Constitution and By-laws for Clear Lake Cabin Association, Riding Mountain National Park

Adopted July 1974, amended July 1978, amended September 3, 1989, amended June 29, 2004, amended August 31, 2009.



The name of this organization shall be Clear Lake Cabin Association (C.L.C.A.).


The Clear Lake Cabin Association supports national regulations, which will ensure the uniqueness of the Park for future generations. The Association believes that this uniqueness is inherent in the Park’s ability to provide a haven for all people with their individual needs and tastes. The Park should fulfill the desires of those who enjoy the beauty of nature’s wilderness, the wishes of those who delight in vigorous sporting activities with their friends, and the needs of those who require the essential services found in the Town site.

The Clear Lake Cabin Association will strive to have Riding Mountain National Park remain “all things to all people”.

ARTICLE III – Objectives

1. To react to National Park Policy which members of the Association feel will affect owners in Clear Lake Cabin Area.

2. To co-operate with local organizations which have similar aim, such as the Wasagaming Chamber of Commerce and the Clear Lake Cottagers’ Association.

3. To co-operate with Park Administration; to keep members informed of impending changes and endeavor to interpret the effect these changes will have on permit holders and their families.

4. To make suggestions to the Park Administration on matters which the Association believes will:
1. improve conditions in Clear Lake Cabin Area,
2. ensure continuity of popular recreational facilities,
3. improve visitor services in the town site, and
4. enhance the beauty of the Park.


ARTICLE I – Membership

Any permit holder in the Clear Lake Cabin area may become a member of the Clear Lake Cabin Association upon payment of the required membership fee.


1. There shall be an annual membership fee. The rate and collection to be determined by the CLCA Board of Directors. CLCA shall supply a receipt upon payment of membership fee.

2. Memberships are non transferable

ARTICLE III – Governing Bodies of the Association

1. Board of Directors

a. The general control and management of activities of the Association shall be vested in the Board of Directors.

b. The Board shall consist of the Executive Officers, the immediate Past-President and eight other elected members who shall be Directors-at-Large.

c. The Board shall meet at the discretion of the President, with a minimum of two meetings per year.

d. Any vacancy occurring on the Board during any fiscal year shall remain vacant until the next annual meeting, at which time a replacement shall be elected for the balance of the term.

e. Each Board member, exclusive of the executive officers, shall be elected for a two-year term, with half of the Board elected each year.

2 Executive Officers

a. The Officers of the Association shall be: 1. President, 2. Vice-President,
3. Treasurer, 4. Secretary.

b. All Officers shall enter upon their official duties as soon as elected and shall serve for a term of one year or until their successors be duly elected. No person shall remain in the same executive position for more than 4 years

c. The President shall represent the Association unless the President delegates this authority to other board members.
3 Advisory Board

a. All Past-Presidents of the Association shall be members of the Advisory Board.

b. The Advisory Board shall meet at the call of the President.

c. All presidents are urged to use the experience and knowledge of the
Advisory Board members

ARTICLE IV – Duties of Members of Governing Bodies

1. The President shall:

a. Be the Chief Executive Officer of the Association and shall preside at all meetings of the membership and of the Board, unless the President shall designate otherwise.

b. Be an ex-officio officer of all standing and special committees.

c. Perform such duties as usually pertain to the office of President.

d. Act as a liaison between the Association and the Park Administration as well as other organization when necessary.

e. Submit a report to the Annual Meeting of the Association.

f. Appoint chairmen of standing committees from within the ranks of the Board Members

g. Endeavour to keep all permit holders informed of Association activities

h. Be responsible for all news media publicity. The President shall be the spokesman for the organization, unless the President shall designate otherwise.

2 The Vice-President shall:

a. Assume the duties of the President in the absence of the President.

3 The Treasurer, shall:

a. Handle the financial affairs of the Association and keep adequate records.

b. With the President, act as joint trustee of all funds. Funds shall be kept in two accounts – a current account for on-going expenses and a saving account for the balance.

c. Prepare a year-end financial statement.

4 The Secretary shall:

a. Keep minutes of all regular meetings.

b. Be responsible for general correspondence involving the Association.

c. Attempt to keep a numerical record of attendance at each meeting.

d. Be responsible for organizing and storing the archives.

e. Give notice of Association meeting dates at least two and one half weeks before scheduled meeting.

ARTICLE V – Standing Committees and Their Duties

Standing Committees shall be chaired by a member of the Board of Directors and consist of other members as deemed necessary. Committee responsibilities may be combined at the discretion of the Executive.

Nominating Committee shall:

a. Be chaired by the immediate Past-President or the latest Past-President available.

b. Prepare a complete slate of Board Members and present it at the Annual Meeting.

c. All nominees and elected officials of the Board of Directors shall be current members of the CLCA.

