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AUGUST 31st, 2014
There are 85 members present, constituting a quorum, and 8 proxies registered..
The President opened the meeting at 10:00 a.m.
The President welcomed all members and Park Staff to the meeting. Brian also welcomed observers, and reminded everyone that only members can speak and vote, as it is a meeting for members.

REVENUE: As of June 20, 2014 $ 7,139.40
Membership Deposits 4,845.00
Jamboree Hall donations deposit 320.00
Sold 8 keys 40.00
TOTAL REVENUE AS OF AUGUST 14, 2014 $12,344.40
EXPENSES: Printing for General Meeting $ 63.45
June 22/14 Board Breakfast Meeting 152.12
April 26/14 Trevor Winter &Gloria Belliveau –
Mileage to Board Meeting in Portage la Prairie 199.35
Return deposit to Cindy Rose for Jamboree Hall 80.00
June 20, 24, 27, August 7, 14/14 – Joyce Harland
Mileage to bank, post office & printing 37.80
Receipt books and pencil sharpeners 8,75
TOTAL EXPENSES TO AUGUST 14, 2014 $541.47 $ 541.47
TOTAL ASSETS TO AUGUST 14,20114 $11,802.93
Westoba Balance as of July 31, 2014 $10,118.28
Add outstanding deposits $1,720.00
Subtract outstanding cheques 48.35
Add Westoba Equity and Share 13.00
Respectfully submitted by Joyce Harland, Treasurer

Update on the water and sewer project:
Ross Birnie, 14 – 5th St. S. – What is the final Bill Dale replied that the final bill is still under $5,000.00. Maple Leaf Construction plan to start work on the roads next week. They estimate the gravel base will take about 4 weeks and then the asphalt about 1 week. Ross also asked about the Boat Cove Road and Dale replied that he would ask Maple Leaf if they could patch that road.
Wm. Metelski, 13 – 4th St. S. – Do we have to close up in September? Dale replied that Maple Leaf will start on 1st St. S. and workup and across. It would be better not to park on your street if they are working there. The week they are paving will be difficult to park when the access roads are being done. When asked if they would be working through the weekends, Dwight replied that they would.
Teddy Brown – 49 – 5th St. S. -In September, how will people load their vehicles for going home? Dale said that it is not possible to supply schedules due to weather, etc., but it should be easy to judge when they will reach your street.
E. De La Mare, 10 – 1st St. S. – Who is responsible for the water shutoff for the cook shack water taps? Brian replied that the Park and the CLCA take no responsibility for this. Dwight replied that the Park will investigate.
Unknown – Will the sidewalks be paved? Dale said the Park will look at this issue after the roads are completed.
Alan Montgomery – 87 – 4th St. S. – Will soil and seeds be available in the spring? Dale replied that it will still be available.
J. L. Guillas – 88 – 3rd. St. S. – When will the water be shut off. Dale replied that every year’s date will vary due to weather conditions. The water will be left on as late as possible each year.
Scott Jordan – 4- 2nd St. S. – Where is the best place to access soil. Dwight said the Park will assist where possible. Dale added that it is the Park’s intention to repair the sides of the road in the spring. Soil has been available this summer.

This issue is under review by the Park. Some concerns they have to address are costing, environmental issues. all roads or just some, etc.
Alan Montgomery – 87- 4th St. S. – To make access easier from the south side to the north side, could one lane be paved through the green space? Dale replied that this is addressed in Michael Rac’s report which will be on the website shortly. Michael’s report is looking forward into the future. One of the big questions is traffic. Relatively few changes will occur for a couple of years. As per the Memorandum of Understanding, the 5 year review for the washrooms will start next year.
Lynn Smith – 49 4th St. S. – With regard to the north end loops, will the Park look at the impact on the walking trails? Dale replied that the lake road is outside the campground. Issues regarding vegetation, etc. are under the Resource Conservation Department.
Lynn Ash – 54 – 4th St. S. – Thank you for the front end loader that hauled the dirt around.
Maureen Munroe – 75 – 2nd St. S. = Our compliments to B. T.Smith, the contractors for the sewer and water project.

Just a reminder that the $5,000.00 debt repayment for the sewer and water project will be due next June/July.

In order to assist in keeping the website up to date, the Board has purchased an Apple Computer and Printer.

Michael Rac explained that his report was a Comprehensive Design Review of the Cabin Area to be used as a tool for Cabin Owners to refer to in the future.
Pam Lucenkiw – 30 – 3rd St. N. – What is the process for adoption of this report? Michael said his report does not need to be adopted as it is a planning tool. Dale said the document will not be approved by the Park or the Board. “The Rac Report” is meant to supply options for comprehensive review conversations, assisting on questions such as “Where do we go forward as a community?” Michael added that it was designed to spark discussion or views for cabin owners.
Wm. Metelski – 13 – 4th St. S. – We look forward to reading the report.
S. Taylor – 49 – 2nd St. S. – Will our Board develop a procedure for cabin owners to put forward ideas. The Rac Report will be on the website and will have provisions for comments to be posted.

