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The President called the meeting to order at 10:00 A.M. There were 4 Board Members absent.

Housekeeping: As Past President, Trevor Winters will chair the elections. The President asked all members who wish to speak to clearly state their name and cabin address to enable the secretary to correctly record same.

Review of Agenda: Under no. 8 – add constitutional update. Under Parks – add review of sewer and water and urban student report. Moved by Scott Jordan and seconded by Jim Kellar. 80 – 1st st. S, that the Agenda be approved as amended. Carried.

Approval of Minutes: It was moved by Sylvia Taylor, 49 – 2nd St.S and seconded by Lisa Redmond, 40 – 1 st St. S that the minutes be accepted as distributed. CARRIED.

President’s Report: The President reported that the subcommittee re the constitution have had preliminary discussions, but there has been no meeting yet..

Sewer and Water: Brian thanked Brad Collett and Keith Vinthers for their work in checking the tenders. The tender was awarded to Rob Smith & Son, Backhoe & Trucking Ltd. of Neepawa at a cost of $1.6 million. There are 4 parts in all, Installation of connection boxes, isolation of lines, laying of lines and repair of roads. It is yet to be determined whether roads will be replaced with asphalt or repaired with chip seal.

New Lots: There are 30 lots which can be developed in the cabin area. Of these 5 were released this year and all 5 were sold. Owners were advised to pick up their completed leases at the administration office. Sylvia Taylor, 49 – 2nd St. S. asked for dates the water construction would be in front of cabins. Dwight McMillan replied that construction would start on Tuesday, September 2nd and would be finished by the end of November. There will be an air test at the end of November, and then again in the spring, following which the water will be good to go.

Noise Complaints: Dwight reported that the first thing to do is remind the offenders of the noise guidelines of 11 p.m. Following this calls should be made to Palladin Security, the Wardens Office and then the R.C.M.P. Washroom:

Washroom #7 has been cleaned up, repaired and painted by owners in the area, a prime example of community spirit.

Elections: Trevor Winters took the chair for the elections. There are 103 cabin owners in attendance and 5 proxies, giving a total of 108 cabin owners represented. Scrutineers are Joan James, Paul Barnabe, Brad Collett and Trevor Winters. Vote Counters are Andy Urbanowitz, 23 – 1st St. s., Valerie Bird, 37 – 4th St. S. Ron McPhail, 7 – 2nd St. S, and Marilyn Mutter, 103 – 3rd St. S. President Brian McVicar Elected by acclamation Vice-President Scott Jordan Elected by acclamation Secretary Gloria Belliveau Elected by acclamation Treasurer Joyce Harland Has served 4 years. Moved by Betty Ann Caldwell, 6 – 5th St. N. and seconded by Jim Keller – 80 – 1st St. S that an extension allowed for another year. Carried. Three Board Member Positions are open for election: Running are Kevin Alguire, JoAnn Lombaert and Nelda Didychuk. As there were no further nominations from the floor, the above mentioned are declared elected by acclamation.

Website: Joyce Harland requested that owners provide her with an email address in order that newsletters, etc. could be sent electronically rather than by mailing hard copies in an effort to reduce expenses.

Board Meeting: The Board held a meeting in March in Portage la Prairie. WTA; There was a meeting in March with the Wasagaming Tenants Association, following which Brad Collett was appointed to the subcommittee on Waste Management.

Doctors Residence: Joan James reported that the contract was extended this year. The cost to us is $1,000.00 per year. The Doctor can be reached in the summer months at the Erickson Clinic.

Plumber: Sylvia Taylor, 49 – 2nd St. S.- asked if owners could have plumbers in this fall. Dwight replied that owners cannot tie into the water until April or May of 2014, partly because it is unknown where the connections are.

Committee reports:

Security – The cabin area will be left open to allow for construction. Marina – There is nothing new to report. Portable Washrooms – There will be one set upon the green space near the shower building for viewing.

Jamboree Hall – The Jamboree Hall is to be operated by the CLCA. Brian thanked the Park for the excellent work on the renewal of the Hall. It is hoped it will be used next summer for social events.

Shower Buildings Keys: will now be available from the CLCA. They can be obtained from Joyce Harland at a cost of $5.00 each.

Golf Tournament: Very successful this year. Reg Meaken shot an albatross.

Constitution Update: A committee consisting of Trevor Winters. Roy White and Joelle Robinson was appointed to go through the constitution with Greg Fleck`s group of owners. There were telephone discussions during which Greg Fleck was asked to bring the thoughts of his group forward, but this has not happened. Trevor reported that the constitution had been reviewed and updated in 2007, 2008 and 2010. Gordon Mutter , 107 – 3rd St.’s. reported that Randy Woodman`s name had been put forward as a volunteer for Greg Fleck`s committee. Joelle Robinson, 70 – 4th St. S. also volunteered. Trevor Winters reported that Greg Fleck was to form a committee and bring a Notice of Motion to the meeting. Gary Toews, 36 – 1st St. S. said Mr. Fleck would like people of differing views. JoAnn Lytle, 31 – 5 th St. N. and Sylvia Taylor, 48 – 2nd St. S. volunteered to be on Greg Fleck`s committee.