1. Membership Committee shall:

a. Endeavor to contact all permit-holders in Clear Lake Cabin Area – prospective members.

b. Collect membership fees.

c. Keep an up-to-date record of members, their home addresses and phone numbers and their camp addresses.

d. See that copies of the Constitution, plus amendments, are available to members.

e. Make recommendations for money raising endeavors if necessary.

f. Convene money raising endeavors.

2. Recreation Committee shall:

a. Liaise with recreation committees of other similar associations.

b. Recommend positions to be taken by the Association in regard to various recreational facilities which exist in the Park at present and which might be included in future Park plans.

c. Ensure survival of popular present recreational facilities by being vigilant.

3. Liaison Committee shall:

The President shall represent the Association unless the President delegates this authority to other Board Members.

4. Finance Committee shall:

a. Review the Parks budget and work plan for the cabin area to ensure that appropriations charged are accurate.

b. The Past President, the Vice President and Building and Grounds chair shall be standing members of the Finance committee, unless the president delegates this authority to other Board members.

5. Newsletter Committee shall:

a. Compile articles and arrange for printing and mailing.

6. Boating and Marina committee shall:

a. Review proposals from the Park or other groups and initiate recommendations to improve the quality and character of the community water front in respect to infrastructure, safe operations of boats, storage of boats within the community (in particular the cabin area) and environmental impact.

7. Building and Grounds committee shall:

a. Review Building and Grounds works proposed by the Park to ensure that it meets the needs of the CLCA. Initiate recommendation as needed.

b. B and G Chair shall liaise with the Park with respect to work performance within the cabin area.

Unless otherwise indicated, all committee chairs shall be appointed by and report directly to the CLCA Board of Directors.

ARTICLE VI – Special Committees

Special committees may be appointed for specific tasks by the Executive Officers or by the membership at a General or Annual Meeting. The continuing need for each of these special committees shall be reviewed annually.

ARTICLE VII – Association Meetings

1. The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held on the Labour Day September long weekend of each year.

2. A General Meeting of the Association shall be held between the last Friday of June and the first Sunday of July of each year.

3. Adequate amplifying equipment, preferably with two microphones, shall be provided.

4. The Chairperson shall endeavor to keep all meeting under one hour.

5 A special general meeting may be called by the President at any time providing adequate notice is given.

ARTICLE VIII – Nominations and Elections

1. The Election of Officers and Board Members shall be held at the Annual General Meeting of the Association.

2. Nominations may be submitted by a Nomination Committee or be made from the floor of the meeting. Whenever two or more persons are nominated for any office voting will be required to elect. In case of a tie the Chair shall cast the deciding vote.

ARTICLE IX – Voting Bodies and Procedures

1. The voting body of the C.L.C.A. at General and Annual General Meetings shall consist of each member in attendance and each person who is carrying a proxy for a member who cannot attend.
2. A member who cannot attend a meeting may delegate another person to carry his voting card by signing a proxy card or writing a note of proxy, which must be handed to the voting card attendant.
3. Any member of the permit holder’s household may use the voting card and vote on behalf of the permit holder without a proxy card or note.
4. Voting cards, on the basis of one per member, which means ONE ONLY per camping unit (lot, permit), shall be distributed before the start of each meeting and used to get an accurate count on all motions and/or association business conducted at the meeting.
5. Voting cards shall be returned to the voting card attendant(s) before a member, or delegate, leaves the meeting.

ARTICLE X – Quorum

1. For a General or Annual General Meeting a minimum of 30 voting members shall constitute a quorum.
2. For a Board of Directors meeting a majority of the elected directors shall constitute a quorum.

ARTICLE XI – Parliamentary Authority

To expedite, standardize and simplify procedures at board meetings, the board may develop a procedural bylaw to be followed. The procedural bylaw must conform to the articles of this constitution and Bourinot’s Rules of Order. A simple majority of board members is required to adopt or suspend a procedural bylaw.

The rules and principles of parliamentary procedure as stated by J.G. Bourinot shall govern the Association in all instances which are not covered these By-Laws.

ARTICLE XII – Additions and Amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws

The articles of this constitution and these By-Laws may be amended by a favorable vote of two-thirds of the members present at any General or Annual General Meeting, provided that notice has been given in writing to the members at least one month prior to the meeting.
Adopted as amended by the Clear Lake Cabin Owners Association on August 31, 2008 at the annual meeting
President Bruce Hembroff
Secretary Teddi Brown

Adopted July 1974, amended July 1978, amended September 3, 1989, amended June 29 2004, amended August 31, 2008


I, hereby, authorize __________________________________ to use the voting card for

LOT ______, ________ STREET ______ and vote on my behalf on all matters to be

considered at the meeting of the C.L.C.A. to be held ___________________, 19___ .

NAME (Please print): ___________________________________________________

CLEAR LAKE CABIN ADDRESS: _______________________________

SIGNATURE OF MEMBER: ___________________________ DATE __________

This proxy must be turned into the voting card attendant in order to receive the voting card for the absent member.

All voting cards must be returned to the voting card attendant before the voter leaves the meeting.


Adopted by the C.L.C.A. Feb 5th 2005

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