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Below please find pictures of the outside washroom sheds available for purchase from George Wollman. He can be reached at 204-476-3126 or by email at

One of these finished bathroom sheds is now set up in the green belt just east of the shower building in the campground. Please contact Joyce at 18 – 2nd Street South or text or phone at 204-250-7965 to view this washroom. Once Michael Rac begins his summer employment toward the end of June in the campground he will also have a key.

The price has been reduced to $5,375.00 plus taxes until August 1, 2014. This price is delivered to your lot if the lot has been prepared and is accessible. After August 1, 2014 the price will be $5,987.00 plus taxes.


WashroomExterior ViewFloorplan

WashroomVanity and shower

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Below please find information from Dwight McMillan, Development Officer of Riding Mountain National Park regarding changing any information on leases.

There are many variations to a lease such as wills, sales and any change of name, adding or subtracting a name etc. Again for each change there is a DIFFERENT process.

Please send any and all requests to Jacquie Pereira or Koreen Miko. They are the specialists in this field. They will be able to help people out with their questions. The world of leases is very complicated and should be handled by them and lawyers alike. There is no blanket policy for leases and each lease is treated individually.

I recommend that each individual has a lawyer. In the past we have had people try to do a change without a lawyer and it caused lots of grief and delays.

You may contact Jacquie Pereira at 204-848-7207 or Koreen Miko at 204-848-7299 for all enquiries or questions.




The water and sewer lines and the boxes to all the individual cabins are completely installed now and the contractors have gone. They were able to complete this part of the project a bit earlier than originally expected. They will be back in early spring, as soon as the frost is out of the ground, to pressure test the lines and to finish the cleanup. Cabin owners can begin hooking up to the boxes, however the water is turned off now until spring.

The isolation project of the above ground water pipes at the Kitchen Shelters has been completed by Park staff. This project allows the lengthening of the fall season for cabin owners by providing for exposed standpipes to be shut off due to frost and leave some washrooms open longer.

Dwight McMillan from The Park has received many questions this past week on the location of the boxes. Cabin owners are wondering why the box was placed on their leasehold and not on the property line which they share with their neighbor. The surveyors who recently conducted the survey placed pins in each corner of the lots. If the boxes had been placed on the property lines, approximately 275 pins would have been removed. Then we would have had to get the surveyors back to install these pins again, thus adding an additional cost to the project.

The roads will be plowed this winter as required to accommodate all the cabin construction that is taking place. The plan is to have the street resurfacing done in the fall of 2014.



I have been in contact with Dwight McMillan at The Park and he has given me an update on the progress of the sewer and water installation. All the main sewer and water lines are in. They are working on services to the individual cabins on the far south of 1st and 2nd Street South. They will be finished all the installation by the end of November. They will come back in the spring to finish cleanup and pressure test lines. This will be done as soon as the frost is out next spring.


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I was at the lake for a few days this week, just got back home today. I had a good walk about to see where the construction was at. They have completely finished installing the sewer and water lines and boxes to the individual cabins on the North side of the campground to the green space. They are now working on the South side of the Park and have finished installing the sewer and water lines and the boxes to the individual cabins on 5th Street South. They have all the sewer and water lines in on 4th Street South and are almost finished the installation of the boxes to the individual cabins. They have the sewer and water lines in on 3rd Street South and are working on putting in the water and sewer lines on 2nd Street South. They work from the green space heading south and on 2nd street South they are about 3/4 of the way down. They had not started 1st Street South yet when I was there. Weather was great this week and they seem to be progressing along as planned.

I closed up my cabin so will not be going back this fall again so it may be difficult for me to keep up with the updates. I will try to keep in touch with the Park and hopefully find out from them what is happening so as to keep you informed via this website.



It is raining at the lake so I am not sure how much work will get done today but right now the contractor is working on finishing up installing the boxes to the individual cabins on Fourth Street North and Fourth Street South from N Avenue to the green belt. They are about 2/3rds complete on both sides beginning at the Avenue. There is about 1/3rd of 4th Street North to be done at the lakeside and about the same on Fourth Street South near the green belt.

Fifth Street North, and Fifth Street South from N Avenue to the green belt have all the sewer and water lines in but no individual boxes are installed yet.

They have also moved into the South side of the park and are working South from the green space. They have all the trenches dug for the sewer and water lines on Fifth Street South and are now digging the trenches for the sewer and water lines on Fourth Street South.

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