The President turned the Chair over to the Past President, Trevor Winter, for the elections.
Vote counters are JoAnn and Scott from the Board and Joanie and Eleanor from the membership.
For President, Trevor Winter was nominated. Call for nominations from the floor was made three times. As there were no further nominations, TREVOR WINTER was declared elected as President.
For Vice=President, Brad Collett was nominated. Call for nominations from the floor was made three times. As there were no further nominations, BRAD COLLETT, was declared elected as Vice-President.
For Treasurer, Joyce Harland was nominated. Call for nominations from the floor was made three times. As there were no further nominations from the floor, a motion was required to extend the term for a second time. Moved by Sylvia Taylor, 49 – 2nd St. S. and seconded by Greg Fleck – 25 – 3rd St. S. to accept Joyce Harland as Treasurer for another year. JOYCE HARLAND declared elected as Treasurer.
For Secretary, Gloria Belliveau was nominated. Call for nominations from the floor was made three times. As there were no further nominations, GLORIA BELLIVEAU, was declared elected as Secretary.
There are five positions open for election for Board Members. Those nominated are Joan James, John George, Keith Vinthers, Paul Barnabe, Greg Fleck, Mary Orr and Bill Lucenkiw. Call for nominations from the floor.
Bernie Kolesar – nominated Joann Bell. Joann accepted the nomination.
Andrew Urbanowicz – 23 – 1st St. S. nominated himself.
Moved by Brian McVicar and seconded by John George that nominations be closed.
Gail Simpson – 24 – 3rd St. N. – asked that all nominated stand up and identify themselves.
All nominees addressed the membership.
Scrutineers gathered votes and exited to count same.
R. & B. Kadyschuk – 116 – 1st St. S. – requested an update on the release of new lots. Dale replied that 5 were released last year. The remaining 25 will be released, but no release date has been announced.
V. Buchanan – 14 – 5th St. N. – asked whose responsibility it is to clean up the mess in the area behind her cabin that was left by Manitoba Hydro when they installed a new pole. Dale told her that it was Park property and Park responsibility.
L. & D, Valcourt – 86 – 1st St. S. – expressed a concern regarding the congestion and loss of green space. Dale responded that the community must be self-sufficient.
L. Rac – 117 – 3rd St. S. – asked for information on the ongoing work, for example, the campground and Agassiz. Dale replied that Agassiz is still under discussion, and an announcement should be made shortly. The campground has seen an extension of sewer and water to 200 sites, as needs in that area have changed. Highway 10 improvements are under discussion. There is an ongoing conservation program in the wetlands. There is a conservation Program on Clear Lake including lake health, invasive species, erosion, etc. There is a new storm water system for the downtown area.
D. & L, Pollon- 70 – 2nd St. S. – raised the issue of the boat storage area, commenting on the need for a larger area. Dale responded saying the Park continues to discuss boat cove parking.
Brian Cottom – 12 – 4th St. N. – wanted to know if there was a process for “remove a tree, plant a tree”. Dale replied that all the trees are old, which creates a problem. The Park encourages reforestation. He suggests talking to your neighbours to ensure the location for a new tree is appropriate. There is a list of acceptable trees available.
Brian McVicar – 4- 5th St. N. – asked about the possibility of Wi-fi for our area. Dale replied that it is complicated for campground accessibility of systems. The trees are also an issue.

Board members elected to a two year term are Joan James, John George, Keith Vinthers, Paul Barnabe and Andrew Urbanowicz.
It was noted that every successful candidate received over 50% of the votes.
New President Trevor Winter thanked outgoing President and Vice President, Brian McVicar and Scott Jordan, for their services.
Lynn Smith, 49 – 4th St. S. – noted her appreciation of the ability of those who run. She said it would be nice to have a list of those running earlier in the summer.
Motion by John George and seconded by Brad Collett to destroy the ballots. Carried.
Brian McVicar said that he has enjoyed his time on the board and thanked Roy White for his wise advice.
Meeting adjourned by Brad Collett at 11.55 a.m.

Since the AGM. MichaeL Rac’s report has been posted on the website.



AUGUST 16TH, 2014
PRESENT: Brian McVicar, Trevor Winter, Gloria Belliveau, Joyce Harland, JoAnn Lambaert, Nelda Didychuk, Joan James, Paul Barnabe, Keith Vinthers, Brad Collett.
REGRETS: John George, Scott Jordan, Kevin Alguire.
The President called the meeting to order at 9:30.
NORTH STREET ROADS – After considerable discussion, Trevor Winters moved that the CLCA recommend to Parks Canada that for the safety of pedestrians, and emergency vehicle access, that all streets in the North End be opened to the shore road and that all impediments on the shore road be removed. Seconded by Joan James. After discussion, Trevor withdrew his motion. Moved by Paul Barnabe and seconded by Nelda Didychuk that for overall safety and infrastructure reasons, the CLCA Board requests that the Park review and provide the CLCA Board with various North Street loop options with costs, with or without paving, by the 2014 Annual General Meeting. Carried with 1 opposed.
SERVICE BOXES – The CLCA Board takes no responsibility for the water and sewer service boxes.
CLCA COMPUTER – A discussion took place on the merits of purchasing an Apple or P.C. There is only about $200 difference in the price. A discussion also took place on the value of a lazer printer. Although a lazer printer is about 3 times the cost of a regular printer, there is a substantial saving in ink. Moved by Joan James and seconded by Paul Barnabe that we have Joyce purchase the computer of her choice. Joan and Paul agreed to amend their motion to read – That we have Joyce purchase the computer of her choice and a double sided lazer printer. Carried.
PARK UPDATE – Dale Wallis joined the meeting for a brief period. Brian McVicar asked Dale about the Stop signs that have been placed on Centre Street. Dale replied that they are to help slow traffic down. There are also stop signs on one of the roads in the south side. Four more signs have been ordered and will be placed when they arrive. It is felt that when the roads are paved, speed will increase and we may have to look at the need for speed bumps.
BUILDING GUIDELINES – Joan James was asked to form a committee to review and clarify the building guidelines.
MICHAEL RAC REPORT – Michael explained that he is responsible for working on the “comprehensive review”. He is working on a long term review of the cabin area (a secondary Plan) based on best practices and procedures, as an assist to the Park and Board. The Board will shortly receive a copy of his report.
Michael will make a 10 – 15 minute presentation to the AGM, explaining his responsibilities and will then be prepared to spend some time answering questions.
Brad Collett asked Michael which issues he thinks are the most controversial? Michael answered with
– Issues on the boat cover, parking and traffic, however this issue is too complex and has been removed from his report.
– Parking, trying to find a middle ground, improve lake shore, perhaps an extra dock
– Trevor reminded all that the cookshacks impede the straightening of the back lanes. Michael answered that the cookshacks provide an intricate social atmosphere, one of the last places left to interact with neighbours.