Treasurer`s Report as of August 22nd , 2013

Revenue: as of June 18, 2013 – $5,299.59

Income from Membership Deposits – $340.00
Income from selling 27 Shower Keyes – $135.00
Income from Jamboree Hall Donation (one wedding event) – $80.00

Total Revenue to August 22nd , 2013 – $5,854.59


Printing – General Meeting July 30/13 – $67.80
Stamps 10.38
Mileage for Treasurer re:banking, post office, printing – $23.85
Coffee and buns for Board Meeting June 29,2013 – $33.13

Total Expenses to August 27, 2013 – $135.16

Total Assets to August 27, 2013 – $5,719.43

Westoba Bank Balance August 27, 2013 – $5,706.43
Add Westoba Share – $5.00
Add Westoba Equity – $8.oo

Bank Reconciliation – $5,719.43

447 (84%) paid up members

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Harland, Treasurer .

Moved by Gary Toews, 36 – 1st St. S. and seconded by Marilyn Mutter, 107 – 3rd St. S. that the treasurer`s report be accepted as read. Carried.

Urban Planning Report – Scott Jordan gave a review of Michael Rac’s report which had been presented to the Board on August 23rd . He said Mr. Rac did a fantastic job. He reported on subjects such as parking, erosion, congestion, boat cove congestion, lake trail, signage, etc. This report was very preliminary and we will not be moving forward on it yet. Mr. Rac will make his final report to us next summer and this will be posted on the website. At that time, we will look at his report and decide what is useful, financially viable, etc. and use this information in moving forward. Valerie Reid , 37 – 4th St. S. asked for the website to report what people said and Mr. Rac`s comments. Dwight said that Mr. Rac listened and documented all comments. Next summer he will finalize and with the Park will discuss with the Board and decide upon implementation. The Park hope to have the fine-tuned report before the next AGM.

Parks Report: Dwight McMillan reported that the water and sewer tender had been awarded to a Neepawa firm for $1.6 million. Their supplies would start arriving September 3rd and be stored at the boat cove. The Park does not know where they will be starting ,but park staff will be available to help with moving of cabins, etc. Mr. Mutter, 107 – 3rd St. S. asked about water meters. Dwight said no meters, everyone would be paying a flat rate. Dale Wallis said the rates may go up slightly as the season was 24 weeks and is now 7 months. Mr. Mutter said that meant his $90,000 cabin would subsidize $500,000 cabins. Dwight remarked that the R.M. of Park will be subsidizing the same. He said when Project R.M.of Park is completed, it will lower our rates. Mr. Mutter asked why we cannot vary rates for large lots. Dale explained that there would be minimal difference. In cost recovery, everyone pays the same. Based on usage is not cost effective. Scott Johnston, 3 – 5th St. N. asked about accessibility to our cabins after this weekend. Dwight said it will be a construction zone and access may vary. Park staff will be on site to assist, water may be off and on. Jill Lee, 51 – 3rd . St. S. -The campground is accessible, but can we gain entrance until October 31st . Dwight responded that we can occupy from April 1st to October 31st, but this year it may be a struggle due to construction. Val Ducharme, 14 – 3rd St. N. – asked if we would be ticketed for parking. Dwight said we can use the boat cove parking or main parking lot. Dale said to store boats in the main parking lot. Lyle Parnell, 11 -1st St. S. – asked if park considered the total value of water or if we pay share of assessed value. Dale responded that it has no bearing. Dwight said that there are still extras, such as boxes. Isolation and road resurfacing. He feels we are on target. We will be billed the exact amount. Jim Snow, asked how deep the lines were going and would they have to be drained. Dale replied that in 2005 the lines were put at 4 feet and will now continue at 4 feet with grade for sewer. The box to each cabin will have 2 valves, with a sewer valve beside the box. In the fall cabin owners will shut off the valve and drain their cabin lines. A tap was installed to be opened in the fall by a plumber and the lines blown out, then closed after a few days. Brent Munro,75 -2nd St. S. wants an explanation of the sewer and water invoice. Dale explained that water and sewer is based on usage, garbage is subsidized, and debt repayment is money borrowed for the water treatment plant. Dale said the park pays for its service on a cost recovery basis including paying debt repayment for 11 0r 12 more years. The water and sewer project was projected at $5,000 per cabin. Brian remarked that the money saved on our behalf by Dale and Dwight is considerable.

New Business: Sylvia Taylor, 48 – 2nd St. S. – asked about evacuation routes. Dwight replied that Michael Rac was working on this. He said the park would be implementing some as early as this fall. It will be on our website. Sylvia felt that the website is not getting to owners. She would like more communication as there is too much gossip. Debra Harker, 58 – 4th St. S. – asked if there was a time frame for the cookshacks. Dwight replied that there is no time frame for the cookshacks. The last survey indicated that 96 % of owners wanted the cookshacks to remain. Dale reported that Michael Rac’s report indicated that there are 1253 parking spaces in the area. Gary Toews, 36 – 1st . St. S. – questioned how long the dual system would remain in place. Dale replied that the washrooms will be maintained. After 5 years the park will consult with the board on an ongoing basis. Dwight will not allow the washrooms be removed if cabins are not hooked up. Trevor Winters, 23 – 2nd St. S. – said that the website is kept up to date. Rely on the website, not gossip. Dwight said information about trees should be obtained from either Dale or himself. Gordon Mutter, 107 – 3rd St. S. – asked about On Demand Water Heaters. Dwight recommended that any owner considering purchasing one should first speak to Manitoba Hydro. Sylvia Taylor, 48 – 2nd St. S. – asked about hot water tanks on the outside of cabins. Dwight replied that they must be contained in a structure matching the exterior of the cabin, with shingles, a lockable door and meet all setbacks. Sylvia also asked about propane heaters and Dwight again replied that they must meet all regulations, particularly that they must be at the rear of the lot. Brent Munro, 75- 2nd St. S. – raised the issue of parks staff flipping cabins and he was assured that this issue has been reviewed by Parks Canada.

