We encourage the Park to move forward to a lease system for the campground property.  Moved by Roy White, seconded by Scott Jordan.  Carried.

Dale said that our permit fees have not been adjusted for 20 years and we can expect there will be a substantial increase.

Motion:  We recommend that the Park proceed with sewer and water in individual cabins. Moved by Joanne Lambert, seconded by Kevin Alguire.  Dale said it was possible to have both, to keep the existing washrooms and shower building and to have sewer and water for those who want it.  Joanne and Kevin agreed to withdraw their motion. Amended Motion: Based on the results of the survey and in light of the fact that Parks Canada has indicated that we will keep the washrooms and shower buildings for as long as required, we the Board recommend that the Park proceed with the installation of water and sewer to the individual cabins.  Moved by Joanne Lambert, seconded by Kevin Alguire. Carried.

Dale and Dwight offered to have a few building designs for cabins which could be purchased from the Park.  Kevin asked if the plans would include the necessary stamps and Dalr responded that they would.  Roy thanked Nelda for breaking the ground for lofts and unique designs.  Motion:  We form a committee to review building guidelines and design.  Moved by Roy White and seconded by Gary Cavanagh. Carried.  Committee to consist of John George, Scott Jordan, Joan James, Joanne Lambert and Nelda Didychuck.

Dale reported that the cost of garbage will go up.  The back lanes are inconvenient for the trucks due to their twisty nature and the trees that have overgrown the lanes.

There was a general discussion on the possibilities regarding lot sizes.

The Community Plan has been reworked and sent back to Ottawa.

New Business:

A dead rat was found on 2nd Street North.

The new Superintendent is Robert Sheldon.

There is no booking of the Jamboree Hall, it is on a first come basis.

The procedural By-Law is at the printer.

We need to have a meeting with our MP, Bob Sopack, to solicit his ideas and support.

Motion: Anyone picking up 3 or more Board members receive double the car allowance.  Moved by John George and seconded by Roy White.  After discussion, John and Roy agreed to withdraw their motion.    Amended motion:  We raise the travel allowance for $.30 to $.40 per kilometer plus $.10 per kilometer for each passenger.  Moved by John George and seconded by Roy White.  Carried.

The newsletter was deferred to the next meeting.

Next meeting:  To be announced.

Meeting adjourned at 3:10 p.m.


CLCA Annual General Meeting – September 4, 2011


Call to Order: 10:05 a.m.

Introduction of Board Members: Bruce Hembroff – past president, Trevor Winters – president, Gary Cavanagh – vice-president, Teddi Brown – secretary, Joyce Harland – treasurer, Gloria Belliveau, John George, Joan James, Scott Jordan, Brian McVicar, Roy White, Kevin Alquire (regrets)

Approval of Agenda: Elections will be moved from item 11 to item 9 on the agenda. Add public use of washrooms and cook shacks to item 12.
Motion to accept the agenda as amended.
Moved by Brian McVicar, seconded by Alice Birnie , 36 2nd St. N.

Approval of Sept. 5, 2010 AGM minutes: Motion to accept the minutes as circulated. Moved by Roy White, seconded by Gloria Belliveau.

Business arising from the minutes: The CLCA web site member forum issue has been resolved. We have purchased .com so it is now linked to .org. We are looking into the cost of signage for the wood sheds. The RCMP Shoal Lake Division enforces water safety in our area. A letter has been sent to them and the superintendent regarding enforcement of regulations. The Community Plan is still not signed. A letter approved at an executive meeting will be posted on line for members to sign regarding the Community Plan.
President’s Report: Posted on line.
Motion: I move to accept the President’s Report as presented. Moved by Trevor Winters, seconded by Nelda Didychuk, 35 2nd St. N. Carried.
Bruce Hembroff, 53 5th St. S.: The trees simply need to be trimmed. We have asked not to have our back lane graded as it brings up the dirt and results in a mess.
Treasurer’s Report: Presented by Trevor Winters
Clear Lake Cabin Association Treasurer’s Report as of August 31, 2011

Revenue: As of June 30, 2011 $7,515.54
Income from memberships $1,460.00 Total Revenue to August 31, 2011 $8,975.54

Expenses: To August 31, 2011
Printing and photocopies $ 333.36
Breakfast Board Meeting July 2, 2011 98.00
Ink Cartridges 70.54
Trip to Waskesiu (4 members) 1,233.66
Bank Travel 15.00 Web site July 24,2011 to Jan.24, 2012 29.43 Total Expenses to August 31, 2011 $1,779.99
Total Assets to August 31, 2011 $7,195.55
Westoba Bank Balance as of July 30, 2011 $2,462.16
Subtract outstanding cheques 1,419.61 Add outstanding membership deposits 1,140.00 Add Westoba Equity 8.00
Add Westoba share 5.00
Add Term Deposit 5,000.00
Bank Reconciliation: $7,195.55
Total members paid to date – 434 (83% of 525 cabin owners)
Respectfully submitted by Joyce Harland, Treasurer of Clear Lake Cabin Association

Motion: I move to accept the Treasurer’s Report as circulated. Moved by Brian McVicar, seconded by Paulie Pow, 31 2nd St. N. Carried.