– Brian thanked Michael for attending our meeting.
Trevor said that he feels the CLCA needs to put forth a strong Board. He feels the Park wants to take a step back and for the Board to take a more leadership role. He encouraged the incoming Board to be prepared to be a very strong Board but also said that the Park needs to stop dragging their feet, as they have the final say. Multiple comment cards need to go to the administration office. A discussion occurred on the value of the Development Review Board that was disbanded, and it was decided that we need to ask for the assistance of the WTA in looking at perhaps resurrecting this board.
CLCA PROCEDURES BOOKLET – This booklet has been prepared by Roy White, and now needs to be changed from Word to a publishing format, which would be quite expensive. Moved by Brad Collett and seconded by Nelda Didychuk that we do not print the booklet, but put it in the website. Carried.
SECURITY – An incident occurred in the south end regarding a group a young people who were noisy and out of control, threatening residents and causing great concern. The police were called, but said they could not help. These people were renters, and the Board feels that if you are renting out your cabin, please be very careful who your renters are. It is important to note that the only way we can increase the amount of security we have in our area is to be sure to report every incident that happens to the proper authorities. The numbers are posted on the washrooms a well as printed in the newsletter and on the website..
REVENUE: As of June 20, 2014 $ 7,139.40
Membership deposits 4,845.00
Jamboree Hall donations deposit 320.00
Sold 8 keys 40.00
TOTAL REVENUE AS OF AUGUST 14, 2014 $12,344.40
EXPENSES: Printing for General Meeting $ 63.45
June 22/14 Board Breakfast Meeting 152.12
April 26/14 Trevor Winter & Gloria Belliveau –
Mileage to Board Meeting in Portage la Prairie 199.35
Return deposit to Cindy Rose for Jamboree Hall 80.00
June 20, 24, 27, August 7, 14/14 Joyce Harland
Mileage to bank, post office, & for printing 37.80
Receipt books and pencil sharpeners 8,75
TOTAL EXPENSES TO AUGUST 14, 2014 $ 541.47
TOTAL ASSETS TO AUGUST 14. 2014 $11,802.93
Westoba Balance as of July 3, 2014 $10,118.28
Add outstanding deposits $1,720.00
Subtract outstanding cheques 48.35
Add Westoba Equity and Share 13.00
Respectfully submitted by Joyce Harland, Treasurer, CLCA
Joyce reported that we have 365 paid up membership. She thanked Joan James and Gloria Belliveau for their help in collecting memberships.
Moved by Paul Barnabe and seconded by Brad Collett that we ask the Park for the construction of a handrail to the 2nd street swimming dock. Motion withdrawn. Moved by Nelda Didychuk and seconded by Joyce Harland that we approach the Park to have them put in an accessible pathway and handrail to the 2nd street swimming area. Carried.
NOMINATIONS – Trevor has the ballots and voting cards ready. Trevor remarked that it is an unusual year, with both the President and Vice-President resigning.
As previous past president, Jeff Sim will conduct the elections.
President – Trevor Winter
Vice-President – Brad Collett
Secretary – Gloria Belliveau
Treasurer – Joyce Harland – special motion needed
Board Members – 2nd yr. of 2 year term –
Nelda Didychuk, JoAnn Lambaert, Kevin Alguire
5 Board Member positions open – candidates are
Joan James, John George, Keith Vinthers,
Paul Barnabe, Greg Fleck and Mary Orr
Registration will be at 9 a.m. Six volunteers are needed. Brad Collett. Trevor Winter, Joan James and JoAnn Lambaert volunteered.
Following discussion, the Board decided that anyone can attend the meeting, but only members can speak and vote. Anyone wishing to speak will be asked to clearly state their name and cabin address and show their voting card. The President will include this in his opening remarks.
Moved by Brad Collett and seconded by Paul Barnabe that the meeting be adjourned at 12:50 p.m



BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Brian McVicar, Scott Jordan, Gloria Belliveau, Joyce Harland, Trevor Winters, John George, Nelda Didychuk, Joan James, Paul Barnabe, JoAnn Lombaert.
BOARD MEMBERS ABSENT: Kevin Alguire, Keith Vinthers, Brad Collett.
President Brian McVicar called the meeting to order at10:00 a.m.
President Brian encouraged all owners to ensure the Board has their email addresses on record as it is proving to be a substantial cost saving.
The president introduced the members of the Board, and the Park representatives.
The pre3sident thanked Brad Colett and Keith Vinthers for their extra hard work with overseeing the water and sewer project on behalf of the CLCA.
The president thanked Joyce Harland for her hard work looking after the website, maintaining up to date list of cabin owners, copying minutes and agendas for the Board, arranging venues for meetings, delivering newsletters to registered cabin owners cabins who do not have email addresses, posting agenda to washrooms and website, coordinating Jamboree Hall bookings, managing keyes for the shower building, treasurer’s report and paying of bills..
The president then thanked Dale and Dwight for all their work on behalf of the Association.
REVENUE: As of March 31, 2014 $4,617.96
Membership deposit $2,400.00
Jamboree Hall donations deposit $ 550.00
Sold 2 keys $ 10.00
TOTAL REVENUE as of June 20, 2014 $7,577.96
April 26/14 Paul Barnaby & John George – mileage to
Board Meeting in Portage la Prairie $196.70
May 5/14 Joyce Harland – refill 2 ink cartridges $ 27.10
May 8/14 Host Website & Domain Name renewal $ 82.37
May 20/14 Brian McVicar – Printing Newsletter $ 91.84
May 20, 24, June 3, 6, 16 & 18/14 – Joyce Harland, mileage
To bank, post office,RM of Park (using computer) $ 40.55
TOTAL EXPENSES to June 20, 2014 $438.56
TOTAL ASSETS to June 20, 2014 $7,139.40
Westoba Balance as of May 31, 2014 $6,388.45
Add outstanding deposits $ 880.00
Subtract outstanding cheques $ 142.05
Add Westoba Equity and Share $ 13.00
BANK RECONCILIATION as of June 20, 2014 $7,139.40
Respectfully submitted by: Joyce Harland, Treasurer, CLCA