Meeting adjourned by Brad Collett at 12:10 p.m.

Just a reminder that Jamboree Hall bookings should be made through Joyce Harland, 18 – 2nd St. S., email address



CLCA Board of Directors Meeting Saturday, August 31st , 2013
Parks Canada Administration Board Room

Present: Brian McVicar, Trevor Winters, Scott Jordan, Gloria Belliveau, Joan James, JoAnn Lombaert, Kevin Alguire, Brad Collett, Dale Wallis and Dwight McMillan.

Regrets: Joyce Harland, Nelda Didychuk, Keith Vinthers, Paul Barnabe, John George.

Meeting called to order: at 9:10 a.m.

Website: A request was received that a posting be made to our website for personal reasons. Another request was received from a financial institution asking to post a link to our website. Moved by Brad Collett and seconded by Trevor Winters that neither request be allowed. CARRIED

Noise Complaints: A complaint was received about a noisy neighbour partying late and keeping her small child awake. A second complaint was received about 2 late evening parties with heavy drinking, etc. in a cookshack. In both cases, the parties were told to call Paladin Securities, with the option to follow up with the R.C.M.P.

Plumbing: A request was received by the board asking if the Board could tender plumbing rates. After discussion, it was decided that differences in circumstances of individual cabins need different plumbing services. Moved by Scott Jordan and seconded by Trevor Winters that the Board will not be tendering for plumbing cabins at a group rate. CARRIED

Forum: Dale Wallis suggested that members be advised to use the question forum, as the same questions are asked continually.

Road restrictions: Brian McVicar asked how owners could find out about hook-up boxes and road restrictions this fall. Dale Wallis replied that owners would have to find out about road restrictions from the contractors. Once the streets are resurfaced, load restrictions will need to be adhered to in order not to damage the new streets, This may restrict cement trucks and other such heavy equipment. Contractors will need to be advised.

Buildings: Dwight McMillan said footings should be 30 x 30 x 8 inches. In some cases, variations to the Building Guidelines may be required “for cause” such as for Health and Safety issues, compassionate issues in the case of handicapped access, as well as the need for pile foundations due to sloping/ irregular lots as recommended by engineers.

New cabin Owners: Brian McVicar asked about new cabin owners. Brian asked if the Park would provide all new Cabin Owners with an informational handout inviting them to join CLCA. This handout should include a Consent Form that would allow the Park to release their basic contact and basic civic information to CLCA

Washroom 7: Brian McVicar reported that owners around washroom 7 collected $415.00, painted, replaced boards and cleaned the washroom. We are pleased at the initiative of some owners, but disappointed that some see this as negative

Building Guidelines: The issue of 20` heights was raised. Dwight McMillan responded that 20` is needed to accommodate stairs. This issue is ongoing. Joan James said she feels the guidelines need to be fine tuned as people do not understand what they can do. Motion by Brad Collett, seconded by Scott Jordan. Be it resolved that the CLCA Board recommend that the Parks Canada Building Inspector be supported to interpret the Building Guidelines for fairness and consistency, with an allowance to vary the Guideelines for responsible cause. Also be it resolved that the Board requested that the Building Inspector bring any suggested changes or revisions to the CLCA Board Building guidelines as requested. CARRIED

Annual General Meeting: Trevor Winters reported that he has prepared voting packages. He reported that the Executive members are all letting their named stand for reelection. Board members whose terms are up are Nelda Didychuk, JoAnn Lombaert and Kevin Alguire. All are standing for re-election.

Sewer and water: John George asked if the contractors know which streets they are starting on. Dwight McMillan said they will be starting in various places at various times. He said Park staff will accomodate as much as possible. Equipment will be moved in on Tuesday the 3rd .

Activities: Gloria Belliveau reported that she has received a request from an owner who is interested in arranging activites (particularly for children) next summer. She has requested that we waive the fee for use of the Jamboree Hall, as any monies collected for activities would be used for the activity and no profit would be made. The Board gave approval for the activities and agreed to waive the fee for the Jamboree Hall. Scott Jordan moved the meeting be adjourned at 11:10a.m.

Clear Lake Cabin Association General Meeting – June 30, 2013


JUNE 30th, 2013

The President called the meeting to order at 10:00 A.M. There were 11 Board Members and 74 cabin owners present with one proxy recorded.

Approval of Minutes:
It was moved by Lyle Parnell, 6/11 – 4th St.S and seconded by Roy White, 4 – 5th St.S that the minutes be accepted as distributed. CARRIED.

Matters Arising Out of Minutes:
The Constitutional Review Committee consisting of Board Member Trevor Winters, and members-at-large Roy White, Joelle Robinson, Greg Fleck and Wayne Clayton. Board member Trevor Winters made the decision to meet this summer at the lake because of the distance between their residences. These meetings will commence within 2 weeks.

President’s Report:
The President gave a verbal report as the majority of the information is included in the spring newsletter which was distributed earlier this spring. Highlights of his report include the following:

Board Meetings:
The board had a busy winter, concluding with a working meeting in Portage on May 11th and a meeting at the Park on June 29th.

As Dwight was called away on an emergency, this item was deferred until his return.

Water and Sewer Update:
The tenders have gone out, and will close on July 15th. Initial response has been very good. The Park has been very cooperative and helpful which has kept the costs down.
Lyle Parnell, 6/11 – 4th St. S. asked if the Park will fund the project forward or if cabin owners will fund the project.
Brian answered that the Park will only fund it until the project is completed. Cabin Owners will be responsible for the full amount at that time. The Park will announce the successful bidder after July 15th, and work will commence September 2nd and is expected to be completed by November 29th, resulting in congestion in the area very quickly. The Park is suggesting that owners consider closing up early this year.