Committee Reports:
Townsite Security/Neighbourhood Watch: A meeting was held for the cabin owners. four were in attendance. Those owners didn’t feel we needed a walk around at night. Points for all cabin owners to watch out for were stealing firewood, inappropriate behaviour, locking your cabin and vehicles and not letting strangers into the shower building.
Development Review Board: No meetings have been held this summer.
Motion to accept the DRB and townsite reports made by John George, seconded by Ed Didychuik, 35 2nd St. N. Carried
Vegetation: Trees were planted last fall and are doing well. Scott recognized his grandfather for helping him to check the growth of the trees. Three points to consider. We are looking to replace the large stump in the green space with a new tree. The three burr oaks behind the Jamboree Hall are not doing well and may be replaced. The grass around the trees needs to be trimmed.
Pam Lucenkiw, 30 3rd St. N.: What about the care and feeding of a new tree if you ask for one?
Scott: Ultimately, you are responsible for it.
Motion to accept the vegetation report made by Gary Cavanagh, seconded by John Kelly, 4 3rd St. S. Carried.
Marine: Nil report.
Web Site: .com will link into .org now.
Elections: The following slate of officers was presented:
– President: Trevor Winters
– Vice-President: Gary Cavanagh
– Secretary: Gloria Belliveau
– Treasurer: Joyce Harland
Nominations were called for three times from the floor.
The executive officers were declared elected by acclamation.

The following people let their names stand for the Board of Directors: Scott Jordan, Kevin Alguire, Teddi Brown, Nelda Didychuk
Nominations were called for from the floor.
Gail Diller, 10 4th St. N nominated JoAnn Lombaert, 9 5th St. S.
Nominations were called for two times from the floor.
Teddi Brown had allowed her name to stand on the slate provided there were no nominations from the floor. Since one nomination was made, she removed her name from the slate. Therefore no election was held and the board members were declared elected by acclamation.

Community Plan/Comprehensive Review/Board Policies: Trevor reported on the trip that was taken to Waskesiu and a Power Point presentation was given. The CLCA Board Policies will be posted online. Parks Canada will be sending out a survey to all cabin owners re the development of the area. Please fill it out and return it to Parks Canada. Results will probably be posted online. The Health Inspector has passed our washrooms and shower building. Little things have to be done. The washrooms and shower building can be brought up to code for about $60,000.00. The full report will be posted online.
General Business: J. Kelly raised two issues he feels need to be addressed. One is speed limit signs are posted at the North and South entrances to the seasonal cabin area (maximum 20). Some drivers seem to forget that as soon as they turn south on 1st South. It becomes a speedway. (Driving well beyond the maximum 20). What can be done? The second issue is dog owners and visitors need to be reminded that dogs are on leash and pick up the dog poop.
Another issue raised was garbage by the bins on the long weekend because they are full. Also the recycling bins can be overloaded.
Report from Parks Canada (Dale Wallis and Dwight McMillan):
Dale Wallis: Changes have been made to the schedule for next year. One more garbage pickup will be done. To alleviate last year’s problem, more recycling bins have been added to the recycling centre this year. I will look at it again next year.
Dale met with the new MP on Friday and hopefully the Community Plan will be signed this fall. The sewage lagoon is up and running.
Parks position is that we want to respond to cabin owners needs. Thus with the comprehensive review, we are asking the various survey questions. One survey question will include the cook shacks and hydro. Parks Canada is going to a fee review this winter. Dale reviewed the various items in the survey and asked for feedback and any additions.
Bruce Hembroff gave a brief history of what has occurred re building regulations, etc. His opinion is the survey indicates possible solutions. Example re leases: Will the lots be surveyed? What will the release fee be?
Parks response is the questionnaire probably asks more questions than it answers. Please consider your response. What would you like to see in the comprehensive review? What information would you like? Dale is hopeful it will be sent out in the next week or two with a return date of the end of October.
Question: On what basis will the increase of fees be determined by the Park?
Dale: Camping fees are determined in a review. It is approximately 18 months for a new fee to come into effect. An estimate for a lease would be $70.00 a square foot.
Pam Lucenkiw, 30 3rd St. N.: I feel our meetings are rushed. There is so much information to absorb. Would it be possible for the Park to have more meetings to inform us?
Dale: Yes.
Pam: I would like to see more of what the expectations are on us by the Park.
Dale: Parks mandate is negative impact. For example, if we went to larger lot sizes, it would not necessarily mean larger cabins.
A discussion has been held re the Parks developing a few cabin plans that could be purchased by cabin owners.
Ed Didychuk, 35 2nd St. N.: Are there plans to reopen the development at Lake Katherine?
Dale: My understanding is there are some ongoing discussions.
The washrooms and cook shacks are owned by the public and can be used by them. Feel free to redirect people to the campground for a shower use or other places.