– Some water lines to cook shacks are still frozen due to oversites in closing water lines due to water and sewer project and 17 feet of frost this winter and very late spring.. The water and sewer project was completed later than planned this spring however this phase of the project was completed satisfactorily thanks to Park oversight.
– As a result of the road reconstruction being delayed until fall, the compaction of the roadbed has been improved.
– Maple Leaf Construction will be preparing the roadbed this summer as time and weather permit.
– The debt repayment of $5,000 (so far within budget) will be billed next July.
– Repavement of sidewalks will not be done.
– There will be no new lots released this year.
– CLCA has passed a motion that it opposes a fee for docking boats until such time that substantial progress is made to decades old plans regarding improvements to the cove area. CLCA will be sending a letter to the Park in this regard and will be seeking WTA input and support for this motion.
– The Wasagaming campground is electrifying 200 campsites.
– The quality of Clear Lake is better than it has been since about 1980. Zebra mussels are a concern, however they are not here yet. Living Water Project is a study to improve the ecology and the quality of the water.
– There are plans to add another dock to both the canoe cove and the boat cove, both of which will be handicapped accessible. At the boat cove, new launching pads (larger) are ready to be installed, as well as enhanced parking which will probably be done in the fall.
– There is a project for restoration of the meadows west of Highway10. This will enhance the visitor enjoyment of these beautiful meadows.
– The materials for the wishing well are on site, however the crews are now working on Highway 19.
– Wireless Routers have now started services to the downtown area and the campground. Consideration is being given to our cabin area, but the difficulty is the density of the trees hampering the service.
– Two quotes have been received for the finishing of our streets. Maple Leaf Construction can provide the best price as they have other projects in the area. Following the completion of the roads, weight restrictions may be enforced.
– Michael Rac, Urban Studies Student employed last summer has returned this summer and will be completing his overview of our area with respect to the Comprehensive Review, including where we are now, and where we would like to go from here, what ideas owners have and what they would like to see happen. This summer he will be fine tuning his work and will present it at the AGM in September. His office right now is in the Administrative Building, Further information as to how to contact him will be posted on the website. Michael reminded owners that his work is only a vision. Michael has also been asked to work on a welcome package for new owners.
– The Board and the Park have put up a sample of the approved bathroom shed. Arrangements for viewing the shed can be made through the association or Michael.
– Dwight introduced the new Park Model Home which has been approved for our area. This is a model that is between a cabin and a mobile home. Dwight urged owners to be careful if they are considering buying one of these. First, Manitoba Hydro must give the Park approval that it is a suitable location for the pole and service. Secondly, the Park will not remove trees to allow transport of the unit to the lot. Many locations in our area will not be accessible. There was a question about the overhead wires being put underground. The answer was that the cost is too expensive.
– Dwight told owners that hot water tanks can be in appropriate sheds at the back of the cabin as long as they are within the property line. They may be attached to the cabin at the back if suitable fire wall is installed.
– In response to a question about decks, Dwight replied that if a cabin is moved, the deck will have to conform to standards and be non-combustible. If adding to a cabin without moving it, wooden decks can remain.
– A question was raised about on-demand water heaters. Dwight responded that Manitoba Hydro will only allow single feeder hot water tanks. A single feeder on-demand heater will only heat enough water for a single sink and will burn out rapidly. To heat enough water for a cabin, you would need three feed, which Manitoba Hydro will not allow. You must have a permit from Manitoba Hydro, and presently there is a delay of 6 to 8 weeks. A question was asked about propane on-demand hot water heaters and Dwight replied that the maximum size is 100 lbs and they must be placed behind one’s cabin. They must be taken out to be refilled, they cannot be refilled at the cabin. They must be installed by a licensed gas installer and certification given to Dwight.
– Shower Building hardware will be changed on a staggered basis over the summer.
– The Ominik Trail Marsh Walk is open. The entrance has been moved down to the green space. .This was done for safety reasons, as the old entrance walkway was dangerous.
The President thanked Dale and Dwight for their information.
A question was raised as to whether boat parking would be allowed in front of the new ramps and dock because they are going to sit there all summer. The answer was no.
A question was asked if the Boat Cove Road was to be replaced? The answer is no, but there may be some patching done.
A question was raised about the winterization of the green boxes? The answer was to read the instructions on the website and carefully drain the pipes in your cabin in the fall. The Park will close their cut-offs and drain main valves. The Park will open cabin drains, then after all are drained, will close valves.
A question was raised if it would be feasible to open the streets on the north end for contractors as now they have to back up and this constitutes a hazard for children playing. The answer was no, there are too many issues. It was suggested that anyone seeing dangerous driving telephone the head office with a complaint giving the vehicle no. and the driver would then be answerable to his company.
A question was raised about speeding on the main street, and could there be speed bumps. The Board is to review this.
The President thanked everyone for coming.
Motion to adjourn the meeting by John George at ll:25 a.m.