Jamboree Hall:
The Park has suggested that because cabin owners are primary users of the Jamboree Hall, it would be advisable to have the Board take over responsibility for the Hall. It has been decided that Joyce Harland will handle all bookings for the Hall. A committee consisting of Joyce Harland, Joann Lombaert and Gloria Belliveau will develop a set of Guidelines for the use of the Hall and will advise on the fee for use of the Hall and set a refundable damage deposit.
Roy White, 4 – 5th St.S, moved that the Park be commended on the restoration of the Jamboree Hall. Seconded by Brent Munroe. CARRIED.

Shower Keys:
The Board is now responsible for the provision of shower keys to cabin owners. Information and keys can be obtained from Joyce Harland.

Summer Urban Planning Student:
Brian introduced Michael Rac as our Urban Studies Student for the summer. Michael will be producing a report for the Park regarding issues in our area. As such, Michael wishes to speak to all cabin owners and will be available in the Cleaners Cabin at North Street and 1st St.

Park Report:
Brian introduced Dwight McMillan, Development Officer for the Park.
Dwight spoke briefly about the work Michael Rac will be doing this summer. As an Urban Studies Student, he will be doing an intensive study of all the issues in our area. Dwight encourages all cabin owners to speak with Michael as his report will be taken very seriously by the Park. Michael will be back next summer and will do a final report at that time. Michael will be at the Cleaners Cabin, North St. and 1st St. 5 – 6 hours a day and will answer any questions you may have. If he is not available at that cabin, he will post his cell phone number and requests that owners call him so he can meet with them. Michael will be doing a comprehensive review study and will look at everything in terms of land use, which will then form part of his study.
Lynn Ash, 54 – 5thSt. S. asked if cabin owners would be able to approve the plan.
Dwight replied that there will be a review of the plan.
Michael will have a copy of the Building Guidelines and will be replacing Dwight during Dwight’s vacation.
Brian Bird, 37 – 4th St.S. asked if Michael was here through the university program.
Dwight replied that Michael was hired by the park with approval of the university.
Dwight once again urged owners to talk to Michael.
Dwight reported that work on the Jamboree Hall is still in progress. For example, the windows still need to be put in. Cost was approximately $40,000.
Jackie Chapin-Downey, 39 – 3rd St. S. -, asked if a plan would be put in place by the board.
Dwight advised her to talk to the Board, but also to talk to Michael.
Marilyn Mutter, 107 – 3rd St. S., reminded Dwight that the Community Plan was still not signed, and asked if this plan would also have to go to Ottawa for signature.
Dwight said this plan is between the Park Townsite Manager and the Board and will not go to Ottawa.
Brent Munroe, 75 – 2nd St. S. raised a concern about the 30 lots being released or lease over the next few years. His concern related to the addition of bigger cabins adding to the congestion in the area.
Dwight said that this is an issue Michael will address. He noted that adding more lots increases the revenue and should reduce costs for all cabin owners.
Jo-Ann/Lytle, 31 – 5th St. N. asked if, when this plan is in place, will there be room for adjustments.
Dwight replied that Parks, upon consultation with the Board, will look at the plan every year.
Scott Jordan said to keep in mind that things always change, therefor there will be change, this is a working plan.
Brian Bird, 37 4th St. S. asked if this study is part of a Government Plan.
Dwight said this is a local plan.
Regarding Lot Release, Dwight said that a survey of the boundaries of the cabin area was done years ago by the Park. Now an official survey of our area has been done, and there are 50 unoccupied lots, and 30 of them are prime lots. As the Park has been told they must become self- sufficient, the Park asked for permission to release the prime lots. It was decided to release the lots 5 at a time, the first 5 were released this year. One of these lots sold for $75,100. The other 4 lots are still for sale with a minimum bid of $75,100. Dwight said he will have to get a new evaluation in September, as the current evaluation expires at that time.
Brent Munroe – 75 – 2nd St. S. asked if the new evaluation came in at a lower rate, would our rates decrease.
Dwight said that they would not decrease as the rate is set when you sign your lease.
Lyle Parnell, 4/11 – 4th St.S.- asked who chose the 5 lots that were released this year. Dwight replied that staff picked the lots and Dwight approved them. Dwight said that, before release, they contacted the neighbours to give them first refusal.
William Metelski, 13 – 4th St. S. raised a question regarding buying the rights to the lease.
Dwight replied that owning the lease gives you a $75,000 asset for bank loans, etc.
William Metelski, 13 – 4th St. S. asked why we did not have to pay $75,000 this spring.`
Dwight explained that the Park made representation to Parks Canada on the basis that our fees had been $484 per year and were going to go to $2400 per year, and as a result were able to obtain a waiver of the $75,000 from Parks Canada.
William Metelski, 13 – 4th St.S asked about the remaining 4 lots tendered this spring.
Dwight said that they are still for sale, but the lowest bid is now $75,100 as was set by the lot sold.
Brent Munroe, 75 – 2nd St. S. raised the issue of debt recovery. He asked if we will have to pay $5,000 up front sewer and water.
Dwight replied that they cannot charge owners until the pipes are in the ground. Parks Canada has said there will be no amortization.
Brian Bird, 37 – 4th St. S. confirmed that our land value came in at $75,000, however as one bid this year came in at $75,100, that sets the current land value rate at $75,100.
Dwight replied that that was correct.
Brent Munroe, 75 – 2nd St. S. asked whether because, although 1 sold for $75,100, 4 others did not sell, does this lower the market value.
Dwight replied that this does not lower our value, that there is a process by which cabin owners can appeal their assessment, by starting a class action lawsuit.
Brent said he has always heard that it is impossible to win against the Federal Government.
Dwight said of the two lawsuits, one was won and one lost. A third is still ongoing.
