I have been asked by Kevin Bachewich, Townsite Manager, to post the following request regarding the canoe/kayak storage area.


As per request from the spring meeting of the CLCOA and park policy we will
ask that the cabin association communicate that Canoe’s, Kayak’s and off
lot items be removed. We have posted sign’s near the canoe area. Please
claim your canoe/Kayak etc as of October 10/16. The plan will be that
canoes that remain will be removed and taken away for storage and will be
the responsibility of the cabin owner to track them down and pay for any
storage fees if applicable. We have yet to determine if we will hire a
towing/storage company for this or have Park staff manage this effort. Our
front desk will have info in the spring on where remaining canoes can be
located. Hopefully all canoes will be removed so we won’t have to worry
about it. Also as a reminder all canoes should have a AIS inspection

Kevin Bachewich
Townsite Manager
Riding Mountain Field Unit | Unité de gestion Mont-Riding
Parks Canada | Parcs Canada
PO Box 299 | CP 299
135 Wasagaming Drive | 135 promenade Wasagaming
Onanole, MB | Onanole MB
R0J 1N0
Telephone | Téléphone 204-848-7243 |
Government of Canada | Gouvernement du Canada

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