Board Meeting – April 26, 2014


APRIL 26TH, 2014

PRESENT: Scott Jordan , Paul Barnabe, Joan James, Trevor Winters, Brad Collett, John George, Gloria Belliveau, Keith Vinthers, Nelda Didychuk.

ABSENT: Kevin Alguire, JoAnn Lombaert, Joyce Harland, Brian McVicar.

By Vice-President Scott Jordan at 9:09 a.m.
Trevor asked for the addition of 2 items. The first was the Role of the Board and it was added under new business. The second was the Road Resurfacing and this was deferred until Dale and Dwight attended later in the meeting.
Moved by Trevor Winters and Seconded by John George that both the Minutes and Board Policies be approved. CARRIED
REVENUE: As of November 29th, 2014 $5,586.03
Printing: Board Meeting, November 30th, 2013 $36.02
Canad ian: Conference room & lunch for Board Meeting Nov.30/13 378.25
Mileage to Board Meeting November 30th,2013 553.80
Total Expenses to March 31st, 2014 $968.07
Total Assets to March 31st, 2014 $4,617.96

Westoba bank balance as of March 31st, 2014 $4,604.96
Add Westoba Share 5.00
Add Westoba Equity ___8,00
Respectfully submitted by:
Joyce Harland
Treasurer, CLCA
A review of carpool and member ship rated as well as a review of building guidelines was requested and deferred to new business.
John George raised the idea of having Executive only meetings and said this was not popular. After discussion, the board decided to discuss this at a later time.
Joan James emphasized the importance of asking new owners for their information. It should be explained that information for owners will be sent out electronically and also be put on the website and washrooms. It was suggested that a note be put on washrooms entitled “Are You a New Cabin Owner?“ and explaining the need for their information. Nelda Didychuk to follow up on this.
This was discussed and it was decided that there was a declining need for this and therefore the Board would not support the contract be renewed.
Dale reported that this will not happen. The Board needs to watch this issue carefully
A handicapped accessible canoe and kayak dock has been purchased as a second dock at the canoe cove and swimming area. A second one has been ordered for the boat cove.
An expansion of the boat cove has been approved. The road will be widened, the concrete ramps will be replaced with wider ramps and there will be new signage. In 2015, there will be a fee for launching, with the fees to go back into the facilities. There is onging discussion on Breakwater. It is felt that to centralize launching at the cove will help eliminate unwanted creatures (zebra mussels are in Lake Winnipeg).
Blue Flag Program is a program on environmental education and would explore the whole beach environment. This is a World Wide Organization and to belong one must meet the requirements. The Park is checking into this.
The Board expressed to the Park the need for enforcement of dogs being kept on leash at the Boat Cove. Dale said the Park regulations say that dogs must be on leash everywhere in the Park, including the Boat Cove. The Board asked the Park to enforce this, including putting signage at the cove and elsewhere.
It was stressed that the trees are all old and will die at the same time. A lot of old trees have been taken out due to construction and sewer and water. It was decided to wait until next year when sewer and water project is finished, and then implement the reforestation project.
There is water sitting on the ground due to frozen ground. The Park is hoping to upgrade the storm sewer particularly from 1st to 3rd St. N. to provide proper drainage, etc.
The new superintendent is Michaela Kent from Gross Morin, Newfoundland. John George asked how long she is planning to stay. Dale replied that she says she will be here for a while.
WATER AND SEWER UPDATE: There is 10% to do still, particularly on 5th St. far south. Dale said that they are aware that all cabin owners are upset about the muddy roads. He said the tender for the roads was awarded last Friday to Maple Leaf Construction. They are hoping to have the gravel base in the beginning of June. They will need 3 days to do the asphalt.
Dale reported that the Park have hired a dedicated plumber .
Dwight is getting drawings showing the requirements for hooking up to the box. These will be put on the web site. Dwight said that due to time constraints, he will not be doing the seven scheduled inspections, but instead he will drop by construction sites every couple of weeks. Dwight reported that he is in the process of getting a diagram of the box for owners and plumbers. Dwight has about 10 plumbers on his list of approved plumbers for working in the Park. Brad Collett asked when the water will be available for use in the cabins. Dwight replied that it would depend on when the frost was out of the ground, perhaps the middle of June. When asked if self-plumbing needs to be inspected, Dwight replied that he will advise.
The Park will be billing cabin owners for the sewer and water on July 1st, 2015.Cabin Owners will be billed the exact amount at that time. It will not be over $5,000.00. The Park will be supplying cabin owners with top soil and grass seed.
When asked about erosion on the lake shore road, Dale said they may have to close the road that is eroding. He said that looking at the perimeter road by the canoe cove, the possibility was that perhaps it could become a walkway. There will be no decision this year.
Michael Rac will be returning this year.
Manitoba Hydro have been adding new poles and transformers according to demand. Anyone building a new cabin needs to obtain an access application.
The Park has had some discussion on changing the garbage rates from seasonal to annual. This would change the rate for each cabin from 27.50 to 47.50. A little discussion ensued, but no decisions or motions were made.
The issue of replacing any trees removed was raised, and deferred to the next meeting.
The gas station has been sold and is to be redeveloped. There is still some contamination to be cleaned up. The tanks are out of the ground.
There have been more electrical sites opened up. An upgrade of the campground is proceeding.
The clean-up is continuing.