Regarding the progress of the signing of the leases, Dwight reported that 300 leases have been completed, 200 are still in progress, and 20 have not paid. Of the 20 that have not paid, 2 owners are residing in their cabin illegally. The Park is currently dealing with this situation, and once due diligence is done, the Park may have to take action.
The tender for the sewer and water project has gone out and there has been very good response to date. The tenders close on July 15th and they will be opened at that time and we will be notified of the winning bid. The work is scheduled to begin on September 3rd and will end on November 29th.This will be a stressful time in our area. Owners may find that they do not have vehicle access to their cabins, and may have to walk in. The Park asks that owners be patient during this construction period. The roads cannot be done for a full year to give the ground time to settle.
Lyle Parnell, 6/11 – 4th St. S. – asked for an explanation on where the hook-up box will go. Will it be on either the right or left side of the property line? Will it be flush to the ground? Will we share with our neighbour? Will the sewer line be beside the box?
Dwight relied that the decision of right or left side of the box has to be made by the Site Supervisor and Construction Manager as there are so many variables (tree roots, etc.) that not all can be the same. The box will be flush to the ground, and the plan is to have two connectors in each box. The sewer connection should be within 2 feet of the box.
Len Kashton, 40 – 3rd St.’s. Will the washrooms be shut down on September 3rd?
Dwight- No, there will be as little disruption as possible.
Judy Meuller, 78 – 2nd St.S. – Will the work be starting on Labour Day?
Dwight –The equipment will come in on September 3rd.
Greg Fleck, 25 – 3rd St.S.- Will the contractors be repairing the roads and lots.
Dwight – There will be as little disruption as possible. The site is to be left flat. The lots will be muddy. After one year, the finish will be done.
Regarding the stand pipes for water, the Parks crew will be putting in a curb stop on the pipe to allow the outside water pipes to be shut down, while the washrooms can remain open longer.
Brent Munroe, 75 – 2nd St.S. asked if we would lose trees because of the sewer and water.
Dwight replied that the back lanes where most of the trees are would not be touched, only the front streets are involved, and they will be a mess next summer.
Brent Munroe, 75 -2nd St. S. asked if the roads will be paved.
Dwight – Does not know that at this time, he may have more information the middle of July.
Bonnie Barkman, 36 – 3rd St. N. – asked if there would be any changes to the direction of the roads, such as through streets, etc.
Dwight suggested owners should talk to Michael about issues such as this.
Brent Munroe, 75 – 2nd St. S. commented that he has planted trees on the lot next to his, but now that the lot lease is for sale, he is afraid that these new trees will be cut down.
Dwight replied that reforestation should only be done if it is done correctly. There is a need to plant trees, but you must know where to plant them.
Scott Ash, 51 – 5th St. S. – asked if cabin owners could be notified of the areas under construction.
Dwight relied that this would be difficult for the contractors.
Dwight reported that Robert Sheldon is no longer Superintendent at Riding Mountain.
Dwight said that the new fire Pumper Truck has not proved suitable due to the inaccessibility to parts of the Park. The Park now has a new portable Pumper which is very suitable and easy to use.
Dwight told owners that if you are planning to build or renovate, you must first contact Manitoba Hydro. He explained that there is a new step in the process of getting new or remodel cabin approvals. Before submitting your application to the Park, you must now get a Hydro point Check done. Hydro are now 8 weeks behind in doing these. You need 2 applications, a service point check and a pole to cabin check. Hydro need to know up front if you are planning to install an On Demand Water Heater. You must be up front with Hydro as this affects the service to the whole area as well as the number of poles required. On Demand Water Heaters draw more power than the rest of the household. They could cause a safety/fire hazard if their existence is not known by Manitoba Hydro. They should always be inspected by Manitoba Hydro before being used. Once the cabin owner has a service point confirmed by Manitoba Hydro, Dwight will issue a Building Permit. When asked about underground wiring, Hydro said no as the Park will not pay for it.
Jeff Sim, 12 – 4th St.N. – asked about gas powered On Demand Water Heaters.
Dwight replied that one has been allowed. The tank must be certified and the size limited to 100 lbs. as well as being CSA approved. The tank must be placed at the rear of the lot. These tanks are difficult to fill.
The President thanked Dwight for his presentation.
Brent Munroe -75 2nd St.S. asked how we will deal with the congestion of large cabins.
Dwight relied that the percentage congestion is being considered.
Brian Bird, 47 – 4th St.S. – Will Michael be looking at all issues?
Dwight relied that we have now moved out of the “campers era” and into the “lease era” which means new policies and looking forward.
Leaf Blowers- Brian reminded all that the noise restriction is 10 to 6.
Committee Reports
Vegetation –Scott Jordan asked that this report be deferred until after the sewer and water is in.
Policing – Gloria Belliveau reported that there has been a couple of attempted break-ins this spring and some vandalism. Gloria asked that all owners be aware of their areas and report any strange or unusual behaviour. Gloria also reminded all to record the serial numbers of bicycles, as it is difficult to prove ownership, even if they are turned in to the Park.
Development Review Board has been disbanded.
– John George reported that there is zero tolerance this year. He told all boat owners to make sure to register your boat and know that the numbers must be visible on your boat. Last year, one boat owner was fined as, although he had a fishing license, he did not have it on him. We now have 4 wardens here, and they have been on the lake frequently.
Dr.’s Residence – Joan James reported that some work has been done on the residence. She explained that the cabin area pays 1/3 of the expenses for the residence. The house is in need of a chest of drawers.