Next Meeting: The General Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, July 1, 2012 at the Jamboree Hall.
Adjournment: Motion to adjourn at 12:40 p.m.
Note: There were 68 cabins in attendance and 14 proxies.
Respectfully submitted,
Teddi Brown, Recording Secretary

Note: It has been my pleasure to serve as secretary for the past four years. I have tried my best to accurately record the proceedings of all meetings I attended and wish the new secretary all the best in her endeavours. Thank you to all cabin owners who gave me this opportunity to be a part of the Board.
Teddi Brown


CLCA General Meeting – July 3, 2011


July 3, 2011

Call to Order: 10:05 a.m.

Review of Agenda: Motion to approve the agenda. Moved by Roy White, seconded by John George. Carried.

Introduction of Board Members: Trevor Winters – president, Gary Cavanagh – vice-president, Teddi Brown – secretary, Joyce Harland – treasurer, Gloria Belliveau, Roy White, John George, Joan James, Kevin Alguire, Scott Jordan, Bruce Hembroff

Absent with cause: Brian McVicar

Approval of GM Minutes of July 4, 2010: Motion to accept the minutes as circulated.
Moved by John George, seconded by Scott Jordan.

Matters arising from the minutes: The Minister has not signed off on the Community Plan. The road signage at the entrance roads is now in place. The camping fees have been split into two instalments. The website has a new member forum page in place and it is working.

President’s Report: The president’s report will be posted on the website.
Ryan Givoli tendered his resignation and his position will be filled at the next AGM. Don Huismann retired and Dale Wallis is the new townsite manager. Details of the comprehensive review are available on the website. A four person delegation (Bob Fraser, Trevor Winters, John George, Joan James) will be going to Waskesiu with some key items: permit versus lease, infrastructure and marina.
Ron Kadyschuk, 116 1st S.: Thanks to the people who keep things rolling. It is very helpful.
Motion to accept the President’s report. Moved by Kevin Alguire, seconded by Alice Birnie. Carried.

Treasurer’s Report:

Clear Lake Cabin Association Treasurer’s Report as of June 30, 2011

Revenue: As of April 30, 2011 $8,711.75
Total Revenue to June 30, 2011 $8,711.75
Expenses: To June 30, 2011
Canad Inn at Portage for Board Meeting and Dinner $ 332.72
Travel for Board Meeting May 7, 2011 384.00
Flowers for Teddi Brown (Bereavement) 95.49
Printing 10.88
Stamped envelopes for Spring Newsletter 373.12
Total Expenses to June 30, 2011 $1,196.21

Total Assets to June 30, 2011 $7,515.54

Westoba Bank Balance as of May 31, 2011 $2,502.54
Add Westoba Equity 8.00
Add Westoba share 5.00
Add Term Deposit 5,000.00
Bank Reconciliation: $7,515.54

Total Members paid to date – 363 (69% of 525)

The members paid to date has increased by about 15.
Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report. Moved by Scott Jordan, seconded by Gary Cavanagh. Carried.

Committee Reports:

Vegetation: The trees that were planted in September 2010 appear to have weathered the winter well. Scott is open to suggestions to having a tree planted on any cabin owner’s lot.
Ken Griffiths, 19 5th S: When will the park be able to clean up the downed trees on the green belt?
Scott: The Park cannot give a firm answer. There are pages of trees to be cleaned up.
Motion to accept the vegetation report. Moved by John George, seconded by Kevin Alquire. Carried.

Security: Gloria is working with Sandy Lake to find out how their neighbourhood watch works. She will be asking cabin owners to volunteer to patrol midnight to 5:00 a.m. The program is dependent on the owners cooperation. Motion to accept the security report. Moved by Alice Birnie, seconded by Bruce Hembroff. Carried.

Development Review Board: No new concerns have arisen in the cabin area. There have been some in the cottage/business areas. Motion to accept the development review board report. Moved by Scott Jordan, seconded by Gale Simpson, 24 3rd N. Carried.