Studies and erosion work is continuing. The water has been cleaned up, is now much cleaner, and work is continuing on Bogey Creek, etc. Upgrades to the Clear Lake Golf Course and Wishing Well Bridge are continuing.
Dogs anywhere in Riding Mountain National Park must be on leash, including the boat cove.
There is a concern that the Board is confused about their role, and need to have a session with Roy White. It was felt that Executive only meetings are not needed, all Board Members should be included. Tabled to next meeting.
Following a discussion on membership fees, it was decided that no change should be made at this time, but reviewed before this new membership expires.
To be discussed at next meeting.
Scott Jordan announced that he will be stepping down from the Board as of September 1st, 2014 due to family commitments.
Nelda Didychuk will stuff newsletters to be mailed in envelopes, stamp them and give them to the Park.
Meeting adjourned at 2:53 p.m.

Since the meeting, the newsletters were sent electronically to many cabin owners and the balance delivered to cabins. Thus there was no need to mail them.
Since the meeting, the Park have said that they will NOT be closing the lake shore road.




Board Meeting, June 22/2014

Present: Brian McVicar, Brad Colette, Nelda Didychuk, Scott Jordan, Paul Barnabe, Joanne Lombaert, Joyce Harland, John George, Keith Vinthers, Joan James
Regrets: Trevor Winters, Gloria Belliveau, Kevin Alguire

Meeting called to order by President McVicar at 9;26 AM
Minutes from the last meeting reviewed. Motion to accept minutes as written made by Keith Vinthers, seconded by Paul Barnabe. Motion passed.
Review agenda for General Meeting, Sunday June 29th
– Ask park to clean up Jamboree Hall before meeting (seats muddy etc), Joyce to check on this. Amended Motion by Keith Vinthers, Seconded by John George, “if the Parks do not clean the hall, we hire someone to clean for a maximum of $20”, motion passed.
– (Because we were unsure if Parks reps would attend meeting, Brian was reading from information sent to him) Dwight and Dale encourage patience with the status of water lines etc. Because of confusion with many different workers in the fall, some water lines were not properly drained. We ask that Parks explain this to membership.
– Status of streets, preparation work will begin early in July however paving will not happen until Sept.
– Paved sidewalks are not in the plan at this time
– Weight restrictions will be imposed after paving is done
– $5000 infrastructure fee not due until July 2015
– All development must occur within lot lines and to code. Sheds for hot water tanks are inspected by Manitoba Hydro through their permit process.
– Release of new lots – no plans to release more lots this season.
– Discussion of lake issues, hiring of new project manager, environmental issues re fish species and zebra mussels.

Parks Representatives arrive at 10:15

Boat cove expansion: A new project manager will be hired to deal with all lake issues. This position will not be filled until later in the season. It was recommended that the CLCA together with the WTA bring our concerns to the attention of the new project manager. Board recommendations: Moved by Brian McVicar and seconded by John George “The CLCA recommends that no launch fee be initiated until major improvements in cove access road, parking and launch ramps have been made, as well as a strategy for cleaning boats new to the area”. Motion passed.

– Rac report, Michael Rac was hired to work on the comprehensive review. The board feel we should have consultation with Michael Rac before the report is complete. A meeting will be scheduled with Michael by mid July.
– Storm sewer repair on 1st and 2nd street has been completed.
– Park have agreed to a “one time” cleaning of Jamboree Hall before the spring meeting.
– Omminik Marsh walk has been relocated, it is now a loop trail with entrance and exit located just north of old entrance (by the grassy area on Boat Cove Road).
– New shower heads with motion controls will be installed over the summer on a staggered installation schedule.
– Re sheds for hot water tanks, please check web site for regulations.
– Park models are accepted provided they meet all park regulations.
Park representatives left meeting at 11:40
Treasurers report, submitted by Joyce Harland:
As of June 20/2014
Revenue as of March 31/2014 $4617.96
Membership deposit $2400.00
Jamboree Hall donations deposit $550.00
Sold 2 keys $10.00
Total revenue as of June 20/2014 $7577.96
April 26 Paul Barnabe, mileage (less $20 membership) $95.20
April 26 John George, Mileage (less $20 membership) $101.50
May 5 Joyce Harland, refill 2 ink cartridges $27.10
May 8 Hosting Website for one year $71.88
Domain name renewal $10.49
May 20 Brian Mc Vicar, printing newsletter $91.84
May 20, 24 June 3,6,16,18 Joyce, mileage to bank,
Post office, RM of Park (using computer) $40.55
Total Expenses to June 20 $438.56
Total Assets to June 20 $7139.40
Westoba Balance as of May 31, 2014 $6388.45
Outstanding deposits $880.00
Outstanding cheques $142.05
Add Westoba share $13.00
Bank reconciliation as of June 20/2014 $7139.40

Motion to accept treasurer’s report made by Keith Vinthers, seconded by Brad Colette. Motion passed.
– Representative needed to represent CLCA on the WTA finance committee. Moved by Keith and seconded by Paul that Trevor Winters be nominated as our rep. Motion passed.
– Sample bathroom shed now on display in the green space by the shower building. These sheds available from Twilite Mfg for $5987.00. They will deliver for this price as long as site is easily accessible and area prepared, ie foundation blocks in place etc.
– Details for spring meeting arranged. Yvette, Joan, Joanne, Paul, Brad & Nelda will help with registration. John will look after tables. All are expected to be there by 9AM
Meeting adjourned at 12 noon.
Respectfully submitted by Joan James




The President called the meeting to order at 10:00 A.M. There were 4 Board Members absent.