Clear Lake Cabin Association Treasurer’s Report as of June 18, 2013Revenue As of May 1, 2013 $5,986.95
Income from Membership Deposits 760.00
Total Revenue to June 18, 2013 $6,746.95
Envelopes, stamps, printing for newsletter $394.73
Website hosting (May 23/13 to May 23/14) 58.80
Website domain renewal to July 24/14 8.03
Print Cartridge 28.30
Travel to Portage for Board Meeting May 11/13 713.70
Lunch for Board Meeting May 11/13 243.80
Total Expenses to June 18, 2013 $1,447.36
Total Assets to June 18, 2013 $5,299.59
Westoba Bank Balance as of June 18, 2013 $5,286.59
Add Westoba Share 5.00
Add Westoba Equity 8.00
Bank Reconciliation $5,299.59
455 (87% Paid up members to date)

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Harland, Treasurer, CLCA
The meeting was adjourned 11:45 a.m

Executive Meeting Minutes – July 4, 2013


July 4th, 2013

Present: Trevor Winters, Past President, Brian McVicar, President, Scott Jordan, Vice President, Gloria Belliveau, Secretary and Joyce Harland. Treasurer.

A special meeting of the Executive Committee was held on the sidewalk in front of 2nd St. and North St. to resolve issues regarding the Jamboree Hall, the Shower Keys and links to our website.

Jamboree Hall: The following rules were decided and will be posted on the website:
Daily fees were set at $80 for Association cabin owners, $100 for non-association cabin owners and $150 for non cabin owners. An $80 damage deposit is required and will be refunded when the Hall and area are clean. It is suggested that the fee and deposit be made in separate cheques. Payment to be made at time of booking, or within 1 week if by mail.
The fee is non-refundable if cancellation is made within 30 days or less of event.
The Jamboree Hall and area must be left clean.
As per National Park Policy, no confetti or confetti like products are allowed.
A quiet atmosphere and environment must be respected.
There is no parking available.
All events must end by 11:00 p.m.
All persons attending an event must have a valid Park pass.
Events may occur between the May long week-end and the Thanksgiving long week-end.
Bookings for the Jamboree Hall may be made by contacting Joyce Harland by telephone or text at: 204-250-7965.

Shower Keys – Replacement keys may be obtained by cabin owners from Joyce Harland. Phone or text: 204-250-7965.

Links to Website: To avoid showing favouritism, we decided not to become involved in linking at this time. Joyce Harland will contact the Erickson Credit Union and thank them for their interest, but inform them of our decision.
Meeting Adjourned

CLCA Board Meeting Minutes – June 29, 2013


JUNE 29th, 2013
Present: Brian McVicar, Trevor Winters, Scott Jordan, Gloria Belliveau, Joyce Harland, Joann Lombaert, Nelda Didychuk, Joan James, John George, Brad Colett and Keith Vinthers.

Absent with cause: Kevin Alguire and Paul Barnabe.

The meeting was called to order at 9:10 a.m.
Parks Canada: Dwight McMillan
Jamboree Hall Rentals: The Park has requested that our Board assume full control of rental of the newly renovated Jamboree Hall. The Jamboree Hall will be operated by the CLCA, but the Park Information Desk needs the name of our contact person. Dwight suggested that we ask for a refundable damage deposit and also ask for a donation for the use of the Hall. Dwight sees the biggest issue being the noise and parking affecting the closest neighbours. Dwight suggested we try to limit the use of the Hall to CLCA members and their families. He also suggested that we need to develop a set of Guidelines.

Shower Keys: Due to a change in ownership of the locksmith shop in Brandon, the Park has arranged for your Board to keep a supply of shower building replacement keys, which can be purchased from Joyce Harland, phone no. 204 250 7965.

Priivacy Act: Because the Park received a complaint about the names, etc., of new cabin owners being given to the CLCA, the Park can no longer give us the names of new cabin owners.

Leases: Dwight reported that leases for 300 cabin owners are totally finished, while they have not had any contact with 18 cabin owners and the rest are still in the process of being completed. Dwight has contacted the 18 owners who have not paid, including phone calls and registered mail. The Park will be pursuing the next step this week.

Lot Leases: Dwight reported that there are 46 surveyed vacant lots in our area, 30 of which are suitable for development. Of these 30, 5 were listed for lease this year with a reserved bid of $75,000.00. One of these was leased for $75,100.00, which set the price for the lowest bid for this year. The other 4 lots are still for lease. In the cottage area, there are 250 cottage lots which have been surveyed, however, none of these have been listed this year. Regarding commercial lots, the Neilly Garage site will be cleaned up this fall. There is minimal contamination. Following this, the lot will be appraised and put up for bids. In the future, there will be 9 more commercial lots available.

Doctor’s Residence: There is 1 more year on the lease for the Doctor’s residence. This issue is now under consideration.