Website: To date, not that many people have posted to the forum.
Bill Clark: Could we get an e-mail alert to let us know something new has been posted?
Scott: RSS can be set up which gives automatic notification.
Motion to accept the website report. Moved by Gloria Belliveau, seconded by Gary Cavanagh. Carried.

Newsletter: The cost for the newsletter is approximately $550.00. It is the one sure way to contact all cabin owners. We could do it electronically to save money. However, not everyone has a computer.

Marine: The triathlon practice buoys are in. They are yellow. You can train on this course. The buoys will be left in permanently. There are new signs for the boat cove. New rock pile markers have been asked for as the old ones are faded. If you are parking your boat overnight in the parking lot, please park on the perimeter rather than the middle. This will allow easier day use. The Park has been asked for a sign.

Trevor Winters: Last year you talked about insurance. Do you have any more information?
John: It depends on your carrier.
Pam Lucenkiw, 30 3rd St.N: Are there any more boats that would appear on the lake with an enhanced marina?
John: That is conjecture and would be hard to say. It would hopefully eliminate congestion.
Pam Lucenkiw: It is just for the cabin owners?
John: No. It is for anyone in the park.
Pam Lucenkiw: Is it user paid?
John: Yes. We can have security.
Bruce Hembroff: Is there any timeline?
John: No timeline.
Bruce Hembroff: Is there any plan?
John: No. The board has developed a policy.
Rob Gerry, 34 4th St. N.: Are there any plans to improve the ramps?
John: The prevailing winds and wave action is causing the problem. We can clean them. It is another reason why we need a marina.
Question: It seems the cove road is deteriorating at the north entrance.
Dale Wallis: The road is not included in the townsite map. If a marina is ever going to get built, it will have to be done with private funds. A private entrepreneur could come forward with a plan to present to the Park.
Motion to accept the marine report. Moved by Bruce Hembroff, seconded by Gary Cavanagh. Carried.

Parks Canada, Dale Wallis: The constraints for the Park are we don’t have the funding and need to live with what we have, to do the projects. My understanding is the Community Plan will be signed in August. We will then be headed into a comprehensive review. I will provide good quality information and advice and have all the information that Waskesiu had.
Bruce Hembroff; Are there any plans to keep the North Shore launch open?
Dale: We want to maintain status quo and try to maintain all the current launches.
Alice Birnie, 36 2nd St. N.: Are there any plans to fix up Jamboree Hall?
Dale: I have sent a note to the maintenance department to paint it. Hopefully they will get to it this year. (Dale thinks that it is the Park’s responsibility to pay for it.)
Question: Is the weather cam on the administration building accessible?
Dale: The issue appears to be getting our signal out beyond the Park. There is some concern about opening outside the Park without a fire wall.
Kevin Alguire: What is happening with the east end?
Dale: There are plans but no funding.
Bruce Hembroff: Has there been any impact with the Harper majority government?
Dale: Usually there are projects available if stimulus funding is available. Parks Canada has had a no new job policy for the past three years. There is a tightening of the purse strings. We have not seen any new hits. Some of the carry over projects have been shut down.
Question: Are there any plans to reopen the road to the wishing well?
Dale: We have looked at options and are trying to find a way to get it reopened. A project engineer is looking at it. There is some concern about liability.
Question: re the trees down in the green space.
Dale: The plan is to clean up all the tress over the course of the summer. The budget was $40,000 overspent last summer and is already overspent this summer. According to Park regulations, no cabin owner can cut down vegetation without permission. For
example, cut down trees, etc. to make a parking spot.
Pam Lucenkiw: Does a yellow plastic thing tied around a tree mean anything?
Dale: You can check to see if there is a permit on it.
M. Chudobiak, 4 2nd St. N.: The sewer drain has been plugged for five or six years and floods continually.
Trevor Winters: So noted.
Dale Wallis: There were signed agreements in April for sewer and water with the neighbouring community. It will be turned on sometime this fall and they will be paying for this service. For the cabin owners this year our cost is $308.00. The hope is in the next few years this will go down. The new lagoon is open and operating. The standards are quite high.
Trevor Winters: An old picnic table needs to be disposed of. Is there any way Parks Canada can come through to pick up heavy items?
Dale: We can organize that easily enough. The townsite does it now three times a year (Deadwood Wednesdays)

New Business: The Board has developed an operational procedural bylaw. It is available on the website. An amendment to the constitution has been added and is available on the website. The new policies will be reported on at the fall meeting.

Motion to adjourn: Made by Roy White at 11:40 a.m. Carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Teddi Brown, Recording Secretary

Cabins in attendance 55