Housekeeping: As Past President, Trevor Winters will chair the elections. The President asked all members who wish to speak to clearly state their name and cabin address to enable the secretary to correctly record same.

Review of Agenda: Under no. 8 – add constitutional update. Under Parks – add review of sewer and water and urban student report. Moved by Scott Jordan and seconded by Jim Kellar. 80 – 1st st. S, that the Agenda be approved as amended. Carried.

Approval of Minutes: It was moved by Sylvia Taylor, 49 – 2nd St.S and seconded by Lisa Redmond, 40 – 1 st St. S that the minutes be accepted as distributed. CARRIED.

President’s Report: The President reported that the subcommittee re the constitution have had preliminary discussions, but there has been no meeting yet..

Sewer and Water: Brian thanked Brad Collett and Keith Vinthers for their work in checking the tenders. The tender was awarded to Rob Smith & Son, Backhoe & Trucking Ltd. of Neepawa at a cost of $1.6 million. There are 4 parts in all, Installation of connection boxes, isolation of lines, laying of lines and repair of roads. It is yet to be determined whether roads will be replaced with asphalt or repaired with chip seal.

New Lots: There are 30 lots which can be developed in the cabin area. Of these 5 were released this year and all 5 were sold. Owners were advised to pick up their completed leases at the administration office. Sylvia Taylor, 49 – 2nd St. S. asked for dates the water construction would be in front of cabins. Dwight McMillan replied that construction would start on Tuesday, September 2nd and would be finished by the end of November. There will be an air test at the end of November, and then again in the spring, following which the water will be good to go.

Noise Complaints: Dwight reported that the first thing to do is remind the offenders of the noise guidelines of 11 p.m. Following this calls should be made to Palladin Security, the Wardens Office and then the R.C.M.P. Washroom:

Washroom #7 has been cleaned up, repaired and painted by owners in the area, a prime example of community spirit.

Elections: Trevor Winters took the chair for the elections. There are 103 cabin owners in attendance and 5 proxies, giving a total of 108 cabin owners represented. Scrutineers are Joan James, Paul Barnabe, Brad Collett and Trevor Winters. Vote Counters are Andy Urbanowitz, 23 – 1st St. s., Valerie Bird, 37 – 4th St. S. Ron McPhail, 7 – 2nd St. S, and Marilyn Mutter, 103 – 3rd St. S. President Brian McVicar Elected by acclamation Vice-President Scott Jordan Elected by acclamation Secretary Gloria Belliveau Elected by acclamation Treasurer Joyce Harland Has served 4 years. Moved by Betty Ann Caldwell, 6 – 5th St. N. and seconded by Jim Keller – 80 – 1st St. S that an extension allowed for another year. Carried. Three Board Member Positions are open for election: Running are Kevin Alguire, JoAnn Lombaert and Nelda Didychuk. As there were no further nominations from the floor, the above mentioned are declared elected by acclamation.

Website: Joyce Harland requested that owners provide her with an email address in order that newsletters, etc. could be sent electronically rather than by mailing hard copies in an effort to reduce expenses.

Board Meeting: The Board held a meeting in March in Portage la Prairie. WTA; There was a meeting in March with the Wasagaming Tenants Association, following which Brad Collett was appointed to the subcommittee on Waste Management.

Doctors Residence: Joan James reported that the contract was extended this year. The cost to us is $1,000.00 per year. The Doctor can be reached in the summer months at the Erickson Clinic.

Plumber: Sylvia Taylor, 49 – 2nd St. S.- asked if owners could have plumbers in this fall. Dwight replied that owners cannot tie into the water until April or May of 2014, partly because it is unknown where the connections are.

Committee reports:

Security – The cabin area will be left open to allow for construction. Marina – There is nothing new to report. Portable Washrooms – There will be one set upon the green space near the shower building for viewing.

Jamboree Hall – The Jamboree Hall is to be operated by the CLCA. Brian thanked the Park for the excellent work on the renewal of the Hall. It is hoped it will be used next summer for social events.

Shower Buildings Keys: will now be available from the CLCA. They can be obtained from Joyce Harland at a cost of $5.00 each.

Golf Tournament: Very successful this year. Reg Meaken shot an albatross.

Constitution Update: A committee consisting of Trevor Winters. Roy White and Joelle Robinson was appointed to go through the constitution with Greg Fleck`s group of owners. There were telephone discussions during which Greg Fleck was asked to bring the thoughts of his group forward, but this has not happened. Trevor reported that the constitution had been reviewed and updated in 2007, 2008 and 2010. Gordon Mutter , 107 – 3rd St.’s. reported that Randy Woodman`s name had been put forward as a volunteer for Greg Fleck`s committee. Joelle Robinson, 70 – 4th St. S. also volunteered. Trevor Winters reported that Greg Fleck was to form a committee and bring a Notice of Motion to the meeting. Gary Toews, 36 – 1st St. S. said Mr. Fleck would like people of differing views. JoAnn Lytle, 31 – 5 th St. N. and Sylvia Taylor, 48 – 2nd St. S. volunteered to be on Greg Fleck`s committee.

Treasurer`s Report as of August 22nd , 2013

Revenue: as of June 18, 2013 – $5,299.59

Income from Membership Deposits – $340.00
Income from selling 27 Shower Keyes – $135.00
Income from Jamboree Hall Donation (one wedding event) – $80.00

Total Revenue to August 22nd , 2013 – $5,854.59


Printing – General Meeting July 30/13 – $67.80
Stamps 10.38
Mileage for Treasurer re:banking, post office, printing – $23.85
Coffee and buns for Board Meeting June 29,2013 – $33.13

Total Expenses to August 27, 2013 – $135.16

Total Assets to August 27, 2013 – $5,719.43

Westoba Bank Balance August 27, 2013 – $5,706.43
Add Westoba Share – $5.00
Add Westoba Equity – $8.oo

Bank Reconciliation – $5,719.43

447 (84%) paid up members

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Harland, Treasurer .