Manitoba Hydro: There is a new step in the process of getting new or remodel cabin approvals. Before submitting your application to the Park, you must now get a Hydro Point Check done. They are now 8 weeks behind in doing these checks. You need two applications, a service point check and a pole to cabin check. Hydro need to know if you are planning to install an On Demand Water Heater. You must be up front with Hydro as this affects the service to the whole area as well as the number of poles required. On Demand Water Heaters draw more power than the rest of the household. They could cause a safety/fire hazard if their existence is not known by Manitoba Hydro. They should always be inspected by Manitoba Hydro before being used. Once the cabin owner has a service point confirmed by Manitoba Hydro, Dwight will issue a building permit. When asked about underground wiring, Hydro said no as the Park will not pay for it.

Drain: The drain between 3rd and 4th N back lane has been tapped off due to leakage. It will be repaired this week.

Sheds: Sheds must be placed 2 feet from the back of the cabins. They can be on the back of the cabin if you have a firewall.

Compliance: If you have a question or complaint about your own lot, you may discuss this with the Park, however, they will not discuss questions or complaints about your neighbours. You must then work out your own solutions.

Decks: All decks must be non-combustible. Decks can be framed with wood if the wood is covered and not visible.

Parking: Michael Rac wishes to speak to as many owners as possible as this issue, as well as others, will be included in his report at the end of the summer.
Michael Rac: Michael will be talking and meeting with cabin owners all summer. He is working on a comprehensive design review for our area. He has been working on a parking assessment and there may possibly be some back lanes moved.

Sewer and Water: Tenders were sent out June 21st with a close date of July 15th. Response has been overwhelming. Project start date is September 2nd and end date is November 29th, 2013. Dwight suggests cabin owners may want to consider closing up early this year, as heavy construction material will be moved in and construction started immediately following the long week-end. Next spring, everything will be flat (although muddy), but we will have to live with it as the ground has to settle. The connecting box will be on the property line with 2 valve shutoffs. The sewer will be beside the box. One trench will serve 2 cabins. Hard surfacing of the roads will be done next fall.

Water Taps: All outdoor water taps will be fitted with freeze off valves, which will allow the washrooms, shower building, etc. to remain turned on longer.

Moved by Brad Collett and seconded by John George that the Minutes of the May 11th, 2013 Board Meeting be approved. Carried.

Business Arising Out of Minutes: Nelda Didychuk has drafted the welcome letter to all new cabin owners and circulated it to the Board members for approval. It was suggested that the Park be asked to include it in their information package to new owners, as well as Joyce Harland including it in her “Welcome Wagon” project, and placing it on the website. Nelda to finalize the letter.

Website: General discussion occurred regarding our website.
Website Links: We received a request from the Erickson Credit Union to have permission to have a link with our website. The question arose regarding showing favouritism and should we approach both Westoba and Vanguard Credit Unions who have also shown an interest in our area. Moved by John George that we allow approval in principle for commercial businesses to have a link to our website for a nominal fee. Seconded by Keith Vinters. Carried. Members of the committee will be Joyce Harland, Trevor Winters and Scott Jordan.

General Meeting Registration: After some discussion, it was decided to have the registration done alphabetically.

Leaf Blower Complaint: Following discussion, it was decided to refer this type of complaint to the noise restrictions in the Building Guidelines.

Clear Lake Cabin Association Treasurer’s Report as of June 18th, 2013:Revenue: As of May 1st, 2013 $5,986.95
Income from Membership Deposits 760.00
Total Revenue to June 18th, 2013 $6,746.95
Envelopes, stamps, printing for Newsletter $394.73
Website Hosting (May 23/13 to May 23/14) 58.80
Website Domain renewal to June 24/14 8.03
Print cartridge 28.30
Travel to Portage for Board Meeting May 11/13 713.70
Lunch for Board Meeting May11/13 243.80
Total Expenses to June 18. 2013 $1,447.36
Total Assets to June 18, 2013 $5,299.59
Westoba Bank Balance as of June 18, 2013 $5,286.59
Add Westoba Share 5.00
Add Westoba Equity 8.00
Bank Reconciliation $5,299.59
455 (87%) Paid up members to date
Respectfully submitted by Joyce Harland, Treasurer, CLCA

Board Elections: Board Members whose terms expire the summer are Nelda Didychuk, Joann Lombaert and Kevin Alguire.

Jamboree Hall: Bookings for the use of the Jamboree Hall will now be made by Joyce Harland. The main issues of responsibility regarding operation of the Jamboree Hall are noise, parking and clean-up. Member of the Jamboree Hall Committee to develop guidelines, set rental fees and a refundable deposit fee are Joyce Harland, Joann Lombaert and Gloria Belliveau.
Moved to adjourn the meeting made by Keith Vinthers at 12:10 p.m.

These minutes are being posted for your information only and will still need to be approved at the next CLCA Board Meeting which will be held on August 31, 2013

CLCA Board Meeting – May 11, 2013


MAY 11th, 2013

Present: Brian McVicar, Trevor Winters, Scott Jordan, Gloria Belliveau, Joyce Harland, Brad Collett, Nelda Didychuk, John George, Joan James, JoAnn Lombaert, Keith Vinthers and Kevin Alguire by Skype.

Absent with cause: Paul Barnabe.

The President called the meeting to order at 9:35 a.m.

Keith Vinthers reported that he had met with Manitoba Hydro and was told that On Demand Water Heaters would be approved as long as they met up-to-date Canadian electrical codes, however as yet, none had met these codes.
He reported that he was told that as it will need more than one (likely 2) heaters it will become quite expensive. It could also become costly as Manitoba Hydro reported that the present infrastructure would not be sufficient, and we would need more poles on the back lanes. Underground wiring is not possible unless we are willing to pay for this service.
It was suggested that it would be wise to have Manitoba Hydro inspect your site prior to building to avoid issues, for example, lines affecting other cabin owners. The issue of the spider web lines from the poles was discussed.
The question was asked if we would be allowed to add a shed type addition on the back of the cabin to house the hot water tank as some cabins just do not have room for the tank. Keith Vinters will follow this up with Dwight.
The newsletter has been sent to all paid up members who have registered their email addresses with us. Newsletters were mailed to all paid up members without email addresses.

Brad Colett reported that he had seen the water and sewer infrastructure plans and feels that it is a well done plan. The Board would like information on the life expectancy of the washrooms and the repayment of the sewer and water debt. Tabled to the Park conversation.

Brian welcomed Dale Wallis, Dwight McMillan and Michael Roc
Dale introduced Michael as a Sr. Urban Planning student who will be with us for the summer. He will have office hours in the building at the corner of 1st and Centre Street, commonly known as the “Cleaners Cabin”. Michael encourages all cabin owners to talk with him, as he wants as many ideas as he can accumulate to help him compile information for the ”comprehensive review”.
Dale gave us information on the new lots that are being opened, where they are located and concerns re their impacts, etc. He showed board Members a map of the empty lots, and gave each member a small map of the 5 lots up for auction this year. The deadline for bids for the 5 cabin lots this year is May 31st, and the minimum bid is $75,000. Over the next few years the following lots will be released: 15 cottage lots, 9 commercial lots and 30 cabin lots.
There is a new Master Fee Plan. It is now tied to the Consumer Price Index, and is expected to be reviewed every 2 years.
The Jamboree Hall is under renovation, and the park hopes to have it ready for July.
When asked, Dale confirmed that the Shower Building will remain until it literally falls down.
All lots are at least 100 square feet. If you are by a vacant lot, you still have to follow the Building Guidelines.
When asked about the location of the water hookups to cabins, Dale replied that the Site Manager and the Contractor will make that decision on the scene due to local conditions such as poles and trees, etc.
The Park is pushing to get the R. M. of Park hooked up to our sewer and water system as when the R. M. uses more, everyone’s costs will go down.
Garbage costs will be cost recovery by next year. This year will be approximately $290.00, and next year approximately $500.00.
Two commercial Properties, Clear Lake Lodge and Mooswa, are going year round.
The President thanked the Park for their work in having Parks Canada front the sewer and water project. It is planned to have the pay back invoices issued July 1st, 2014. Interest will be added for late payments. There will be no installment plans. The $5000 could cover the cost of repairing the roads (chip seal or asphalt).
Dale reported that they are hoping the Wishing Well Road will be completed this fall.
Keith reported that he had spoken with Manitoba Hydro about On Demand Water Heaters and was told that they would be allowed if they meet the Canadian Electrical Code, however so far none have been found. 100 gallon propane tanks will be allowed, but they must be approved and at the rear of the building and not the side setbacks. Hot water tanks can be in a shed attachment at the back of the cabin, but must meet the electrical code. External wall mounted On Demand Hot Water propane tanks are O.K., but are expensive. Keith will continue to explore these issues
The CLCA budget review indicated that less money was spent on the lake walk, and more on tree removal.
John George recommended a box liner material which could be used on the inside of the garbage containers.
John reported that the lake committee may, down the road, recommend limiting the number of boats allowed on the lake due to overuse, but John does not feel there is a need for limits.
There has been discussion of a crosswalk on the Highway near the entrance to the Elkhorn.
The entrance to the Golf Course is being discussed. The Club House and Restaurant are open.
After discussion regarding the viability of supporting the doctor, Joan James will study this issue and report back to the board.
The Development Review Board has been disbanded.
Dwight reported that there were no issues with the gates remaining open during the winter.
Joyce asked about the recycling program and Dale will be reviewing this.
John George asked that Michael review the location of garbage bins, try to find 2 parking spaces per cabin, and to review the roads.
A motion was made by Trevor Winters and seconded by Keith Vinters that mileage be set at $0.45 cents per km, to be reviewed annually.
Dwight was asked to clarify if an Engineer’s Stamp is appropriate for the cabin drawings.
Joan reported that the cost of the outdoor washroom buildings has gone up.

Clear Lake Cabin Association Treasurer’s Report as of May 1, 2013
Revenue: As of September 21, 2012 $9,326.83
Mileage to Portage Sept.22/12 Board Meeting $ 578.30
Canad Inn, room and lunch, Sept.22/12 344.08
True Draw Drafting – Cabin Plans 1,417.50
WTA fees 1,000.00

Total Expenses to May 1, 2013 $3,339.88
Total Assets to May 1, 2013 $5,986.95
Westona Bank Balance as of March 31, 2013 $5,973.95
Add Westona Share 5.00
Add Westona Equity 8,00
Bank Reconciliation $5,986.95
417 (79%) paid up members to date
Respectfully submitted by Joyce Harland, Treasurer, CLCA
Joyce said that she would like to send a notice to all cabin owners that have not paid their fees, but that due to privacy reasons, the Park can no longer give us this information. Moved by Keith Vinthers and seconded by Trevor Winters that Nelda Didychuk draft a letter to all new cabin owners to be given to all owners by the Park.
Cheque signers will be Vice President Scott Jordan, Treasurer Joyce Harland and Board Member John George.
The unauthorized survey that was placed on our website has been removed.
Trevor volunteered to print voting cards for the General Meeting.
The General Meeting will be held June 30th, 2013.
Next Board Meeting will be at 9:30 a.m. in the Park Board Room on June 29th, 2013.
Meeting adjourned at 3:20 p.m.