Moved by Gary Toews, 36 – 1st St. S. and seconded by Marilyn Mutter, 107 – 3rd St. S. that the treasurer`s report be accepted as read. Carried.

Urban Planning Report – Scott Jordan gave a review of Michael Rac’s report which had been presented to the Board on August 23rd . He said Mr. Rac did a fantastic job. He reported on subjects such as parking, erosion, congestion, boat cove congestion, lake trail, signage, etc. This report was very preliminary and we will not be moving forward on it yet. Mr. Rac will make his final report to us next summer and this will be posted on the website. At that time, we will look at his report and decide what is useful, financially viable, etc. and use this information in moving forward. Valerie Reid , 37 – 4th St. S. asked for the website to report what people said and Mr. Rac`s comments. Dwight said that Mr. Rac listened and documented all comments. Next summer he will finalize and with the Park will discuss with the Board and decide upon implementation. The Park hope to have the fine-tuned report before the next AGM.

Parks Report: Dwight McMillan reported that the water and sewer tender had been awarded to a Neepawa firm for $1.6 million. Their supplies would start arriving September 3rd and be stored at the boat cove. The Park does not know where they will be starting ,but park staff will be available to help with moving of cabins, etc. Mr. Mutter, 107 – 3rd St. S. asked about water meters. Dwight said no meters, everyone would be paying a flat rate. Dale Wallis said the rates may go up slightly as the season was 24 weeks and is now 7 months. Mr. Mutter said that meant his $90,000 cabin would subsidize $500,000 cabins. Dwight remarked that the R.M. of Park will be subsidizing the same. He said when Project R.M.of Park is completed, it will lower our rates. Mr. Mutter asked why we cannot vary rates for large lots. Dale explained that there would be minimal difference. In cost recovery, everyone pays the same. Based on usage is not cost effective. Scott Johnston, 3 – 5th St. N. asked about accessibility to our cabins after this weekend. Dwight said it will be a construction zone and access may vary. Park staff will be on site to assist, water may be off and on. Jill Lee, 51 – 3rd . St. S. -The campground is accessible, but can we gain entrance until October 31st . Dwight responded that we can occupy from April 1st to October 31st, but this year it may be a struggle due to construction. Val Ducharme, 14 – 3rd St. N. – asked if we would be ticketed for parking. Dwight said we can use the boat cove parking or main parking lot. Dale said to store boats in the main parking lot. Lyle Parnell, 11 -1st St. S. – asked if park considered the total value of water or if we pay share of assessed value. Dale responded that it has no bearing. Dwight said that there are still extras, such as boxes. Isolation and road resurfacing. He feels we are on target. We will be billed the exact amount. Jim Snow, asked how deep the lines were going and would they have to be drained. Dale replied that in 2005 the lines were put at 4 feet and will now continue at 4 feet with grade for sewer. The box to each cabin will have 2 valves, with a sewer valve beside the box. In the fall cabin owners will shut off the valve and drain their cabin lines. A tap was installed to be opened in the fall by a plumber and the lines blown out, then closed after a few days. Brent Munro,75 -2nd St. S. wants an explanation of the sewer and water invoice. Dale explained that water and sewer is based on usage, garbage is subsidized, and debt repayment is money borrowed for the water treatment plant. Dale said the park pays for its service on a cost recovery basis including paying debt repayment for 11 0r 12 more years. The water and sewer project was projected at $5,000 per cabin. Brian remarked that the money saved on our behalf by Dale and Dwight is considerable.

New Business: Sylvia Taylor, 48 – 2nd St. S. – asked about evacuation routes. Dwight replied that Michael Rac was working on this. He said the park would be implementing some as early as this fall. It will be on our website. Sylvia felt that the website is not getting to owners. She would like more communication as there is too much gossip. Debra Harker, 58 – 4th St. S. – asked if there was a time frame for the cookshacks. Dwight replied that there is no time frame for the cookshacks. The last survey indicated that 96 % of owners wanted the cookshacks to remain. Dale reported that Michael Rac’s report indicated that there are 1253 parking spaces in the area. Gary Toews, 36 – 1st . St. S. – questioned how long the dual system would remain in place. Dale replied that the washrooms will be maintained. After 5 years the park will consult with the board on an ongoing basis. Dwight will not allow the washrooms be removed if cabins are not hooked up. Trevor Winters, 23 – 2nd St. S. – said that the website is kept up to date. Rely on the website, not gossip. Dwight said information about trees should be obtained from either Dale or himself. Gordon Mutter, 107 – 3rd St. S. – asked about On Demand Water Heaters. Dwight recommended that any owner considering purchasing one should first speak to Manitoba Hydro. Sylvia Taylor, 48 – 2nd St. S. – asked about hot water tanks on the outside of cabins. Dwight replied that they must be contained in a structure matching the exterior of the cabin, with shingles, a lockable door and meet all setbacks. Sylvia also asked about propane heaters and Dwight again replied that they must meet all regulations, particularly that they must be at the rear of the lot. Brent Munro, 75- 2nd St. S. – raised the issue of parks staff flipping cabins and he was assured that this issue has been reviewed by Parks Canada.

Meeting adjourned by Brad Collett at 12:10 p.m.

Just a reminder that Jamboree Hall bookings should be made through Joyce Harland, 18 – 2nd St. S., email address

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